The Pentagon Admits Having A UFO Wreck

The Pentagon Admits Having A UFO Wreck

Posted By: SpaceCommando [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 26-Jan-2023 22:36:00

By – January 25, 2023Researcher Anthony Bragalia asked the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) for public data on potential UFO material under the Right to Information Act, and its response was a 154-page redacted document containing a confirmation that was “amazing.”Through these documents, the Pentagon not only admits that it is in possession of unidentified crashed aerial objects but also that it is testing materials with special electromagnetic properties that have great potential for the aerospace or health industries.“These materials may be physical remains recovered by the Department of Defense in the form of debris, wreckage, debris, or any type of material associated with unidentified aerial phenomena or objects,” the researcher wrote in his request.He asked for data on the material, its provenance, the circumstances and methods by which it was collected, the agency holding it, and test results for physical, chemical, and compositional properties. DIA provided him with test results documents that included reports of a memory metal, nitinol (a nickel titanium)—an alloy capable of returning to its original shape after being bent or flattened.Bragalia wrote that it was an astonishing admission by the US government that some of the recovered debris possessed “extraordinary qualities” such as the potential to make things invisible or even slow down the speed of light, according to The Sun. He stated that the Pentagon “admitted the possession and testing of anomalous debris from UFOs.” They were able to learn some things about extremely promising building materials that could become futuristic materials capable of changing our lives forever . . .[SNIP]


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