Daily News and Updates for January 30th, 2023: “VIDEO: President Trump Calls Into Kari Lake’s HUGE Save Arizona Rally – THOUSANDS Erupt In Cheers”

Daily News and Updates for January 30th, 2023: “VIDEO: President Trump Calls Into Kari Lake’s HUGE Save Arizona Rally – THOUSANDS Erupt In Cheers”

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VIDEO: President Trump Calls Into Kari Lake’s HUGE Save Arizona Rally – THOUSANDS Erupt In Cheers

DEAD LAST: “Ridin with Biden” Comes In DEAD LAST at 2023 Pegasus World Cup at Gulfstream Park – VIDEO

Google Exec Files Lawsuit Claiming He Was Fired After His High-Ranking Female Boss Groped Him

NAACP Considering Lawsuit Over Florida’s Ban of African American Studies Class That Contained CRT and Section On ‘Queer Theory’

China Is Now Covering Project Veritas’ Investigation Into Pfizer

“Clearly the Most Significant Advance on the Peace Front – Since World War II” – Jordan Peterson Bashes Nobel Committee, Praises Trump on Historic Peace Deals – Trump Responds (VIDEO)

Brave Third Grader Wins Battle Against School Over ‘Jesus Loves Me’ Mask, District Settles Lawsuit and Changes Policy

Black Out: Taxpayer Funded Canadian Theater Announces Black-Only Performances

Obamas Call For Police Reform After Release of Tyre Nichols Body Camera Footage, Link to Black Lives Matter ‘Toolkits’

TikTok CEO to testify before Congress about app’s relationship with the Chinese Communist Party


Pfizer denies conducting gain-of-function research after executive details COVID mutation efforts


Microsoft Update Will Make Xbox ‘Carbon Aware’ – Consoles Will Automatically Shut Down Based on ‘Regional Carbon Intensity’

Lawsuit Claims Google Ignored Sexual Harassment by Female Executive, Then Fired Victim

Video: Mother Reads Shocking Gay Porn Material Found In Minnesota School Direct To Board Members

“It’s The Perfect Storm”: More Americans Can’t Afford Their Car Payments Than During The Peak Of Financial Crisis

White House Targets Cryptocurrencies, Calls For Stronger Enforcement By Regulators


Big Oil Set To Report Record $200 Billion Profits For 2022


Air Force General Tells His Officers ‘War With China’ Only 2 Years Away


CNN’s Dana Bash Calls Schiff Out For Being a Liar… So He Triples Down on Russia Collusion Hoax (VIDEO)

Damar Hamlin Speaks Publicly For First Time After Collapsing From Cardiac Arrest During Game (VIDEO)

CNN’s Dana Bash Confronts Eric Swalwell About His Relationship with Chinese Spy and Honeypot Fang Fang (VIDEO)

“These Blundering Fools on Television that Say I Shouldn’t Stand in Front of a Church with a Bible” – President Trump on Top Generals in the Military (VIDEO)

Rep. Lauren Boebert Destroys Leftist Trying to Claim President Trump’s Children Were as Bad as Hunter Biden (VIDEO)

Prayer Breaks Out After Trump Makes Unexpected Stop at South Carolina Burger Shop

Jordan Peterson announces World Economic Forum alternative


5 Ways The “Inflation Reduction Act” Is Stealing Your Money


Election Day Footage of Unbelievable Ballot Rejections in Maricopa County. It Seems Like More Than Just a Few Ballots

EXCLUSIVE: THIRD Hunter Biden Email from Laptop with Classified Information Uncovered – Classified WH Conference Call Shared with Hunter’s Ukrainian Business Partners – And SEVERAL More Are Coming

Untold Reality of Russia’s Wagner Group In Bakhmut Ukraine, First Hand Account, What the Media Won’t Tell You

Mother of Tyre Nichols: ‘I Hate it Was Five Black Men That Did This’

EXCLUSIVE: SECOND Hunter Biden Email from Laptop WITH CLASSIFIED INFORMATION Uncovered – And More Are Coming

Oregon Man Wanted for Attempted Murder and Kidnapping May Be Using Dating Apps to Find More Victims, Police Warn

At least 32 killed, dozens wounded in Pakistan mosque explosion


Campus newspapers reject conservative writers to protect ‘personal safety,’ stop kink-shaming


Book Kochland: The Secret History of Koch Industries and Corporate Power in America

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