Is This Where They HIDING The FOOD? – video 8 m, Plus my comments – Feb 01 2023

Is This Where They HIDING The FOOD? – video 8 m, Plus my comments

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Wednesday, 1-Feb-2023 05:03:32 have been in at least 2 of these underground places in the US when I was driving truck. One in Kansas City area, and one just west of Cheyenne, Wyoming.
There are several ways to look at this activity, some of the underground storage areas are nothing more than temperature controlled storage areas for product storage and distribution. Others are run by the government and we have no information on how many exist or what they are planning to do with that much food.
If you go to any food distribution warehouses like Costco, Sam’s Club and Walmart, they are all guarded with armed guards and high tech surveillance. As if they are expecting to be attacked by huge bands of thieves at any moment.
There is nothing we can do about what food companies and the government are doing with food storage, so there is no sense in worrying about it.However, if the government is storing large quantities of food for some future disaster, it would be wise for Americans to take responsibility for their own survival and store up food as well.The government has plans for the deep underground military bunkers (dumbs), to be stocked with food for a year or more. Only the politicians, wealthy elite, select scientists, military and families, plus the “gatekeepers” would be allowed in those bunkers. We, the unwashed masses, the lowest on the totem pole, will be left to fend for ourselves on the surface of the earth. My question is, who signed us up for that?
I thought this was a nation of, for and by the people, right? Silly me.The government has developed top secret contingency plans for the so-called continuity of government, and you and I aren’t in that club. They are preparing, obviously, for a variety of disasters or war scenarios where the DUMB bases will be used for their own survival.
The problem is, many of those labeled disasters could be created, and so could a world war at a time of their choosing.
Some of the possibilities are a pole shift, an asteroid hit, a massive solar flare, an alien invasion, and a nuclear war. Some of those events could be easily created by the government and we would never know the difference.We have already lost control of the US government. It is now in the hands of the wealthy elite globalists, and any attempt to find the truth on what is going on, will be refused with the excuse that the information can’t be released because of “National Security”.
The very fact that they make plans and decisions on the future of this nation and keep those plans a secret from the public, shows that they consider the public to be the enemy. Their secret plans then are not to save us, help us or serve “we the people”, but to consider us indentured servants, i.e. slaves – to use, work and cull to meet their agenda, with no regard to our free will. This is what we must understand and fully realize if we want to survive the future. George Eaton
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