February 1, 2023: The Great Awakening Soap Opera With Heroes vs Villains [videos] – Feb 01 2023

February 1, 2023: The Great Awakening Soap Opera With Heroes vs Villains [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 February 1, 2023

As long as we recognize there is a very real war unfolding, we may opt to view the situation as a soap opera. Sometimes it’s trashy, we can see the setups coming a mile away, it’s predictable, yet a few curve balls sneak in, and a lot of annoying bad actors get written out of the script. Exciting new characters enter the stage occasionally to spice things up, but the favourite villains and heroes just keep showing up every day to mesmerize the addicted and keep them engaged.

And then there’s the horror show the more intrepid are watching.

An interesting bit of Twitter news… Tweeters are doing tests to see if their posts show up more often when account is “private”. Something spurred that one and it seems to be the reverse.


The swamp creatures are exposed as the water drains and the mainstream/corporate media are exposed for who and what they are.

BREAKING: ABC News producer arrested for transportation of child pornography

In the medical war, the scamdemic truths are a large part of the rhetoric now. Considering all we know about the globalist plans to eliminate us and profit immensely in the process, the following is no surprise. How can people not see the hands of the medical mafia in this?

Pfizer’s Blood Thinner Becomes a New Cash Cow Amid Worldwide Increase in Blood Clotting

Fortunately, the reverberations of the shot are waking the masses.

Brazil is corrupt to the core and the globalists are still trying to keep the scamdemic going. They’re so pathetic. Link to Telegram.

Brazil wow

Several bills in the Brazilian congress are criminalizing anyone who refuses mandatory vaccines for children, adults, and the spread of “vaccine misinformation”.

This video

What we may not have expected after the incredible MAGA movement is to hear the attacks on President Trump. There are all sorts of rumours about the one we see now not being Donald Trump, which is common as the big players have doubles/actors/clones, but to hear that Trump is done? To throw him under the bus because of the vaccines? I don’t think that is called for but the whole story will out at some point.

RINOs are nothing new so why do folks think it unbelievable that Gov. Ron DeSantis could be one? Do folks see the wedge being driven in the MAGA movement with the Trump vs DeSantis narrative? Go deep, folks. Who do you trust? Wasn’t Ron DeSantis a little too good to be true? He said exactly what we wanted to hear and even mimicked Trump’s 5:5 hand gesture and others.


Donald J. Trump


Thank you. The real Ron is a RINO GLOBALIST, who closed quickly down Florida and even its beaches. Loved the Vaccines and wasted big money on “Testing.” How quickly people forget!

I think it’s getting easier to see who’s who in the zoo. Anyone jumping off the Trump Train could be a traitor, regardless of how they temper their views or frame their decisions. Link to Telegram.

Trump is destroying Desanctimoneous on Truth this morning 🔥🔥🔥

For anyone still sitting on the fence with Desantis…it’s clear as day Trump is against him and he’s 117% Deep State.

Dig on Desantis and you will find the truth. Stop sticking your head in the sand. It’s all out there.

SGAnon had this to offer:

Let’s make this very clear

You have MAGA, and you have the [DS](establishment)
One is beholden to a transnational criminal cabal, one is not.
One is financially backed by the central bank cabal, one is not.
One seeks American sovereignty w/ other sovereign nations, the other seeks American ~supremacy over~ other sovereign nations.

Trump is the MAGA candidate.

Everyone running against Trump = tactical maneuver//split the vote//Destroy MAGA prospects.
Bull Moose?

8+ Year Sting_Operation.

We know ‘The Plan’ is convoluted and impossible to anticipate and interpret accurately on so many levels, but with our limited understanding of the reality of this situation, to see “patriots” go into attack or abandon mode is disappointing.

Then there are those who complain about the “movie” and popcorn theme. We need to keep everyone calm and in positive resonance. Since there are some frightening things unfolding we need to keep it light, retain our sense of humour, and show the awakened that there is nothing to fear.

Individually we have to choose how we do that. I consider it my duty as a war correspondent to provide facts and what intelligence is available, opportunity for interpretation based on previous perspectives, education based on new information available, encouragement to be prepared for anything, and to see “the big picture”.

This problem we have may present as politics and geopolitics but that is minuscule compared to the true scope of what is unfolding. The liberation of Earth/Terra goes beyond Donald Trump, the White Hats, the reptilians and other species involved on the surface and beneath.

That is partially why Juan O Savin refers to an element of The Plan as an “extinction level event”. It will take that to jar the ones still under the spell to wake up and see what is happening and the massive implications for our future. We won’t have a future without the current operations to stop the pedophilia, Human trafficking, and poisoning of Humanity.

I believe it should be obvious to anyone reading this that the problems above are systemic in the civilization because that is how the ones in control of the planet survived and thrived. I keep saying we Humans are not the top of the food chain. We have to fight the predators and parasites together; unified in purpose and long term objectives.

This is why the militaries of the world have united to save the children, destroy the lairs of the vermin infesting our planet, and exterminate them with whatever means possible.

