January 23, 2023: If Truth Were Water We Would All Drown [videos]

January 23, 2023: If Truth Were Water We Would All Drown [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 January 23, 2023

When you’re right, you’re right, and you know you’re right, and then there it is: the Truth for all those who didn’t know.

BREAKING: FBI Official Who Investigated Trump Russia Collusion Arrested for Colluding With Russia

What “seems like” ≠ what is. The recent rash of classified document discoveries under Biden custody by attorneys is not what it seems, according to Kash Patel. Is it truth, a smoke-screen/disinfo? We don’t know, but let’s face it, we can’t move forward in a positive way with Biden in the fake oval office studios. It’s getting old; he’s already old, and he’s gotta go. Time to write him out of the script. Link to Telegram.

Kash says that the batches of classified documents turning up are related to the investigation into Hunter Biden 🍿

Their public excuse that the National Archives was looking for the missing documents is a cover-up and Biden’s legal team is allowing him to go out and publicly lie about what’s happening. Why aren’t they protecting him? (rhetorical question)


Further to those comms from Dan Scavino about Adam Shifty Schiff, he has returned to the stage for his last act, it would seem.

The Democrats are STILL trying to keep watermelon head and Fang Fang’s boyfriend on the House Intelligence Committee…

What part of ‘banging a chinese spy gets you removed from the intelligence committee’ are they not understanding?

Bank runs happening but being covered up? There is this, too.

To be clear, for those who aren’t aware, that “guarantee” you see at your bank— “FDIC” insured, that makes it sound like your funds are protected… if the cabal decides to go all the way, your deposits are not protected at all. Read the fine print. They can steal your money and you have no recourse.


Former Navy SEAL/CIA asset Michael Jaco did some remote viewing and says what he saw didn’t look good at all and he is concerned that a lot of people will be hurt by what is coming. He spends most of the video below discussing the coming financial situation and believes that several big banks have already filed for bankruptcy. He says if you go to the bank and ask for your money they may already be closed so don’t think too long.

Personally, I don’t see how the White Hats can switch the cabal’s financial monopoly over to the People’s Quantum Financial System without some upset. We just don’t know how bad it will get. We’re telling you this not to cause panic but so you can sit down and rationally decide if you need to do something, and what that might be.

I have no financial background and don’t have any advice but I would not touch crypto with a ten foot pole. Most financial experts recommend investing in hard assets like silver, gold, real estate. From what we’re hearing, your cash would be safer under your mattress or buried in your yard than in a bank, but who has a crystal ball?

Please be prepared for interruptions in the food chain and have food, water, meds, pet supplies, fuel, batteries, candles, etc. on hand in case things get rough.

Bank runs are beginning but are being covered up. Stocks will plunge, banks will close, silver will soar.

According to the article below, the state of Wisconsin is fighting for what they want and in the process will drain the swamp. Honest and serious elected officials can get around the leanings of the Governor if they unite and work together. Unfortunately, the recent election reinstated a Democrat governor [Tony Evers] who has probably been in office too long. Can you guess how that happened? Wanna bet it doesn’t happen again? And as a result, there would probably not be any more major riots and false flag events in that state.

Evers’ win keeps a Democrat in the top job in the crucial swing state for another four years and signals that voters there rejected a candidate, in Michels, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump, despite political headwinds that made Evers one of the most vulnerable incumbent governors in the nation. Source


Wisconsin Lawmakers Introduce Common Sense Legislation that Forces State to Scrub Voter Rolls of some 3.6 – 3.8 million Inactive Voters

As for the rioters in Atlanta this weekend, it seems it wasn’t the easy-peasy gig they enjoyed in Portland. Of course Governor Brian Kemp condemned the violence but he spent last week in Davos with his friends.

Six Antifa Extremists Arrested, Charged with Domestic Terrorism in Fiery Atlanta Riots

There were health practitioners who didn’t go along with the globalists’ plan to terminate Humanity.


In answer to the question in the Tweet above, according to Common Law, Universal Law, Natural Law… no victim, no crime.

