Kerry Cassidy on Telegram posted this open message to Juan and SGAnon – Feb 07 2023

Kerry Cassidy on Telegram posted this open message to Juan and SGAnon

Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 7-Feb-2023 23:09:31

In the posts starting here:
I wrote the following to both juan and SGanonThanks SG I appreciate you taking the time to review my articles etc. My point here is that while it sounds good to spoon feed the so-called masses and underestimate their ability to comprehend it is the wrong approach. I constantly stress this with the white hats as well. It does not benefit you or the world to mislead or soft pedal or treat humanity like misguided children who “can’t handle the truth” like Jack Nicholson voicing the perspective of the military toward civilians. The fact is you and the white hats are overlooking a number of VERY SPIRITUAL factors when operating with that mindset.

You overlook the FIELD OF RESONANCE and the POWER of each and every human being to take on information that by the way in some non-programmed part of their mind they already know full well.. it’s just that they have mind control blocks that are continually reinforced by the matrix around them including people like you who do them the injustice in treating them like simpletons who need to be spoon fed reflecting back to them your attitude (masked as christian “love and caring”) that they can’t handle the real truth but you can! It’s a twisted attempt to soften the blow that breaking down their programming in one fell swoop could do without injuring their “fragile” grasp of reality. This is misplaced deceptive and a rationalization for not REALLY WAKING THEM UP.. and honoring them as conscious beings (parts of the Creator).You need not only to address their programmed selves but the true God source within them and grace them with the REAL TRUTH… stop reinforcing the stereotypes fostered by the ILLUMINATI for ages… treating humans like one step up from monkeys etc.If you do this in essence TELL THE REAL TRUTH you will find people not only waking up, feeling empowered but thanking you for it.

Sure some people who have lost their connection with the divine could implode…but God made a miraculous being and treating them like less than who they truly are does them NO SERVICE AT ALL.

In reality you and your cohorts or advisors are afraid of becoming ostracized and rejected but as someone who has made it my mission to dispel the fog of deception around us all I can say that will not happen… those with eyes to see will see and those others who choose to close their eyes to the truth will continue to do so.When will humans learn how to tell the truth to their fellow man and woman!!!?Share the real truth and we all become stronger!

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