Because it is being done in a benevolent way to preserve our Human race, it has been conducted subtly for some time where most of us wouldn’t notice.

The bigger picture involves our current status as trapped souls in this backward, evil place that is barely representative of the Earth we were intended to enjoy as we evolved spiritually over time.

I believe ‘Rose’ of the Yellow Rose for Texas channel on YouTube and Bitchute explains things as no one else and in a very logical way. Sometimes, however, we don’t have the background to understand or appreciate what she is telling us, and that is a direct result of the lack of understanding of the nature of our reality. The Big Lie. We don’t even know who we are.

My take from what she has revealed along with the other many years of information from various sources, is that we are not living on the planet Earth in the solar system we were told. None of that makes sense.

What does make sense is that more advanced species broke into our “Petri dish” where Humans were purposely allowed by creator gods or spiritually advanced Beings to develop and flourish as a species while enjoying an idyllic world of beauty, music, harmonious relationships, the company of friendly animals, and they captured us, essentially.

They created a copy of our planet in a holographic way and our souls are stuck here. Some refer to it as a fractal. It is not our original home. What it looks like is immaterial. Flat, round, a crater… it’s not where we will be staying. None of it is real, nor permanent.

For a very long time we were recycled in a “soul trap” which prevented our ascension and kept us reincarnating in these avatars while the monsters used us and our planet for their own desires; feeding on us in multiple ways.

As Rose explains it, and as the movie “Avatar” alludes, our souls are going to be plucked from this fake and very poor copy of Earth and returned to their rightful place… some way… some day. What if our real planet is a lot more like Pandora of the Avatar movie than the world we currently occupy?

We believe that day is coming soon, but we don’t know what ‘soon’ is. Time is a construct just as our current home is, and does not exist outside this fake reality the way it does in here.

If we believe we were created by an almighty and benevolent source, wouldn’t we wonder why they created all the nasty aspects and threats to Humanity that exist here? Would you do that to someone you love, your progeny? If the Universe is about Love, and Light, and positive, harmonious relationships and ultimate ascension, why would a creator put us in a place alongside poisonous snakes and plants, biting/stinging insects that can spread disease, diseases that maim and generate so much misery, suffering and potentially death, and all the other enemies to Mankind?

Those things were created by the marauders who interrupted our spiritual evolution and entrapped and enslaved us. It is not our ultimate fate to be stranded here, struggling and begging for relief from certain annihilation. They had to keep our vibration very low to sustain the entrapment and our enslavement. Bad things have a low resonance and block the Light; good things have a higher resonance and let more Light in. We are Light Beings.

If you’re going to ask for proof of the above, you’re not getting the big picture. There is no way to prove any of it at this point because the reality of our existence has been so severely distorted and hidden that most people can’t grasp it. They simply can’t wrap their heads around anything so far removed from what they were brainwashed into believing, generation after generation.

You have an idea of how resistant people are to cracks in their paradigm if you have had conversations with others about a plan to eliminate Humanity through toxic drugs like vaccines. They simply can’t conceive that enough people exist on the planet who are evil and psychotic enough to plan something like that, never mind execute it.

We need to be very discerning while listening to the varying opinions of the alternative news community. As Rose pointed out, there are many factions incarnate on Earth/Terra and they have their own beliefs, concepts of self and Humanity, who is working to free us, and the ultimate objectives and what they want the future to look like.

I don’t have a crystal ball or a conduit to high level Earth Alliance insiders; all I have is my fifteen or more years of observing what has been happening and not happening, and an education based on the information available along with my own intuition and logic.

For many years I didn’t see anything positive happening to stop the advance of the New World Order. Since Trump exploded on the scene, the world has completely changed. People are waking up to the crimes, people in positions to witness what has been happening are stepping up to tell us about it, arrests are being made, groups are forming to take the criminals to task and level justice on the perpetrators, and new systems are born to interfere with the globalists’ machine and benefit Humanity.

All that was after the biggest, baddest, most evil and powerful entities were removed from the equation; probably as a result of outside help from benevolent Star Nations factions. Evil still exists here. Psychopaths and sociopaths still make our lives miserable. They still want to prevent our ascension and they still torture people with their technologies.

The united militaries across the world have destroyed many of the underground cities and tunnels the monsters used to hide their predatory activities.

They freed children kept in cages who were literally born underground and never knew anything else existed.

They prevented organ trafficking and experimentation, cloning and genetic DNA experiments with Humans and animals and extraterrestrials, adrenochrome facilities, and more.

We know that versions of what happened to prompt this liberation and who is at the root are put out there for public consumption, and that’s fine for the MAGA crowd and Trump supporters. They can only assimilate so much bad news at once and they needed hope and someone to show them that we can fight back and win.

I don’t necessarily buy the story that the military asked Trump to do this because he was one of the “power elite”. It seems to me that Higher Beings knew about the abduction of Humanity long ago and planned for it by having many star nations souls incarnate here for this precise time.