We can prove the fake vaccines harmed people, but they can’t prove NOT vaccinating someone harmed people. At least that’s my logic. And since all the mandates and orders issued by corrupt officials throughout the Covid scamdemic were not “laws”, they should not be able to prosecute this man.

A Governor’s order is not a law. Only legislators can pass laws, and the New World Order scared everyone so badly that few even thought to consider if the mandates, lockdowns, etc. were lawful or whether they were anti-constitutional or counter to the Human rights protections in any nation.

Did your city officials adopt masking rules and other unconstitutional and frankly unsafe health practices during the plan-demic? If you had honest, law-abiding, civic duty officials in place they might have stood up for what is lawful and safe and refused to go along with that nonsense. The ones who were bribed were only too happy to go along. They sold us out.

And now look what the CBC [Canadian Broadcasting Corporation] that Trudeau gave $6Mil, are saying. What is coming? Stroke season! So get your flu shots! Unbelievable. I hope those gallows are ready to go. Anyone who gets injections at this point needs their head read. This was on CBC Calgary television. More fear porn.

‘STROKE SEASON’: CBC doctor says increased cases of stroke likely linked to the flu

Dr. Raj Bhardwaj tells CBC that he didn’t even know about this “until last year.”

Here is some advice from the Professor’s Record on Telegram, for Americans, which would similarly translate in most countries.

Have you gone to a local public meeting and made a proclamation about the greatest violation of civil rights in modern history?

The systematic theft of our voices.

Have you asked others to join you?

The “gap” is a place of consequence where decisions are made that result in you becoming (1) more free or (2) more enslaved.

A county commission/board supervisor meeting is such a place.

Rules and ordinances affecting your daily life are acted on every two weeks. And the vast majority of the electorate do not show up to see if the theoretical elected politician is doing their job.

No one would run a business that way. And no one should allow their country to be run that way.

A keyboard and social media is not the gap.

Dig into your local terrain—your backyard. And take it back.

Clock is ticking. 2024 will be here before you know it.

Rightful leaders will not be elected unless we clear the way.

He’s correct. We, as a race, became complacent and we cannot shirk the responsibility for turning over the control and the absolute power to those who were intending to take it. Now it’s time for damage control and taking our countries back.

Even if you don’t utter a word, sitting in on these meetings as a show of force so they can see the People are watching is a step in the right direction. Perhaps you have better ideas than the ones in place and your contribution is worthy. The officials running our towns and cities need to be approved and elected, not appointed by default or shady, back room negotiations.

Saudi Arabia To Spend $1T On A 75 Mile-Long Sidescraper Dubbed The Mirror Line. Source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/saudi-arabia-to-spend-1t-on-a-75-mile-long-sidescraper-dubbed-the-mirror-line/ar-AA10023R

In news from the asylum… this Davos crowd is a real piece of work. Of course, their plans do not include them, only we Humans. They continue to live on their estates, and in castles and keep their fancy cars, chauffeurs, security details, yachts, private jets, villas, eat caviar and champagne, and buy anything else they want.

This is what the unelected contingent who gets our tax dollars does at their annual World Economic Forum; they make plans for our future and spend the rest of the year implementing them or installing minions who will help them. We, the People have no say in the matter. We will eat bugs, we will own nothing, and we will be happy according to psycho Nazi visionary Klaus Schwab.

Banning private ownership in its entirety is essential, according to the WEF.

‘There will be no Cars’ – Saudi Arabian Diplomat Celebrates Utopian Development that Eliminates Ownership Of Private Vehicles (VIDEO)

Of course they claim this is all necessary because WE are destroying our planet and causing climate change and our current way of life [freedom] is not sustainable. That’s one of their favourite words. Anything they claim is unsustainable has to go!

For those concerned about SARS-Cov2 and spike proteins, etc., you may find the research at the link below encouraging.

Bromelain, NAC and Spike Disintegration

A “Missile Defense” Approach: Neutralize Before the Enemy “Hits the Ground”

Don’t panic—I am convinced of the White Hat strategy to wake the far left brainwashed contingent of America. This is how it’s done. I think we can assume we’re dealing with mostly actors in masks at this point.

