February 9, 2023: No One Can See Around the Curves in the Track [videos]

February 9, 2023: No One Can See Around the Curves in the Track [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 February 9, 2023

The truth is going to be a bitter pill to swallow for those who never saw this freight train from hell coming down the track. Even when you have watched the agenda of the dark unfold for over a decade it’s difficult to fathom how Creation could be home to such utter, consummate evil.

Regardless of what train we think we’re riding—the peace train, the freedom train, the Trump train, or any other, while our Golden Age is the destination, there is no stop called “Normal”. The normal we once knew is gone, and the new normal is constantly evolving. We don’t know exactly what it will look like.

The crew points to one of our best Earth, Sky and false flag analysts, Dutch Sinse, and his astounding observations with regard to the Turkey/Syria earthquakes. Watch videos and read more on Before It’s News at the link below.

Dutchsinse Records Mind Blowing Video of Turkey Earthquake Mystery Spiral Near Epicenter of Earthquake Area and Storm That Followed!

The things we have seen in our skies lately are baffling. There was the odd copper-coloured cloud over Bursa, Turkey, the blue whirlpool sailing over Hawai’i and a series of green lasers “scanning” Hawai’i on January 28 in addition to the above captured by Dutch Sinse.

Clearly there is technology, at the very least, for which no one has deemed Humanity is on the need to know list.

The W.H.O. is a terrorist organization involved in the genocide attempts on the Human race. Now they’re getting very specific about the next planned threat. How many snoozers will fall for this crap again? We all have immune systems and only the very ill are at risk of contracting most diseases, particularly if they have comorbidities and take a lot of drugs, which further compromise the immune system.

World Health Organization warns ‘we must prepare’ for potential human bird flu pandemic as H5N1 avian strain jumps to mammals

This verbal threat may not seem like much at the moment, but we know how they incrementally move us toward their ultimate objective; so subtly that most people don’t realize they are being herded like sheep.

It’s just a mask. It’s just 6 feet. It’s just a nasal swab. It’s just a temperature gun. It’s just 15 days to flatten the curve. [Interesting connotations there for Flat Earth researchers, BTW] And the next thing we know there are mandatory “vaccinations” that aren’t vaccinations but experimental drugs that kill and maim people.

IF, and it’s a big “if”… IF this avian flu exists, it’s because the controllers created it and weaponized it in their “gain of function” research—just as Covid was. The question as to whether Covid is truly a “virus” remains unanswered from any official source, but several doctors have stated that a “virus” is created IN the body, BY the body, is not contagious, and cannot cause a “pandemic”.

There’s a lot of vax regret out there for loved ones left too soon, small businesses shuttered forever, jobs lost, millions spent on the jabs as a result of the fear campaign promulgated by the cabal’s legacy media, and millions also used to bribe hospitals and politicians to go along with the hoax.

It’s been the crime of the century, probably in the history of Humanity.

It’s three years later and people are still walking around in masks, breathing their own exhaust, even when driving alone in their vehicles. It’s insane. Are we really going to let them do this again? What would it take to wake the sleepwalking zombies?

If you would like to take in the full report from Benjamin Fulford on the State-of-the-Planet, you can read it in its entirety and watch several videos at this link. Fascinating stuff here, folks. Ben passes on information given to him by other sources as well as share his own perspective.


Benjamin Fulford Report: The Khazarian Mafia has been Comprehensively Defeated

I had planned to share a lot more today but it’s another busy week and methinks my back doth protest too much so I’m wrapping it up here. I will leave you with the latest update from SGAnon, File 39, which I have not yet listened to.

Turkey Earthquakes UNDGR Battle | Balloon Not CCP Origin/Simple SURV Craft | 45 Comms Point to FISA

Thank you to the loyal and capable crew for the leads, videos, perspective, and everything shared to round out our world view of what is really happening. Ciao for now.  ~ BP

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