(Reader: Frank) 2023 – Rise of the Earth Alliance = WHHHAAHHHHOOOOO = WAY TO GO !!!

(Reader: Frank) 2023 – Rise of the Earth Alliance

Reader Post | By Frank

Hello everyone, I hope you take time to also see the benefit of knowledge as we move forward with Dr. Michael Salla the Earth Alliance to ensure our future and that of our Children’s bloodline future as well. Once the Med Beds (MB) are here to help all of us regain our natural health as intended by our Maker God. Humanity has been gifted technologies that are at least 1000 years ahead of Earth Tech to not only repair the body but also regrow missing limbs in minutes, once through the MB our immune systems are so strong we barely age a day in a whole year. Our bodies health will be perfect as we age to well over 100 years. this is a link to info about MBs you can find lots on the net now. The Med Bed are available to us at NO COST ignore any ads that ask for any kind of charge THIS FREE and will be available very soon now so relax stay strong the most needy will be helped first the Earth Alliance are very sharp and very fair, they are the main body of saving our planet and us on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AyEKqrAAwk Med Bed.


SEE INSIDE on the Link provided.  Any questions I will be happy to help you understand what we have and where we are at. Frank

This is the trailer for the “What’s Coming in 2023: Global Revolution & SSP/ET Disclosure” webinar to be held on Feb 18, 2023. Trailer covers how the Deep State’s planetary control agenda is increasingly being exposed. What were once major issues that were opaque and difficult to understand, are now being clearly seen and exposed by a growing coalition of people all over the planet. Dedicated truth tellers investigating core issues are daily releasing their findings through alternative media sources.

The Deep State’s imminent collapse will facilitate major disclosures in 2023 about secret space programs, flourishing undersea and underground cities, artifacts from ancient civilizations, and visiting extraterrestrial life, all of which have long been kept secret by the global control system.

More webinar info at: https://exopolitics.org/whats-coming-in-2023-global-revolution-ssp-et-disclosure/

To Register, go to https://www.crowdcast.io/c/whatscomingin2023

More webinar info is available here

I am deeply grateful to my incredibly talented wife, Angelika Whitecliff, who created this trailer. Dr. Michael Salla, Ph.D.


“Infinite and unconditional Love Is The Only Truth, Everything Else Is Illusion”



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