KatIstheSea3 @katisthesea3: https://anonup.com/@KatistheSea3 Loving this 118th Congress[of which President Trump is de facto House Speaker ] – Jan 30 2023

Kat istheSea3 


30 January, 01:13

1-29-23 qthestormrider777 [Edited]
As nuclear EVENTS come closer
& US is upgrading it’s Defense/ AIR RAID
TRUMP is telling everyone
he will create a huge missile defense system
TRUMP is actually telling everyone
there will be a huge
→Attempted← Attack on the U.S.
by [DS] Russia w/China, N Korea

This is a huge part of the Reason many top officials
ROCKERFELLer DARPA controlled FIAT money
& their attempt at installing
their digital banking system

(Many many top leaders in the banking sectors
are informed by MIL INTEL white hats
of EVENTS coming
That’s why latest meeting in DAVOS SWITZ
was a mess as PANIC & PAIN sets in)

👇 The Yorkshire Lass
1st receipt
My friend just sent me this.
She is on a key meter
& with EON for gas & electric.
This is the gas receipt
She was so excited that it states QUANTUM on it
Let’s hope it’s coming 🙏

2nd receipt


KatIstheSea3 @katisthesea3: https://anonup.com/@KatistheSea3 Loving this 118th Congress
[of which President Trump is de facto House Speaker ]

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