Mito Miracle: Iraqi War Veteran Uses Mito to Recover from PTSD – JAN 18 2023

Mito Miracle: Iraqi War Veteran Uses Mito to Recover from PTSD

Source: Rumor Mill News | Posted By: mroxygen

Date: Wednesday, 18-Jan-2023 22:56:38

Mito Miracle – IRAQI War Veteran Reports Blown Up Uses Mito to Heal Physically Recover Memory PTSD Navigation Impulse Control Motivation Blood Flow

Antoinette Scott:
IED blew my truck up, blew me up in 2003.
Hole blown in my face.
Bleeding profusely.
In shock.
Jaw broken immediately.
Long & short term memory loss.
Traumatic brain injury.
Jaw had to be wired.
Reconstructive surgery.
Memory & motivation & impulse missing.
Brain was clouded.
First day on product energy returned.
Memory started returning.
Impulses started returning.

Dr. Brevan: Mito has specific nutrients that feed brain nutrition.
Many of these ingredients cross the blood brain barrier.
Cells influence brain body connection.
Glial cells support the nerve synapses.
Trauma like Antoinette had creates PTSD.
Increased nutrient delivery and blood flow wakes brain up again.
Hippocampus works and can grow again.
Gut brain connection very important.
Heart will & emotions very important.
Mito not going after any conditions, putting body back into homeostasis. Balance.
Can deal with emotions.
Sleep vital.
Pathogens need elimination.
Information needs gathering.
Restore is all about: “Do you have anything that can help me with this?”
“Can you help me get past this?” “I haven’t been able to.”

Listen for yourself:

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Happy Oxygen!

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