January 21, 2023: She’s Gonna Blow [videos]

January 21, 2023: She’s Gonna Blow [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 January 21, 2023

SGAnon’s Truth Social post this morning reads:

SGAnon @RealSGAnon
The vaccinated-and-proud crowd will receive the largest wet fish slap in the face in human history.

And they will need your support.

#ElonAnon is already making it happen. Vaxx narrative under FULL Assault now.
Coordinated, calculated, counterintelligence operation.
The war rages on, for your mind, and our DNA.

Our “information howitzers”(Twitter)(MSM pockets) are shelling the sleepers’ bubbles relentlessly now.

Power back to the People.


“Information howitzers”—I love it. His command of the English language is excellent, which is part of his great appeal, for me. He chooses his words very carefully, which is why he refers to his “mentor” and never said it was a “military insider” or anything suggesting it was someone “feeding him intel”.

People hear what they want to hear and clearly his messages are his own brand; profound, uplifting and reflect the unique research he performs. Some people can’t hold a candle to SGAnon and so they attack. Everyone can see he’s “just a guy” and they will have less ammunition now that SG has revealed himself.  Scott McKay was the perfect partner. Well done.

My, my, what have we here? Just saw this pop up on Telegram notifications and had to peek. This is something I have time to review. 17 min. oh and 1.7K likes at the time of this writing.

6,880 views Jan 21, 2023

Did the FBI murder Martin Luther King Jr.? His family believes that is true and there is shocking evidence that will leave your jaw on the floor. Watch and wonder how did we allow these agencies to become so powerful. 

Tucker Just Proved That The FBI Killed MLK – WHAT!?!

New Zealand’s new Prime Minister is Chris Hipkins. It’s hard to get a sense for who he is and what he stands for [who he works for] from this brief clip but you might want to know. Obviously there was no election so he was installed. Our best wishes go out to all the Kiwis with hopes he will work for you or soon be replaced by someone who will.

What I want to know is, what is up with Stew Peters? He has hosted several videos on Red Voice Media recently that are basically Trump attacks; ie. blaming him for all the vaxx deaths and Operation: Warp Speed, etc.

I don’t know if that is part of the show and/or to get eyes on from the leftist/Trump haters but it’s not what Stew began with on startup. His role seems to be evolving. The general consensus in the patriot community seems to be that there are a lot of left-leaning, heavily brainwashed young Trump haters in America who need red pills so perhaps he’s been reassigned for that role.  Link to Telegram.

Trump’s primary electorate polling will continue to drop as long as he and Susie Wiles continue to shill for Pfizer.

How long will the Earth Alliance allow the public to believe Putin is a “bad guy”? The crew knows the truth. We also know this is not the original Putin. I pointed that out years ago.

From last April…

Putin revealed to Trump that approximately 35,000 children, most of whom are Russian, were freed from sexual enslavement after his forces identified and discretely targeted 150 trafficking covens.

Putin Frees 35,000 Imprisoned Children in Ukraine

And from yesterday…

Russian Special Forces on Tuesday raided and destroyed an “Adrenochrome farm” near the Ukrainian city of Shostka, where sinister forces tortured abducted Russian children to harvest fluid from their adrenal glands, said a Mar-a-Lago source who claims Russian President Vladimir Putin informed President Trump of the operation after Spetznas had rescued 50 young kids from the ghastly laboratory.


Putin Destroys Adrenochrome Lab in Ukraine

For those unaware, THIS is what a large part of the Ukraine “war” is about. It’s a long-held, deep state stronghold and the Russian military is “de-Nazifying” Ukraine and the tunnels and deep underground bases beneath.

Putin, Trump, Jaire Bolsonaro, India’s Modi, Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, President Xi of China and others are covertly working together to end the Human trafficking and the depopulation agenda of the Khazarian mafia. That is our understanding with sufficient proof over the past several years to support that—regardless of how it appears to the naked eye.

Russia is freeing the world, whereas China is trying to take it over. The Nazi factions in Ukraine are the ones bombing and murdering the Ukrainian people and they blame it on Russia. Not rocket science—and there is proof.

The Brits are hammering away at the lying, treasonous media en masse out on the streets. Link to Telegram.

Vaccine injured and ‘Media is the Virus’ protest in London this afternoon.

Tens of thousands turn out but it will never get mainstream media coverage.

Ten paid activists turn out for ‘Stop oil’ and they cant get enough of it.

Human trafficking is in the news every day, whether children or others. Africa is in the news a lot, too. The “dark continent” has multiple meanings when you understand the atrocities that have taken place there but it’s really a misnomer we simply believed without investigation; just parroting the narrative.

Dozens Of Kidnapped Women Freed In Burkina Faso

Security forces in Burkina Faso have rescued 66 women and children after they were kidnapped by suspected militant jihadists in the north of the country last week, state TV reports.

The following would be upsetting if I didn’t believe that the government of India already hanged the real Gates eugenics team for killing or maiming 70,000 Indian children with their benevolent “polio vaccine” that wasn’t a vaccine.


People-smuggling boss who fled UK is arrested

Canada, you have a leader who can take you out of the gulag if you will just wake up, listen, and apply critical thinking. Abandon the lies your media spews every day. Think logically.


Remember what PayPal did to some users? They stole their money and locked their accounts.

You may have heard the banks could and would do the same. Link to Telegram.

WOW. Jeremy Mackenzie was just DE-BANKED by Scotiabank…I will be showing this to every Canadian I know who banks at @scotiabank and have just emailed it to all the activist orgs and independent media I know. Pull your money if you can. This is pure tyranny.

I let you know what happened to Number One, our web master when a few of you sent donations to him via the “Tip Jar” on our sidebar. After PayPal shut him down he opened an account with Stripe because a lot of people on the Internet process donation transactions that way, like ” Buy Me a Coffee”, etc.

After just a few transactions his Stripe account was shut down, they reversed most of the donations and he had a black mark despite trying to appeal. Finally, they responded to only some of his concerns and said they would process the first donation only, AFTER 120 days.

If you are dealing with any of the “big banks”, folks, you may want to investigate alternatives. Soon.

My Canadian friends… ever wonder where the Scotiabank logo came from? What do you think about this?

And in Ontario, Canada, the Ontario Provincial Police are in the news again.

Why the lack of details on the COD? Any time I hear of the death of an OPP officer my mind can’t help but go to “pedophilia” but Agent A1 would probably know.

OPP officer dies while on duty in Orillia; foul play not suspected

Las Vegas Judge, Who Was Working To Expose Pedophile Ring, Found Dead

It’s all in your perspective, isn’t it?


Perspective is everything, so before you go…

Doom and Gloom?


I keep reminding you every once in a while…✨

When you detach form the doom and gloom ppl and channels or sources of information, nothing else can effect you and remember that NOTHING is written on the stone and we haven’t created our future yet…

And remember that each one of us with higher frequency counterbalance thousands of people into a low vibrational state✨

Chin up and keep going, we’ve got this💪🏻


Link to Telegram

Enjoy your weekend, my friends, and remember…

…if each one of us just made one small change to weaken the cabal and their system and strengthen our movement to create a better world, the reverberations would be deafening and the momentum warp speed.  ~ BP

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