Are You Kidding Me?

Are You Kidding Me?

Posted By: Liberty_Lady [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 28-Jan-2023 10:22:53

Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert Comic series, is taking the unvaxxed to task for not doing more to alert others to the dangers of these poison jabs. That takes some kahonas the size of Texas. I don’t know what libtard bubble this fool lives in, but it would have taken several layers of bubble wrap to avoid hearing the warnings from people like Dr. Peter McCullough, Judy Mikavich, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Simone Gold and the other Front-line Doctors, about their concerns over a drug, not approved by the FDA being being more or less rushed into production, and forced on the public. About the effects on those who took it. of us who didn’t trust the government and Big Pharma to have our best interest at heart are now being vilified for not trying harder to stop these brain-washed people from destroying themselves? Really? How many people did I share facts and figures with that Bill Gates had no medical degree of any kind? That Anthony Fauci had tried this bullshit decades ago with his AIDs vaccine. That Debra Birx , Fauci and Gates were kicked out of India for forcing a polio vaccine on a million poor Indian children, after almost half developed permanent paralysis. The Indian government kicked them out of the country. This scenario played out again in so many African, Central American And Indonesian countries, I wondered how they kept getting by with this evil. Did anyone else notice these people were going after mostly black and brown people?I knew better than to trust them. And I talked to so many people who refused to listen to anything I said about the vax. They said they were going to take the ‘vaccine’ because they were scared. Person after person told me they would follow whatever their doctor and the CDC said. That would be the same CDC who have paid out millions in lawsuit damages. When asked if I was going to take the jab, I answered with questions of my own, “Why would I put an experimental drug into my body that has not been approved by the FDA? Haven’t you ever wondered where these ‘new’ viruses keep coming from? Do you know how many of these drugs are patented in Gates and Fauci’s name? Do you know how long it takes to get a new drug, especially a vaccine on the market after rigorous tests and trials? Do you realize it is illegal to push an experimental drug when there are perfectly good drugs already on the market? Didn’t you wonder why they went after Hydroxychloriquine and Ivermectin so hard? Best of all, didn’t you wonder how all of those Chinese people just managed to drop dead right in front of a camera. A Hollywood director couldn’t have done a better job!My daughter, an RN, was the first one fired from the hospital where she worked for refusing the vax. Eventually 300 maintenance people walked out and joined her picket line. Some 7500 eventually marched in protest with her and the local TV channel interviewed her. Did everyone just happen to have their TV turned off that night? And though some of the picketers were rehired, the hospital was still so short staffed, they had to hire traveling nurses for instance. I was to later find out these traveling nurses were hired at $264 an hour, room and board paid for, travel expenses and a stipend on top of that in case they wanted to go shopping, I guess. Best of all, they weren’t required to be vaccinated! WTH?I, for one, will not accept any blame from people who wouldn’t listen and just made fun of those of us who chose not to accept the vaxxes. It was a matter of choice. Even after people began to sicken and die, I had a friend tell me he would listen to his neighbor, an Ophthalmologist, not me. Another told me she would listen to her doctor and the CDC. Ok. Fair enough. I don’t have that kind of medical degree. But, I do have a brain. I sent article after article about athletes falling dead on the courts and fields all over the world. About private pilots crashing into buildings , about people dropping dead right after they were injected with one of these poisons. About the explosion of miocarditis in supposedly young, healthy people. Crickets! People who made the choice to roll up their sleeves didn’t want to hear a discouraging word.Most importantly, I knew these monsters were eugenicists who believed the world was overpopulated. And it was up to them to reduce the world’s population to a more manageable 500,000,000.I used to send people to the Georgia Guidestones for verification. But someone blew them up. Wonder who? Wonder why?What were we supposed to do, Mr. Adams? Kidnap people, tie them to a chair and browbeat some common sense into them? I believe that is illegal. Didn’t anyone else understand what Bill Gates intended when he gave his Ted Talk speech in 2010, about reducing the world’s population with the judicious use of food and with vaccines? Did those who heard him think he was kidding? So many unanswered questions.So, no, if those who took the jabs refused to listen to those of us who were trying to get these people to slow down and think before they allowed anyone to mandate a jab for any reason, they need to accept the results of their refusal to even listen. They need to accept the responsibility for their own actions. If they want to blame someone, how about the manufacturers of these deadly vaxxes? Oh, that’s right, they have immunity. Do the doctors who pushed them have immunity? Do places of employment, up to the Department of Defense have immunity for pushing these poisons on their employees and the military and punishing those who refused? Or was all of this part of the overall plan to weaken America?Many refused the jab even though our president recommenced them. Trump found out how many of us were still going to think for ourselves no matter what he said when he got booed at a rally in Alabama for encouraging people to get the jab. Or was he part of the charade like David Icke said? I’m still not sure, but I will think for myself.If these ‘vaccine’ injured are listening now, I would recommend that they find a holistic doctor, check out MMS, find whatever they can find to detox their body. And, buy Robert Kennedy’s wonderful book, “The Real Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health”. After you read it, buy copies for friends and family members. And we should all brace ourselves. These evil people, if they aren’t stopped, are not done yet. The next pandemic will be even more deadly and contagious. Depend on it.

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