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Date: Friday, 27-Jan-2023 10:01:08

A post submitted by CGI member Morgan.CGI is RMN’s reader’s forum.*****************************And I swear, I’m going to help them as much as I can. With the economy, goes de gubment.What is going on pisses me off royally, so I do something about it by NOT doing. Restaurant prices are insane, I don’t go; and considering how well I can go I may never go to one again as long as I live. I REFUSE to pay $8.00 for a dozen eggs, I’m already vegetarian, I shop for cost effective, and go to the right stores. I avoid the major supermarkets like Lucky, Safeway. . ., shop at Grocery Outlet, Trader Joe’s for the RIGHT things, a reasonable produce market, and a couple of small South Asian stores that have SOME good deals. (Good size frozen samosas for under $1.00 a piece. Lemme see, what did the restaurants charge for that?) Cleaners at Dollar Tree (Food? Gotta read those labels. Most of their stuff is toxic, but. . .), shop on line for the best clothing prices in addition to Eco-Thrift that sells used stuff, and we scavenge. If we don’t need it, we don’t buy it. We are trying to be the worst consumers as possible.I’m also laughing over Covered Calipornia. I’m signed up for Kaiser, don’t pay a cent, and throw everything out that they send me. The state is throwing away a wee over $10,000 a year on me for NOTHING. If I have something wrong, I look it up, and fix it myself. I am on no pharmaceuticals, and it’s gonna stay that way. If I’m gonna be dead, I’m gonna be dead. Good riddance to the meat suit when the contract is up. I’ve done what I came here to do, and the HELL with the rest.I also drive as little as possible (Less than 8,000 miles a year.), and we only have the basic bills. No telly, or any other unnecessary subscriptions.The only way to live in the here and now, not that many are of a mind to do that. It also helps to have a few obligations as possible.Do I consider myself deprived? HELL NO! I’m happiest when I’m on the internet or my nose in a book. . .which I buy at Dollar Tree. I’m gettin’ a huge collection of a damn good library for next to nothing. As for the rest of the world, I may as well be dead except for the most minimal stuff to keep us goin’. . .until my bloody contract is up.Morgan———More thoughts..MARRIAGE IN MUCH OF THE WORLDis simply based on economics, and politics. Family alliances. According to cultural programming that is rarely defied, chicks are supposed to marry up, and produce free farm help or 401K plans, dependin’ on the culture. Most don’t question it. After all, everyone else is doin’ it and the nail that stands out gets pounded down. In much of the western world, chicks produce nothing but liabilities, which I suppose I may be considered. I totally disowned my incubator, and the sperm donor and step-incubator who I tried to leave behind had a friend hunt me down; and I am now stuck doing a 5 minute or less phone call once a week which I would rather not do, but hey! They got vaxxed, so how much longer?Should I have been named ‘ZERO KELVIN’?Well, I know we are all forever; and they will soon be where I wanna be. I just don’t like wasting my discretionary time on pointless conversations, regardless on how short that time is. I’m very ME-ME-ME with my time. I prefer to give it when I WANT to, not when I HAVE to. (Work, errands, 5 or less minutes a week of pointless conversations. . .)DOESN’T ANYONE THINK ABOUT THIS? Then again, if it did, MGTOW/WGTOW would probably explode all over the world.Don’t think there’s a NGTOW. (Noses goin’ their own way, but we live by different standards.)HAIL TO THE DESERT DWELLING NOSTRIL DOWN SOUTH WHO REFLECTS THIS POST!Morgan

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