February 8, 2023: Other Worldly News from the Asylum [videos]

February 8, 2023: Other Worldly News from the Asylum [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 February 8, 2023

As I predicted, the information coming out about the “spy balloon” is expanding, and it’s not all hot air. It’s going somewhere important. The journey will be revealing; destination—unknown. It’s another prop for setting the stage, and it changes fast. Before I even had the chance to post this, the headline changed again. See below.

Chinese spy balloons have operated over ‘five continents’: White House


Did you see the Navy footage of the retrieval of the debris from the ocean? Link to article and photo gallery.

The White Hats are all over this. They know everything, and everyone involved.

We won’t allow the balloon to overshadow important news like the following which the crew flagged:

Putin Intercepts Adrenochrome Shipment Headed to United States

You might also see the notice to readers on Real Raw News about their need to deal with DDoS attacks, slowdowns, etc. and their server upgrades. This is not the language we would get from a fly-by-night “satire” site, as some proclaim it to be. We know real news comes from this site. How much of it is to be taken literally, you will decide. Let’s hope they don’t need to resort to Disqus.

I’m sure glad we have five eyes reporting the truth in America so we know what’s going on.


There was also another school shooting, surprise, surprise, and yes, this took place today. There are similar reports from three days ago, and it seems this is a regular occurrence.


Multiple people injured in shooting near Brooklyn high school: NYPD

Here’s a revelation that came down to language, again.


I could not, would not, and did not watch the train wreck of a State of the Union, and I’m glad I had the sense not to, but some patriots made the ultimate sacrifice and took it all in so they could recap for us. I salute you.

Here’s an interesting note about the four missing Supreme Court Justices last night. Care to suggest why?


Sometimes, you just have to shake your head at the articles published any more. They love to promote fear and hopelessness. My cousin had ovarian cancer and it was treated successfully but that was Canada. Heaven forbid women should be able to bear children and propagate the Human race.

The new guidance from the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance comes after the organization found that early screening and detection attempts were not effective in preventing deaths

Women Should Consider Removing Fallopian Tubes to Prevent Ovarian Cancer, Experts Say

While we’re at it, we might want to get our eyeballs removed so we don’t suffer from macular degeneration or glaucoma, and don’t forget to excise your heart so you don’t get a heart attack.

This is all the enemy has left: fear porn. Fortunately, since the Earth Alliance is destroying all the biolabs, this won’t happen again.

Scientists fear a mammal-to-mammal spread could lead to global catastrophe.

A Malignant Flu May Soon Evolve to Infect and Kill Humans, Report Says

These people are sick.

Who has been running the world? Are the normies getting it yet? And sponsored by Pfizer. Thanks to the crew for this glimpse into the Grammys—or not. Oh, and, that’s not Madonna. Sorry. I believe she’s MIA, but these freaks live on forever on the silver screen—or green screens, and with actors, etc. This is basically satire if you’re awake.

Hollywood WORSHIPS SATAN on Live TV | Sponsored By Pfizer!

We hear Russian soldiers are helping out the “quake” victims in Syria, which is great, but why would the New World Order welcome a massive distraction in the form of a major earthquake and the shocking death toll? For one, they don’t want anyone talking about the following.

Most Wanted | Initial Round of Names from Epstein Flight Logs Released

Why is the Internet down in Turkey? Link to Telegram.

Twitter is down – users are unable to Tweet…

(though apps can still tweet via the API)

Didn’t Elon Musk issue a warning if they took out Twitter?

SGAnon posted the following on Truth Social. What is the significance of the depth?

SGAnon  @RealSGAnon


Turkey has had 29 earthquakes, mag 4.0+, in just the last 24hrs.

Nearly all are either 8-10km depth, or 17-19km depth.

I must end here, although there is so much more we could report. See you next time.  ~ BP

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