PFYT2: Truth Exists: Lies Are Made Up—-(Headlines)

PFYT2: Truth Exists: Lies Are Made Up—-(Headlines)

Posted By: RobertS
Date: Wednesday, 1-Feb-2023 16:24:53

Have Public Health Authorities Been Sacrificing Our Children on the Altar of Vaccines?By penny2
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February 1, 2023 Friends – and foes – keep asking me: “Why are you absurdly stubborn on your Bolus Theory?”… The reason for my self-harming insistence is that if we let this crisis go down simply to a vaccine design flaw, a collective panic, a systemic corruption, or even manufacturing quality issues, if we find a variety of semi-truths, we will not addressed the profound reality [………..]
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Escalation: U.S. expected to send longer-range rockets to UkrainePost By penny2
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February 1, 2023News that the United States could soon send rockets nearly doubling the firing range of Ukrainian forces gave Kyiv a big lift on Wednesday, even as its troops were being pushed back by a relentless Russian winter offensive in the east. Two U.S. officials said a new US$2 billion package of military aid to be announced as soon as this week would [……..]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Eradication of Covid Is a Dangerous and Expensive (Delusion) FantasyPost By penny2
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January 31, 2023In my neck of the woods, it’s been admitted that more people have died from opioid and/ or fentanyl overdoses than died from/with Covid. And still the insanity continues. Ignoring real problems to focus on a desired and created crisis… Expressing sensible, rational opinions such as those below are why Dr Jay Bhattacharya has become a pariah. (Outcast) […]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Italy inks gas deals with Libya’s contested governmentPost By penny2
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January 30, 2023This is an interesting deal considering the government in Libya is “contested” at this time. DW Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has signed a gas deal worth billions on a visit to Libya. The plan is for Italian and Libyan energy giants to jointly develop two offshore gas fields. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni visited Tripoli on Saturday for talks with […]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~US Issued Terror Threat Warning for Turkey- Influencing the upcoming Turkish electionsPost By penny2
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January 30, 2023Jewish News Service
January 30, 2023 / JNS) The U.S. Embassy in Turkey on Monday warned Americans of possible “imminent retaliatory attacks” in the country in response to several recent incidents of Koran burning in Europe. “The U.S. government cautions its citizens of possible imminent retaliatory attacks by terrorists against churches, synagogues and diplomatic missions […]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Iran Ammunition Factory Hit by BlastPost By penny2
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January 28, 2023Wall Street Journal via
Iran said three drones caused an explosion at an ammunition factory in the city of Isfahan late Saturday, amid fresh tensions with the West and Israel over Tehran’s military involvement in Ukraine and stalled negotiations to revive an international accord that limits Iran’s nuclear activities. Phone footage captured by […]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~US Trying to “Restructure” PKK/YPG in SyriaPost By penny2
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January 28, 2023YPG was the rebrand of PKK. With some Arabs mixed in for good measure. And they were all ISIS in different costumes. So now we have a ‘restructure’ on the go! The U.S. is trying to restructure the Syrian Democratic Forces, according to al-Watan. U.S. intelligence held meetings inside the illegal occupation base in (SYRIA) […]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Deafening Silences: propaganda through censorship, smearing and coercionPost By penny2
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January 28, 2023Link
Don’t know who the author is. Do know he makes some very valid points. Propaganda is constant. It’s done to us daily. For all sorts of reasons. Covid and war, Ukraine being the latest perception management hammer, are just two extreme versions of propaganda use applied liberally and harshly. Since the start of the Covid event,[…]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NGO Council of Canadian Academics misinform for Big PharmaPost By penny2
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January 26, 2023Of course pharmedia does the bidding of it’s paymasters too! Admitted in the CTV spin piece “Canadian Press health coverage receives support through a partnership with the Canadian Medical Association. CP is solely responsible for this content.“ What kind of support? Not mentioned? Obviously it’s financial which is why CTV doesn’t disclose the type and amount of support! […]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`Brazil’s Lula: Betraying BRICS Maduro cancels Lula meetingPost By penny2
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January 25, 2023
In remarks that he made while in Buenos Aires on Monday, one of the literal founders of BRICS shockingly declared that “In the same way that I am against territorial occupation, as Russia did to Ukraine, I am against too much interference in the Venezuelan process.”Quite clearly, Lula was implying that Russia’s military efforts to restore the integrity of its[…]

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