Earth Alliance and Patriot News for February 9, 2023

Earth Alliance and Patriot News for February 9, 2023

Source: Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on February 9, 2023

Earth Alliance & Patriot News for February 9th, 2023

Sources: Ted Mahr videos, Q interviews, Gene Decodes live and videos,, C-Vine News Network, Operation Disclosure, Jared Rand, Skye Prince, Before Its News, Michelle Fielding, Zorra of Hollow Earth, Michael Jaco, James Gilliland, Alex Collier, Dinar Chronicles, Q drops, Benjamin Fulford Website, DoD, Era of Light, and Other Live Conference Calls.

2/9/2023 News: Extremely Hot News or Excerpts: Source Creator: Anchoring Light, General Information on R/V GCR, also from Dr. Tom on 1/29/2023, Jared Rand Conference Call 2/8/2023, Embracing the Changes Phase # 3 Excerpt.

Articles: Source Creator: Anchoring Light, The Future of Humanity and Earth, Awaken, A New World Is Emerging, Ashtar: Changes Must Come from Within, the 9D Arcturian Council: The Blueprint to & Map of the New Earth, who is Kejraj? (Great Read), and Sananda: Activating the Christ Energy.

The Future of Humanity and Earth by Kejraj Excerpt:

“What you see now are the remains of the old matrix. The inorganic way of life and all that came with it, are crumbling and dissolving. Artificial constructs of the old third dimensional world cannot withstand the higher light of the Galactic Center. For in the higher frequencies of this light everything is designed, created, and powered by pure divine energy.

There is no Armageddon, there is no judgement day, the world is not ending.

What you are seeing now in your world is the illusion collapsing. The false, manmade matrix dissolving, which was powered by fear.

And the emergence of a new world, a new divine matrix, that is powered by love.

A higher awareness, a new perspective, a new foundation has been set, a new peaceful and prosperous way of life is to begin for humanity.

You must let go of the old outdated beliefs and ideas, in order to understand the magnitude of what is truly unfolding.”

Jared Rand Conference Call 2/8/2023: “It is ALL FOR US TO SEE” Notes:

-) The R/V GCR is here, they are facilitating it. He stated earlier that the R/V GCR is very near. There are stages, the humanity funds are first and roll out from there. There is NO time limit, to be able to exchange. The R/V GCR is a “Done-Deal”, says Jared.; for all humanity, it will happen, and soon!!

-) We have to redo the total infrastructure of the Whole Planet.

-) 45 Million Americans are about to be evicted from their apartment. This is their rental apartments

-) Their will be dark R/V’s and will be dealt with. Of course, most operate with their heart and will do GREAT THINGS!

-) NESARA & the R/V changes everything@!!!

-) There is NOT 50 million people that bought currency for the R/V worldwide.

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