Your Sunday Digest for January 22, 2023: [videos]

Your Sunday Digest for January 22, 2023: [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 January 22, 2023

Is is now officially the Year of the Rabbit and the winds of change are blowing hard.

The financial world is about to be turned on its ear, because the deception about cryptocurrency will have to be revealed. The cabal’s digital currency is all about taking control of the global financial world and shutting down Humanity.

The controllers have tried to convince us that having everything digitized, chipped, and implanted is the way to go because it’s so easy. Wave your hand in front of a scanner and purchase anything, right? Would you like a reminder for taking your medication? How about a tiny chip that contains all your personal data from DOB to vaccines, to banking institutions and accounts, your shopping history, your vehicles, your geolocation… everything about you?

But what about if you don’t like the orders from the government that is supposed to represent you; because it’s no longer “of the People, by the People, or for the People”? What if you don’t comply? What happens? They shut you down. You don’t have access to your bank accounts, credit cards, phone, or anything else they choose to commandeer. They cut you loose and you sink or swim while they have control of your life.

Now we are hearing that some banks are pulling fast ones on people—just because. We are going to be seeing evidence of “unrest” in the financial world in the coming days. Hopefully not many innocents will be trapped at sea in the middle of that storm while the White Hats wrench control from the New World Order and return it to the People.

Yep, it’s true: Binance is being cut off from the SWIFT international transaction system for all settlements under $100K, involving US dollars. This is the iceberg that rips a hole in the Titanic. If the international payments system goes to war with crypto, then one of the key advantages of crypto — quick international settlements — evaporates. Clearly, this is the western central bank hegemonic system waging a scorched earth campaign against crypto just like they did against Russia last year:

Here in Arizona, you would have to be an idjit to believe democrats were elected over Republicans. The People know who they voted for and why they joined 96 mile long motorcades to support Trump and why they came out in droves to create that red wave that would wash evil imposters from office and replace them with MAGA supporters who would work for the People.

This election still isn’t over.

There are 15 Q deltas for today on the Q map. The following image told us that the Marines are protecting President Trump. Most of the military are behind him, save a few misguided souls in the Pentagon but we understand even that rift seems to have been closed very recently and the mission is progressing nicely.

In a complex world, it’s impossible to give someone a two minute explanation of anything that has transpired on this planet and too many don’t do any significant research of their own. They want a pat answer; they want black and white, and they want good guys and bad guys, cowboys and Indians-style warfare—which they understand.

Many want their truth to come the old way, from the talking heads on their network news. If they only knew where those talking points come from. It’s the C.I.A. and it’s called “propaganda”. A few select truths have recently begun to filter down from a few sources on Fox News and some smaller, independent outlets like OAN or independent journalists like Just the News.

What folks don’t understand is millennia-long planetary battles for supremacy and control like a Star Wars movie. They thought that was entertainment. They don’t understand “grey hats”. They don’t understand decades of infiltration into enemy camps. They don’t understand double and triple agents. They think do or be done to is strictly from spy novels.

They don’t understand military operations and they don’t seem to understand disinformation, cointelpro, counter intelligence, back channels, numerology, gematria, or even rudimentary hand signals. We have shared enough of the above for a solid introduction and I don’t know what else we can do to explain the situation that we haven’t already.

Q Military Intelligence arrived on the scene in 2017 to define the problem, the solutions, and enlist our help via backchannels. We have examined the Law of War Manual, we have suggested people read the brief “Art of War” book online for free by the ancient Chinese master Sun Tzu, and we have shared the many theories by intelligent patriots as to why this war had to happen this way.

Simply put, the situation on this planet couldn’t get any more complicated, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have at least a general understanding of what is happening. If more people had more spiritual fortitude and faith, we might be further along but many are distrustful because they can’t come to grips with who is who in the zoo, and many have had their minds poisoned by the lying, treasonous enemy media who have created the illusion most of us occupy.

