Your Sunday Digest for February 5, 2023: An Eggsistential Threat to Humanity? [videos]

Your Sunday Digest for February 5, 2023: An Eggsistential Threat to Humanity? [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 February 5, 2023

Eggs have been in the news a great deal of late, and the intelligence behind “eggs” keeps coming. We also have “egg comms” now.

For example, we hear Bill Gates was involved. Link to Telegram.

Bill Gates Invested In Artificial Eggs a Decade Before Egg Shortage: Per the Consumer Price Index, egg prices have spiked 66% percent since last year. (Note 66….👀🙄)

How did he know about egg shortages a decade ago?

Some are suggesting the egg shortage is part of a ritual. See more on Telegram.

We may not learn the truth about the “Chinese spy balloon” for awhile, but they sure are having fun with it. Now we hear there may be another over the sea somewhere and say three of the same balloons sailed over America during the Trump presidency. Really?

My first impression was that it was getting people to look skyward instead of down at their gadgets. Q did speak of a “sky event”. Is this one of them?

Of course there is great HD footage of what they tell us was a missile from an F22 fighter jet from Langley, VA exploding the derigible. Trump’s first command was “shoot it down” and that’s what happened, while Biden seems to be taking the credit—albeit far too slowly if it indeed is a Chinese surveillance balloon because that would be a serious security risk.

As some have pointed out, no nation can send out a surveillance balloon to fly over another country any more than they can send a drone, which some have done, and not expect to get shot down. It’s understood. Legitimate aeronautical craft have to have lights, a transponder, file a flight plan, and have permission.

We know the deep state has granted permission to the Chinese to buy land, set up police departments, read emails, infiltrate universities, manipulate our elections, and more. They have carte blanche to do whatever they like if it serves their agenda to destroy America and take over the world.

The last I heard, the Pentagon was claiming they allowed the balloon to cruise under watchful eyes while gathering intelligence on the balloon itself, before downing it. Sounds like a White Hat strategy. Only fools rush in, and Biden doesn’t control the US Military. The White Hats gather proof of everything.

OR, they are allowing China to risk all by spying on America for their own ends.

After the debris is collected and examined we may get more propaganda.

More Propaganda: Senior Defense Officials Claim Pentagon Blocked China Spy Balloon From Gathering Intel – While Gathering Intel on the Balloon Itself

If you didn’t see the takedown of the balloon, there is this Tweet.

There is an outstanding video on Telegram about Trump’s second term if you have an account there. 4 min. Link to Telegram.

United forces across the world are shutting down the devil’s porn and Human trafficking. Link to Telegram.

Germany, UK, U.S. Bust Major Darknet Child Porn Sites, Arrest Admins

German, British, and US police have teamed up to arrest several administrators and programmers linked to three darknet child pornography websites with thousands of active users.

The Bavarian State Office for Criminal Investigation and the Central Office for Cybercrime announced Friday that three darknet sites have been shut down and individuals linked to the sites have been arrested in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.


SGAnon’s File 38 is a must listen. It may be his best yet.

Russia Expanding the War | Trump Comms Point to USSC | Q Mil_Alliance Devastating DS Warfare Ability

I caught this post about a branch of the Royal Bank of Canada in Edmonton going cashless. Link to Telegram.

Italy is experiencing Internet blackouts.×250&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=1APPhjBzgG&p=https%3A//

Italy Hit With Widespread Internet Outage After “International Interconnection Problem”

What a mess.

A general malfunction of ATMs for almost two hours created inconvenience for millions of current account holders throughout Italy . Hundreds of reports of branches out of order arrived from North to South around late morning today. The down of the circuit would have returned around 13.30 but in the meantime it was impossible for many Italians to make withdrawals and payments.

ATMs blocked, reports from all over Italy
Hundreds of users flocked to Twitter to complain about the blocked ATMs: “The delirious ATM in Milan no longer works” wrote Cristina, the same concept reiterated by the Teofilo Stevenson account and by Raffaele who writes that he cannot to “pay nothing since this morning, not even the internet banking apps open, I don’t know if it’s just their problem or a widespread one”.

In Milan and other cities, for several minutes it was impossible to pay in the various shops and supermarkets with the POS, thus forcing customers short on banknotes to give up on purchases or groceries.

The Bancomat circuit provides services to around 40 million current account holders in Italy , in addition to holders of the Bancomat Pay digital money transfer system and the 2 million Pos who rely on the PagoBancomat service.

The Downdetector site , which collects warnings and provides real-time information on the status and problems of all types of telecommunication services, has accumulated hundreds of reports, detecting the peak between 11 and 12 today.

The same flow of ATM malfunction alerts was recorded on the Customer Service portal in the same time slot, during which around 300 reports were reported both for payment problems in the various shops and for cash withdrawals at branches.

The inefficiencies would have concerned both the purchase operations with cards of the Visa circuit and the transactions through the ATMs of many banks (here we talked about the news on the increases in commissions on withdrawals ).

However , credit institutions such as Intesa San Paolo, the group with the most widespread branch network in Italy, have made it known that they have not recorded any anomaly or received complaints from customers .

It is not yet clear what caused the large-scale malfunctions of the ATM circuit: the reasons are under investigation, for now classified as technical problems.

ATMs blocked, reports from all over Italy: the previous one
However, the size of the ATM downtime recorded today has nothing to do with the much more extensive blockage, albeit limited to about half an hour, which occurred in April last year, which had paralyzed Unicredit’s services, Visa and Ing Direct, Intesa San Paolo, Poste Italiane, BNL, Fineco (here we talked about the ATMs blocked last April ).

In that case, it was the Nexi circuit, the former Istituto Centrale delle Banche Popolari Italiane SpA, which manages money transfer operations, including online and Pos payments, which included:

I pay ATM
Apple Pay

I’m behind with the headlines and intel, but my chiropractor worked me over twice now and the difference is unbelievable. The discomfort eased so much after the first visit I wish I had gone sooner. Apparently I have a few issues on the left to resolve but to finally have relief from the debilitating discomfort leaves me almost euphoric. Won’t be long and I’ll be better than ever.

It’s wonderful to have a crew who keep the headlines, videos, intel, and comms going so all I have to do is moderate the comments. Christmas is nearly put away and all the leaks and breakdowns are addressed. What a week.

Back with you soon.  ~ BP

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