CRAZY: Bill Barr Joins Bill Maher to Trash President Trump and Revive His Reputation with the Left

Unfortunately we gained a deeper understanding of the new Prime Minister of New Zealand yesterday when he revealed his mission is aligned with the New World Order. Yikes. Sounds like the Kiwis jumped out of the frying pan, into the fire. I think this will wake up a whole slew of people.


Q the Storm Rider has been posting very interesting and revealing updates on Telegram, like this one.



The Southern KRAINE area is expected to come under control of RUSSIA ,.. The Southern country is important to NATO. EU and Ukraine who move artillery through the Region.. But now Southern Ukraine is falling and NATO is becoming desperate.

RUSSIA is getting ready for three STAGE attack in the North. East and SOUTH with 2000 New Russian tanks and 4000 infantry fighting vehicles units and 5000 rocket artillery systems and tactic missile systems and RUSSIA is really to go.

As Ukraine asks for German tanks and NATO tanks, this impossible task takes hundreds of man hours to learn the leopard systems tanks
And repair and UKRAINE doesn’t have the knowledge. The Bradley fighting vehicles the U.S. wants to send must be refurbished and takes just months to operate the weapons systems and repair.



The huge military MASSIVE OFFENSIVE by RUSSIA has begun.

> WEAR TERMINATION EXERCISE< RUSSIA will bring DOWN Zelensky regimen….
CABLES*// RUSSIA has access to SATELLITES that can CONTROL UKRAINE grid, Radio systems and plan to excess the OPERATION FALCON STORM Y to it’s fullest capabilities meaning taking over all regional airwaves and news and DECLASSIFICATION drills OPERATIONS< to All UKRAINE REGIONS<<<

Biden. Obama is hiding all the classified DOCUMENTS that connected them and CIA PENTAGON to money laundering. Weapons trade, human trafficking…. ECT ECT ECT////






For SGAnon fans, he did an interview this month with some Aussies you may enjoy. That’s a powerful intro they have on their video. The situation in Oz was shocking, to say the least, in the midst of the liberty-stealing that unfolded in the middle of the scamdemic and the patriots have their work cut out for them as they wrest power back from their rogue government.

Whereas SG deferred to his host, Scott McKay, in his “unveiling” video and didn’t do the usual sharing of his perspective, this one is more typical of the hosts that ask questions and defer to SG for his perspectives as a result of the research he has done and his sources.

(1/12/2023) – SGAnon Sits Down w/ Guru Dave and Aussie Patriots

The image below is a sample of the deep research SGAnon does on the dark web that most people don’t seek.

The monsters who have been controlling everything on our planet must be exterminated from Creation because they have no respect for anything or anyone or life itself unless it empowers and enriches them. If this [small grey?] is a sentient being then it would have suffered. Link to Truth Social. SG writes…

We are not alone.

Remains of an OSB (Other Sentient Being) after the luciferians conducted torture and dangerous medical/research experiments in deep_mil/intel locations.

Photo rumored to have come from Area-51 <— that detail I cannot corroborate, as many of these labs exist in various places above, at, and below Earth’s surface.

The WHOLE of God’s Creation is aligning with one another to take down Evil.
This time, there are ancient scores to settle.

“I will Repay”

After making everyone sick and toxic for decades and then injecting them with deadly experimental drugs, the establishment has decided the baby boomers have to get even older before they can qualify for medical coverage assistance—but don’t come down too hard on them—they’re sorry.

Sorry, we have to raise Medicare’s eligibility age

We the People News did another excellent update which includes a lot of coverage of the CIA’s MK Ultra mind control programmes. Some may doubt our claims that there are mind-controlled individuals across the planet who will kill on command or whatever they are programmed to do. I never heard about “Dr. Green” before. The research she collected begins around the 17 min. mark. The entire video is very good though, at 1 hr. 11 min. and her intro is outstanding.


Just as a point of interest since we mentioned “Star Wars” reality in yesterday’s post, there was another “fireball” over central USA a couple of days ago. Some said the “boom” rattled their windows.

Gotta run. Talk soon.  ~ BP

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