It’s not a real world. In fact, it’s upside-down and backwards. It’s fabricated by the education of generations of Humans which convinced us of a reality that is completely unreal. Everything we’ve been taught is a lie; the physics, the science, space, religion, technology, the nature of our planet, the Human body, energy, climate, finance, Heaven, hell, everything.

Advanced technology was used to programme Humans, as well, and too many seem unable to break from the hypnotic spell and see the current situation for what it really is.

As a race, not only did we not understand the enemy’s technological hold on us, we didn’t know who the enemy was. We didn’t even know there was one. We were completely at the mercy of the darkest, most evil force in existence which we didn’t even recognize.

Since we had no hope of breaking free or surviving as a race on our own, outside help had to step in. Higher Beings from outside this realm had to gradually incarnate here over many years to be at a point in time that is RIGHT NOW, to assemble an army of warriors that could shrewdly and surreptitiously vanquish the enemy in the eleventh hour, taking them unawares.

That meant decades of infiltration or going underground to lie low until the role some would play came up in the script. It wasn’t only the enemy slyly putting its agents in positions of great power and influence; it was the Light Forces infiltrating the dark, as well.

After believing Donald Trump was one of “them”, can you imagine the fury when Trump announced his campaign to run for the President of the United States against their wicked witch Hillary Clinton? Can you see them frothing at the mouth when he made speeches like this and exposed their scaly underbelly? Many patriots recognized those truths Trump told and never looked back. He’s our man. He stood in front of us, like those Marines stood in front of Trump, ready to take the bullet for their Commander-in-Chief.

Winning this war meant good people were living amongst the psychopaths, learning their secrets and gathering evidence of their crimes so at the right time, the truth could be told AND SHOWN to Humanity so there would be no doubt what had happened and who was responsible.

At this point, to state that so-and-so is a bad guy because he did what he did ten years ago isn’t logical. We have also been shown that people who were in the ranks of the enemy—because they didn’t really want to be but were blackmailed, bribed, whatever and thereafter trapped—have been “forgiven” in a sense if they would join the White Hats in the take-down of the enemy. Who better to navigate the dark cabal’s systems and secrets?

Q drop 585 for January 22 stated the following concerning Admiral Mike Rogers of the NSA:

He played the game to remain in control.

It’s a high stakes game, folks, and failure is not an option. The dedicated ones fighting for Humanity will say and do whatever it takes to accomplish the objectives and subdue and eliminate the enemy. Permanently.

We have also been shown that without a doubt, there are a lot of masks, doubles, and yes, clones out there performing on the stage currently. The CGI [computer generated images] are prevalent as well. There is very little we can take at face value but if we have a vague grasp of the mission underway, we should be able to see that “nothing is what it seems”. There is a lot of acting going on and whatever has to happen to finish this battle victorious WILL happen, whether we approve or not.

While Truth is a good thing and necessary most of the time in a healthy society, disinformation and even outright lies are often a requirement in times of war. We should expect it.

And—common sense should tell us that when so much of the reality about the threats on this planet is completely unknown to the masses, the truth cannot be told all at once; it must be dripped out, little by little, so ravaged Human minds can assimilate it.

The real truth is so polar opposite to the accepted version, so brutal, so unspeakable, that it is inconceivable if not massaged and coaxed out in small amounts and with evidence of its veracity. At some point it is up to each of us to connect the dots and formulate a version of the truth we can live with.

Earth/Terra is a free-will planet and no one can make anyone else “innerstand” something. It has to be voluntary. The light has to come on in their own mind by choice so they can see through the pervasive darkness in our world.

The evil is largely invisible until you recognize it for what it is, and then there is no un-seeing it. It is everywhere, and it is up to us to protect ourselves and our loved ones as much as possible until such time as the world at large is informed of the full story—and we don’t know when that will be.

The good news is, most major threats have been neutralized at this point and the combined militaries of the world are united to do what must be done to complete the liberation of our planet.

