Part 7 DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral …Advanced Electrogenetics – Feb 06 2023

Part 7 DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral …Advanced Electrogenetics

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Date: Monday, 6-Feb-2023 12:49:08

Good morning, we continue with DNA Pirates of the Sacred Spiral by Dr Len Horowitz….The previous three chapters provided an introduction to cellular electrodynamics with special focuses on electrochemistry and cancer. This chapter provides an advanced understanding of the direct role played by the “Sacred Spiral”—DNA—in electromagnetically transmitting the “orchestra of life.”For decades in search of a cancer cure, Dr. Merrill Garnett labored to discover the “original enzymatic gene site events” that might convert cancer cell anaerobiosis to normal aerobic metabolism. According to his predecessor, Dr. Otto Warburg, and others, oxygenating processes could turn cancers around. He studied hundreds of metallo-organic compounds to restore normality to genetically challenged, oxygen deprived, malignancies. Understanding that cancer cells mimicked embryonic cells in relying on anaerobic metabolism for their energy, he sought to “restore the aerobic portion of the cell metabolism that was missing.” He theorized that by “putting back the aerobic system” one could restore the pathways, needed to stress cancer cells into extinction.“Modification and selection are the mechanisms of evolution,” he wrote.”They’re also the mechanisms of cellular evolution and cellular processes.” His “therapeutic mode” involved a selection that allowed the “emergence of the aerobic clones within the cancer.”(Garnett, 1998; 2001)“In both cases, the anaerobic and the aerobic,” he realized, the energy molecule, ATP, is made from the same electron potential. Thus, without poisoning the ancient anaerobic glycolysis energizing cancer cells, while turning its own energy against itself, Dr. Garnett discovered a way to energetically direct DNA to reverse cancer and evolve healthy cells from within the same tissue.

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