January 27, 2023: Weapons of War in the Deafening Silence [videos]

January 27, 2023: Weapons of War in the Deafening Silence [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 January 27, 2023

One hardly knows what to say any longer as Humanity in many nations grapple with the atrocities committed and perhaps soon to be committed again in our name by the warring factions on our planet. As far as the operations underway by the Earth Alliance, we’re all ears.

This next discussion probably reflects what many are thinking at this point as we appear to be poised to launch into the WWIII we were told would NOT happen. 18 min.

Clayton Morris: NATO is going to get us ALL killed with this move

It helps to listen to seasoned military personnel who point out that Germany, the US, Poland, or anyone can give Ukraine all the tanks and armoured hardware they like, but it takes time and skill to actually take those vehicles and armament into battle and use them effectively.

It takes time to learn how to use these complicated machines so while it may sound intimidating to hear about what certain nations are contributing to the war effort, we might pause to consider the practical aspects before we panic and build fallout shelters.

There is also the issue of replacement parts. We can imagine the wear and tear put on thousands of moving parts and regular maintenance is important. Are they going to provide a supply of parts along with these tanks, etc. going to Ukraine? Are they going to train men to disassemble, replace parts, and reassemble?

What about ammunition? Each ordnance requires ammunition unique to that machine.

If it’s true that the Nazi psychopaths in Ukraine are basically using forced and sometimes violent conscription to abduct and send average people off the streets of Ukrainian towns and cities to form their armies, it’s going to be a real shit show. They will be no match for Russian military and it would be a blood bath. The ranks of the Nazi Ukrainian army would be decimated in short order—and then what?

We can’t have the innocent Ukrainian people sacrificed to the cabal’s gods of war. The situation needs to be de-escalated before the rest of the world picks sides and full-on war erupts.

Does this remark from President Trump figure into this at all? Is he going to be “the fixer”? The hero in the movie? Link to Telegram. [It seems President Trump is on Telegram, but…] This is loaded with innuendo.


We’ll see what happens but as civilians we are fighting a war of a different kind. We are staving off the genocide of Humanity underway for such a long time with weapons of mass destruction in a silent war; bioweapons—and that term could be applied to many products coming out of Big Pharma—not only vaccines because they most certainly aren’t vaccines.

It occurred to me yesterday while listening to someone speaking of tanks considered for support in Ukraine that the global eugenics masters name their lab-created diseases after weapons of war. The US Abrams tanks dubbed M1A1 sound suspiciously like a flu “virus”; H1N1 Swine Flu, don’t they? Qincidence?

It’s almost amusing and more than a little gratifying to know that we, the conspiracy analysts, have been saying the jabs are not really vaccines but weapons, for nearly three years and now the proof is published every day—even through mainstream channels. Many of us had already committed to the stance we wouldn’t take anything they offered in the form of a gift from Big Pharma as soon as the V-word surfaced.

We put the word out that no one should take these highly questionable injections for a flu because it isn’t necessary and would probably do more harm than good because these evil creatures can’t be trusted. They didn’t have time to adequately test them in Human trials and we know they want us gone.

We tried to tell everyone it was an engineered, fake pandemic they planned long ago but it’s a free will planet and each individual had to make their own choices about how to handle influenza, PCR tests, hospitalization, sourcing safe, proven remedies, and whether to comply with masks, social distancing, lockdowns, all of it.

The Khazarian mafia has controlled every aspect of our lives for centuries, and to break free from their iron fist we have to dismantle every system. We can expect a financial event, a political event, geopolitical events, and reform and even a re-birth in everything that touches our lives whether medical, scientific, energy, religious, climatic, technological, transportation, food… everything.

That is what is coming, and the perfect storm will be when all these crimes converge in the minds of Humanity. All the threads of global events seem to be flapping in the breeze and not going anywhere fast at the moment, but if we think of all those micro events as planets, making their merry way through the ethers, we can see the Plan coming together.

For the sake of this example, let’s say each planet has a unique orbit around the sun. Some are small, circular, and tight. Others are elliptical and uniform. Some have one or more moons in their own orbits which further complicate things. Other planets are huge and take them far out into space before they slowly come back around much later. Much of the time, the planets are like ships in the night.

The Plan the Earth Alliance is using is not based on a clock; it is event-driven, according to Juan O Savin. It’s a juggling act and they have a lot of balls in the air, to mix metaphors.

When the desired events unfold in the designated countries and the social awakening and awareness levels in the bulk of Humanity converge in the necessary ways, “the planets will align” and when that happens, watch the fireworks.

The incredible testimony this week of a top Pfizer executive on hidden camera by a Project Veritas reporter is shaking the world and already the shock waves are reverberating with government officials calling for investigations—and high time, too. We have to prepare for the Nuremberg 2.0 military trials later this year.

A Senate Investigation Has Been Launched Into Pfizer After Project Veritas’ ‘Bombshell’ Undercover Video

You gotta love their terminology; “gain of function”, “directed evolution”… we know they have been engineering diseases to take us out for a very long time.


Why do they engineer viruses or bio weapons? They know our immune systems protect us from nearly every threat unless they are compromised. They can use “vaccines” to weaken our immune systems so we succumb to any number of diseases or health conditions.

Now and then we get a chuckle and this is one of them. They should hype the crap out of these babies and put little notes in every carton that tells the buyer they’ve been duped and not to be so gullible.

The birds are raised in modern, solar panel-equipped henhouses, which are not only free of cages, but also include skylights and multiple garden areas where “the birds have trees, rocks, climbing structures and other things to play on,”

That’s not the best part. Wait for it—

Rather than eating traditional corn-based feed, Krouse’s hens eat repurposed bakery by-products, and their manure is turned into organic fertilizer.

I’m still laughing. What are “repurposed bakery by-products”, exactly? Bread mold? Perhaps it really is better than the GMO corn many chickens are fed now.

I can’t quarrel with Trader Joe’s eggs. On January 7th I got two dozen cage-free large eggs for… one moment please…

…I’m checking my receipt—here it is: $2.99/dozen here in Paradise Valley/Phoenix.


Kroger Begins Selling World’s First Carbon-Neutral Eggs in the US

Here’s more on the poultry and egg engineered situation. Hope it’s true. The quality of the food supply in America is dreadful.

NEC Director Brian Deese Hanged at GITMO

And for SGAnon fans, File 37 is ready. Just beginning to listen now. 49 min.

WEF Agenda DOA | Soros Arrested for Next Phase | US Mil/IDF Now Running Joint Operations

Looks like some are a little nervous about potential false flag events in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota area. Was there chatter or some kind of heads up? Link to Telegram.

Minnesota: ATF’s St. Paul field office sent this alert to gun shops this morning warning of the potential for civil unrest in the Twin Cities metro area, Nick Streiff reports.

ATF says it was sent “out of an abundance of caution.”

Happy Friday everyone. Hope you have a great weekend. Hope for the best; prepare for the worst, and maintain situational awareness.  ~ BP

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