Anyone here reading this right now has the intelligence to understand that in times of war the military is not going to broadcast what they are doing, when, how, what it might look like, the strategy, the tactical aspects, duration, location, none of it. If they tell us, then the enemy will also know. That, at the very least should be understood by every civilian.

There are covert operations ongoing planet-wide every day. I could sit here typing out what I have learned and gathered over many years and what my fairly good intuition tells me until my fingers cramp but suffice it to say, one of the biggest parts of this liberation involved the Covid-19 PLANdemic and the subsequent “vaccines”.

What many grapple with, unless they have strong faith and intuition, is the fallout from the most heinous genocide ever conceived by the New World Order. Covid was a nothing burger. It was just a flu but no one ever paid attention to the high numbers of people who died of the flu every year so it was easy to use the media to blow it up and tell everyone that all deaths were from Covid aka the Wu Flu.

We had become such a race of sheep that most believed the lies about a pandemic and willingly gave up our freedoms and civil rights.

We mentioned above Sun Tzu and his Law of War treatiseThose concepts are in full display in this planetary war if you look. Apply them, and it will remove much of the consternation over what is taking place.

For those whose minds were poisoned about Donald Trump or who are suffering indecision about whether he is a White Hat or lied to we awakened ones, the crew shared the following explanation that may resonate with you. I hope you will remember that there was no “easy” way to win this war for the survival of Humanity. The best strategies were employed for the smallest possible loss of innocent lives. Name a war that did not involve loss of life. Sometimes generals are between a rock and a hard place with a no-win scenario. They have to choose the best of the bad. Who would like to be in their shoes?

I am perfectly fine with what is unfolding and why and at this point I am not going to point fingers at anyone but the cabal, but I believe it’s important to offer this explanation and some cannot get on Telegram so I will paste Parts One and Two in their entirety below. I suspect if you think critically and logically, at least some of this will make sense. Link to Telegram.


“Be willing to make decisions. That’s the most important quality in a good leader.” – George . Patton Jr.

So think about it, if President Trump came out publicly and went against vaccines , the media would crucify him 100 times worse than they have with anything else so far.

He would immediately loose all credibility with huge sections of the population who have never questioned the methods or agendas of Big Pharma.

Trump has to maintain credibility with these type of people in his support for the vaccine.

He would be labelled and repeatedly dismissed as a crazed conspiracy theorist if he came out and said ‘hey everyone, the cabal has been planning a depopulation agenda for decades’.

Understand, when he supports vaccines, he is doing so to maintain credibility.

This vaccine agenda was coming no matter what he did and the white hats knew this.

If Trump publicly opposed vaccines, it would do nothing to stop their inevitable distribution.

When President Trump initiated Warp Speed , he bullied Big Pharma into making their vaccine move way too early, which would expose their sinister plan.

Big Pharma had to forego clinical testing and bring to market untested vaccines and concealed data that would flag adverse reactions.

They deliberately broke the law which will eventuate in the removing of their financial and criminal immunity from damages.

There was nothing Trump and the patriots could do to stop the medical technocracy aligning with the establishment media, in promoting the virus on the world to enable them have more control.

The mainstream media banged the drums of fear to bait the masses into taking, and for some begging, for the Big Pharma experimental gene altering fake vaccines.

As I have said before , Trump made sure everyone had free will to choose what they were going to do but the vaccine rollout was unavoidable.

With more people awake it would not be possible for the cabal to push a civil war or a nuclear event or even maintain their Rockefeller Lockstep economy killing 10 year planned lockdowns.

Trump knew that we would take damage in this fight, this is a fight, this is a war but the strategy is clear to those who are the more awakened, that what the deep state had planned ……was for billions to die off.

President Trump was in a no win situation and his main focus was beating the deep state at their own system by forcing it, putting pressure on them , to expose them , weaken them, wear them down, wake the masses, get the people on his side , so that when the time is right , he could strike

The difficult decisions Trump and the patriots have made , will bring us victory in the end.

