CGI’s PhantomsMonsters: WHITE FLESHY RED-EYED INSECTOID / CHICAGO ‘GLIMMER MAN’ / ‘ALIEN APE MAN’ – Lon Strickler (Host – video) – Feb 10 2023

CGI’s PhantomsMonsters: WHITE FLESHY RED-EYED INSECTOID / CHICAGO ‘GLIMMER MAN’ / ‘ALIEN APE MAN’ – Lon Strickler (Host – video)

Posted By: RumorMail
Date: Friday, 10-Feb-2023 05:19:04

A post submitted by CGI member PhantomsMonsters.************************Welcome to Phantoms & Monsters ‘Personal Reports’ – cryptid & unexplained accounts directly from the archives of Phantoms & Monsters, and the Phantoms & Monster Fortean Research team. Narrated by Lon Strickler. Join us in the chat, discuss, and ask me questions about the accounts.Featured in this edition:A young Evanston, Illinois man is at a local self-storage facility. While there, he hears banging sounds and eventually investigates. He encounters a white fleshy red-eyed insect-like humanoid. He is frozen in place and terrified by this unknown monstrosity!A Chicago woman is at her father’s apartment. She is on the balcony taking a break when she observes a ‘Glimmer Man’ in the tree below her. There is another witness as well. She believes that the entity still inhabits the area and that she occasionally experiences a feeling of dread when visiting her father.A Lawrence County, Kentucky woman tells her son about a hairy humanoid creature that would come down from the mountain and into her backyard at night. She has seen it twice. She describes it as an ‘alien ape man.’ Also, two Oklahoma feral hog hunters are set up in a field and using thermal scopes. The eyewitness observes an 8-10 foot tall hairy biped with a dog-like snout literally grab a large hog and rip it in half!I will describe these incidents and others in detail and answer all questions.

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