After President Kennedy’s assassination it was apparent to the more benevolent families on the planet that some exceedingly evil creatures were going to do whatever was necessary to retain power and wouldn’t tolerate anyone outing their secrets.

As we are finding out, many of the current White Hat operatives originated in one or two families. They changed their names just as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers did to hide their family tree. The resemblances in some cases, however, are unmistakable.

Is that because of the family DNA or because the same benevolent Beings continue to reincarnate so they can complete their mission? I don’t know, and it doesn’t really matter but from what we can gather, the Kennedys, Donald Trump, Julian Assange, and many others we might never have suspected, are either genetically related or also by marriage.

I personally believe Trump, the Kennedys, and others are part of this vast and long-term plan to take down every last evil incarnation on the planet. It will take many years.

Will they write Donald Trump out of the script at some point? They may, but I don’t believe it will be a result of his mishandling the scamdemic or the “vaccines”. That would not be a positive way to run the show considering the tremendous love and support he has garnered all over the world. He is the hero for too many people and it would shatter them. It’s the opposite of the kind of support and inspiration Humanity needs right now.

However, I am not the scriptwriter, and what I think doesn’t matter much. The ones in charge will do what they’re going to do and they will put out the information/disinformation they want out there.

They gave us Q Military Intelligence for a reason, and I don’t think it was so we would kick Trump to the curb when he took responsibility for doing what had to be done. Folks had a hard time when Trump wasn’t returned to office quickly after the 2020 election was stolen so I can’t see them dumping a worse scenario on the awakened but we will just have to wait and see where this movie goes. I know we are in good hands and the outcomes will be the best for all concerned. Life, for Humanity, will be almost unrecognizable it will be so good in the not too distant future.

In the mean time, the unsatisfied crowds are fighting back against the globalists’ attempts to impoverish and control everyone. Wow. So many people. Kudos to the Brits.


Jason Bermas had a Canadian warrior for his interview recently so folks can gain insight into what it’s been like in Canada as the Patriots fight the cabal and wake others up from their blissful reverie. Canada has been unrecognizable to me for a few years now as the dark cabal forced their tyrannical mandates and fear porn there.

This is a good video to watch; I would just make one comment. Jason introduces the discussion by saying Canada is “tiny” in comparison to the United States. Maybe he should have specified he was referring to the population of Canada and not the land mass. If you see an accurate map, Canada is larger than America.

The population of the United States is said to be 336,077,619 while Canada is 39,292,355. The population in the Great White North is concentrated in the south and the area to the far north is largely ice, snow, permafrost or water. Throw in weeks where the sun never comes up and it’s largely inhospitable except to the Inuit, but it’s there, and not insignificant.

One of the greatest shifts in the world since Donald Trump came on board with Q Military Intelligence has been that social media has closed the miles and brought brothers and sisters from around the world within virtual hug distance. The American people are no longer the myopic, self-centred and self-aggrandized nation the globalists molded over the years to encourage them to exist within their bubble.

That was the work of greedy globalists with little but conquest on their mind. Now American people who are awake are watching what is happening everywhere on the planet and providing support where they can while salvaging and reshaping their own nation.

In this Jason Bermas video below, Tulsi Gabbard gets into the shocking situation in Canada that apparently everyone but the majority of Canucks can see with the naked eye. Jordan Peterson is under the microscope now and this conversation goes there and provides great insights but I have not yet listened to the entire thing.


A Nightmare to the North

More nuance for the nightmare:

British Columbia becomes first province in Canada to decriminalize heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, other hard drugs

Globally, the narrative is that the people running the world are taking the masses to the brink. Here, we are well-informed thanks to Q Military Intelligence, Trump, and his team. When you see headlines like the following on Telegram, know that it is all part of the soap opera.

The Star Nations have been preventing the cabal’s nuclear weapons from being used for decades. It will not be permitted, despite how they want to make it sound, so relax and enjoy the show.

Folks, this is gonna END BADLY… get your fallout pills ready…

Lt. Col. Daniel Davis says nuclear war is inevitable; U.S. has “no plan” in Ukraine


Yes, we are in for a bumpy ride; there is no getting around that, but Humanity has been saved and we must go through this synthesis to end the reign of the dark cabal and rebuild Humanity from the inside out, DNA and all.

It is a busy week for me with extracurricular activities every day. I have a couple of chiropractic appointments and little Eli is still only getting one rather than two walks a day, the fridge freezer broke and the whole thing had to be emptied, defrosted, and of course cleaned. Now I have to refill it, and I still have Christmas to put away. One of the toilets started leaking, after inspection it’s too costly and involved for us to tackle and the service call will hopefully be addressed soon as we’re going through a lot of towels. I’m so far behind I think I’m first, but this too, shall pass. Where is that clone I ordered? Oh, great. My order was probably cancelled. Here’s the latest lore from the land of the midnight sun.

Special Forces Seize Deep State Cloning Lab in Alaska

For those so inclined, here is the update from the other side for perspective.


Signing off for today. Back when I can.  ~ BP

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