I would like to reiterate that President Trump has made clear:

~ With respect to Covid measures, he opposes mandates.
~ Preventative measures and treatments are a matter of choice for each person (who should make informed decisions).
– Schools must re-open to allow our children to get back in the classrooms to avoid permanent “scarring” to their lives.

There is a reason he has to endorse the vaccine. 2 words people

As I have said many times before , President Trump goes by the Law of War.
Trump publicly told us that we are at war and that he was a wartime president.

The globalists plan involved starting covid once Hillary won.
When she didnt , they waited until the last year of President Trumps term to roll to out for several different reasons.
They wanted to use it to cover up election fraud, promote more fear to take away peoples rights and of course their depopulation agenda.

The Deep State Cabal also waited until the last year of Trumps presidency to do this Plandemic Scamdemic, so it would not give him enough time to make a vaccine so they could then present one that could be approved by the FDA and mandated for all.

President Trumps counter move was to try to get rid of the deep state pandemic control by fear, expose big Pharma and ensure a quick vaccine would have to be labelled experimental, not be mandated.

Part Two: Link to Telegram


He had to weigh both options:

1. Tell America the vaccines are part of a big Pharma globalist plan to depopulate the world.
1. Endorse it.

So lets again think about the consequences of each:
If he warned the public, the mainstream media would mock him again, call him a failure, hype covid even more, demand a real vaccine and he then wouldn’t be able to expose voter fraud and make thousands of arrests to expose the deep state plan and turn things around naturally with the public waking up.
He would have had to stop the election fraud before it could be seen, taken office for the second term, and forced his hand resulting in chaos and a certain civil war with the MSM fanning the flames and increasing public terror.

By endorsing it and imitating warp speed, President Trump saved us from years and years of lockdowns while the NWO implemented their great reset.

Also, if we waited 5 – 8 years for the vaccine, it would have been FDA approved and therefore 100% forced and mandatory.

But because it’s still experimental, it’s not, and he’s done that on purpose.

The Deep state media were probably hoping Trump would go full anti-vaxxer.

This is how Trump works. If you expect him to go left, he will go right.

This confuses the enemy but feeds into the greater plan of exposing the cabals agendas.

They mocked him over hydroxy[chloroquine] so he has had to clearly support the vaccines for the sake of optics.

They had to come up with the first “variant” narrative so fast most people hadn’t even taken the vaccine yet.

Trump forced the entire process and therefore the entire narrative to happen in one year before he even left office and then left the pharma companies holding the bag.

Once he committed to this path, he could not reverse his position without suffering attacks from the media and the medial establishment.

It would be political suicide to take any other position, regardless of how he felt privately.

A wartime president knows he can’t completely eliminate casualties of war.

The goal is reducing the number of deaths and limiting destruction to the nation by taking whatever steps are available to them.

Then the Omicron variant arrived at the perfect time.

It was incredibly contagious but extremely mild and provided the herd immunity in a matter of weeks.

Some believe it was engineered for that purpose.

All the while the Defense Department was working on a vaccine that cures all past and future covid variants.

This movement is not about one man but when the dust settles in my opinion and when people have had more time to comprehend the magnitude of what he has done, President Donald J Trump will go down in history as the greatest leader this planet has seen.

He told us what he was doing, he told us who he was fighting, he told us he had to step away which has allowed the Deep State expose themselves and wake up the masses.

Those of us who have been fighting for President Trump, the Patriots and ANONs in this information war and those who still support him now, will make sure that the new people awakening, understand the truth about how President Trump exposed the Goliath of Big Pharma.



It was always an objective of the Earth Alliance to show Humanity the sins of Big Pharma because their poisons are killing us. There were many, many objectives but generally the White Hats have been destroying the Khazarian mafia’s systems of control and their methods for depopulation.

The White Hats allowed the dark to go to the brink of their mass murder plot in this free will world. Then, when they believed they were successful, the Earth Alliance launched their sneak-attack.

