(Reader: Martha Thacker) Who Owns the Federal Reserve?

(Reader: Martha Thacker) Who Owns the Federal Reserve?



 -Sunday, 12 February 2023, 19:00 PM

Reader Post | By Martha Thacker

Louis Cass Payseur was the son of Marie Antoinette. He was spirited out of France at a very young age when she was killed. He grew up and lived in NC. At one time, he owned just about everything of importance in the US. I wonder where they got so much money? And how or why he is not in the history books?

“The Federal Reserve Bank as it is known today is one of the banks owned by the the Charleston, Cincinnati and Chicago Railroad. The Fed is comprised of 1503 congressional districts and 364 of the referenced Fortune-500 companies owned by the Payseur monster that been leased out on a 99 year lease soon to be up on the dates of June 17, 1993 and December 31, 1993.”

“If, by some wild stroke of luck, the people wake up in time to take the power back or we have new tenants lease all of this and take the control away from the tyrants that are now in control, things might start to change. There are no promises being made for a brighter future. The tyrants that control the Fed and the other trust companies once controlled by J. P. Morgan are very powerful.”

“It is called a, “Reg. “Y” Instrument” that are almost extent now, that is why the New York banks, (that are railroads), which were grandfathered into that system have a 15 to 1 ratio in banking it is called fractional reserve banking creating something out of nothing. The banks that operate on the “Reg. Y” principle can write checks fifteen times over for every’ dollar they are holding. That is power. And we have to pay interest on the excess money that the fed prints to cover the fifteen dollars that are created from every one dollar that is really held by the bank. “

“The Involvement of the Payseur and Beatty families in the printing of the Federal Reserve notes 

Let us review some past history of the Payseur and Beatty families. The year is 1757; a paper manufacturer by the name of Beatty invented a special woven type of paper called “Chameleon Paper”. The paper was extremely durable, readily accepted special magnetic inks, and contained a unique mix of almost microscopic fibers, most white, some red, some green. 

The Beatty paper mill was on the Yadkin River in North Carolina still produces this special paper today, and it is the sole supplier, under great secrecy, to the Federal Reserve printing mills. 

It is the paper from which the currency of the United States of America is made. In 1913, the Federal Reserve Bank, caused legislation to be enacted to the effect that it would be thereafter illegal to even attempt to make a paper like it. The Payseur family bought this paper mill after the Civil War because the Beatty’s lost everything for acts of treason.”


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