Death isn’t what we have been told and none of us are going to Hell. Those who passed over are in a far better place now, as painful as it may have been for us to bid them adieu.

The Q team has explained so much in their years of posting “Q drops” and the map they left for us has been pivotal in making sense of what we see every day, such as the senseless attacks on innocents in cities all over the world we see in the news nearly every day now.

These are recruits in the cabal’s army. They are mind-controlled, weaponized people with no idea what they are doing. They are mindless zombies, basically; disposable assets, and have been programmed to do these things. Most don’t live through the event.

A couple of days ago I saw a Twitter or Telegram post from someone in Atlanta remarking on something being “up”. They saw or heard things that their spidey sense told them was unusual. They were wondering if something big was about to happen. Then the riots began and the cabal’s media is parroting what they said in Portland, Oregon and Wisconsin when ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter burned, looted, and trashed cities.

Local Reporter Calls Riot in Atlanta “Largely Peaceful Protest” as Police Cruiser Goes up in Flames in the Background (VIDEO)

On Saturday night this happened in California.

Another shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

At least 6-7 shot, including 4 children, in Shreveport residence

What an insane world we live in.

Wisconsin doesn’t want a repeat performance after the Waukesha and Kenosha unrest and military assets have been deployed.

It looks like the enemy has decided to push once more for gun control to distract from the damning evidence coming out about their “vaccines” that aren’t vaccines.

Who are we dealing with, folks? Who is the enemy? If this film is real, you can judge for yourself. Psychopaths. Link to Telegram of a TikTok video, 2 min. Shocking.

This film lasted no longer than 20 minutes on TikTok – trigger warning.

Q isn’t the only group to give us insider comms. Dan Scavino Jr. does it a lot. Today is extraordinary as he tell us the Schiff is about to hit the fan—referring of course to traitor Adam Schiff.

The first time stamp according to Telegram for the above video was 2:55 pm which, when mirrored, gives us 552 and Q drop 552 contained the following image:

As I said yesterday, the surf is high, and there’s no telling what kind of storm may be incoming. There were high wind warnings for California this week, and we already have the riots in Atlanta. It certainly feels as though the gathering storm will soon be unleashed because the cabal will panic when the bad news continues to stream out about what they have done.

There are more tornado warnings for the US southeast today, as well.

Former Secretary of State/CIA Director Mike Pompeo aka “Kansas” in the Q drops has been throwing out comms like life preservers lately. He tends to use words or strings of words that occur in limited Q drops, like “countdown”, which for some pointed to Q drop 453. This Telegram channel gets into more decodes.

Dec 23, 2017 4:40:56 PM EST
Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 2d673c No. 158900
Side-by-side graphic?
Locate and create.[:22]
SEARCH crumbs : [#2]
Who is #2?
No deals.
How can FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, the man in charge, along with leakin’ James Comey, of the Phony Hillary Clinton investigation (including her 33,000 illegally deleted emails) be given $700,000 for wife’s campaign by Clinton Puppets during investigation?
Previous also logged in graphic form [10] + others?
Timestamps important.
5y, 4w, 2d, 18m ago
8chan cbts

This one speaks of bringing hostages home. I am drawn to take that in a broader sense with Humanity as the hostages on this prison planet. As Q told us, this whole operation is far bigger than anyone can imagine. Link to Telegram.

There seems to be a lull in the content creator uploads this weekend. No new videos from Michael Jaco on his Rumble, or from SGAnon on his, and Dave took Friday and Saturday off from the X22 Report. Something up for the patriots?

It’s been a long day and twilight approaches so I am signing off now. Always remain calm, grateful, and maintain situational awareness. No need for fear. It’s the most exciting time in our history to be alive and awake to appreciate what is happening. I wouldn’t miss it for the world, as frustrating as it can be at times.

Do check out the comments beneath each post for more great info and links from the crew.  ~ BP

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