Your Sunday Digest for February 12, 2023: Eyes to the Skies—They’re Here [videos]

Your Sunday Digest for February 12, 2023: Eyes to the Skies—They’re Here [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 February 12, 2023

It’s getting crazy out there. Sightings of unidentified objects are everywhere. It’s so wild that no fear will be permitted when it comes to objects or vehicles from “space”. This has to be fun.

I missed it! ‘Starman’ was back in the news this week. You might remember our confusion when Elon Musk launched this silly, red roadster into space on one of his SpaceX Falcon Heavy rockets and they focused on a sign on the dashboard that read, “Don’t panic.” I believe they’re showing us that “space” is not what we were told—at least not the space above us.

Elon Musk’s ‘Starman’ in a Tesla Roadster completes five years in space

Yesterday I surmised the White Hats might use the “object” shot down over Canada might be used for “Disclosure” with a capital “D”. That’s the Disclosure we reserve for the ETs, the Galactics, the Star Nations, aliens, and “other races” and UFOs/USOs, the Secret Space Program, etc.

Red Voice Media examines the anomalous story around the Alaskan “object” which I stated seemed purposely vague. Pilots had varying impressions of the vehicle lacking visible propulsion systems and said it was about the size of a small car. Starman!

UFO Shot Down Over Alaska? – Pilots Gave Conflicting Accounts [VIDEO]

Immediately following the publishing of our post yesterday, we got wind of two objects airborne and “threatening” Wawa. That’s Wawa, Ontario Canada—the northern town with the giant Canada goose. Hey, you gotta get the tourists to stop somehow.

And of course Crime Minister Turdeau is now a hero because he arranged for big brother to the south to shoot down their boogey men—or bogey. And where are Canada’s fighter jets? I lived near the biggest air base in Canada so I know we have one. I believe the Earth Alliance is calling the shots, not Trudy.

Today, we have coverage of a sighting in China, and it looks like now that everyone has pulled their gaze from their phones and cast their eyes skyward, that we can expect a great many more sightings and “encounters” while the military protect us—not that we need protecting from our brothers and sisters from the stars because any negative craft in our skies will be shot down or vapourized. We are protected. We understand the UFOs we see are all either ours, or friendlies.

Let’s get the terminology straight: the military refer to these anomalies as UAPs – unidentified aerial phenomena. If you see UFO, it’s airborne. If you see USO it’s referring to an unidentified submersible object. They can dive into the ocean, you know. At least some can. See the video below.×250&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=GS1I40TEGE&p=https%3A//

China-US-Canada Unidentified Flying Object News

So what do you think—are these balloons and unidentified objects just distractions, is it the deep state gearing up for their long-planned “fake alien invasion”, or is it the White Hats launching their “Disclosure”? Could be a combination of the two latter.

As we know, the Earth Alliance knows what the dark is going to do, and they choose to fight by not fighting, by allowing the psychopaths to do what they do, expend their ammunition, show themselves for who and what they are, and then they take advantage of the situation and turn it from a bad thing into something positive for the liberation forces.

The Russian military knows all about flying saucers.

For this UFO situation, I’m going with that theory above. They can try to pull a Project: Blue Beam but it will backfire and then a whole shitload of people will be red pilled.

Alternatively, in the situation below they could be conducting operations pertaining to the tunnels and DUMBs beneath the surface. Today, it’s Lake Michigan.

On Sunday, the Federal Aviation Administration briefly closed space above Lake Michigan. On Saturday, the U.S. military scrambled fighter jets in Montana to investigate a radar anomaly there.

JUST IN – United States Closes Airspace over Parts of Lake Michigan, NOTAM States … – Latest Tweet by

In truth, the Galactics are taking part in this absurdly slow Disclosure process and have been for some time. Kabamur brings his version of the cosmic truth here. Link to Telegram.

The tic-tac UFOs talked about so much are Pleiadian Crafts.

The 2004 Nimitz Encounter was a craft from Electra. A Pleiadian mothership was seen just below the surface of the ocean. All major sightings are intentional and this was meant to be documented for partial disclosure.

Galactic Federation land crafts at some military bases and can instantly change their appearance to blend in. Some military personnel know more than others. Some have even traveled to off-world bases, but have had their memories temporarily blocked to prevent interference of soul plans.

There are GF bases in our oceans, inside mountains, in deep lakes and throughout our solar system. Operations have been ongoing to prepare Earth for the Shift:

#NEIOH We were calculating distances regarding the amount of energy to be dispersed in the area. We are careful about placement because of the powerful charges that can have a rippling effect. These operations have always gone on and have to do with our ongoing presence on the planet and technology that we bring in that is non-disclosed. There are military personnel that also know us well and assist us in our placing points of operation to come and go without being hassled or observed by other military counterparts.

Okay… I was right again. This just popped up on Telegram.

NEW – Uruguayan Air Force is investigating a sighting of “flashing lights in the sky” over Termas de Almirón.

Since I need to complete this post for publication soon, I will probably ignore any new UAP sightings or I could be here all day.

This is one of my favourite videos, taken off the coast of Spain, I think. These fishermen are so excited. The military show up to chase the saucer [like they’ve ever caught one], the saucer dodges them, dives into the ocean before they can turn around, and then the black helicopter comes and tells the men to keep their mouths shut about what they saw.

UFO Being Chased By Military Splashes Into Ocean

It would be really great to finally see some progress in the Disclosure realm.

I am trying to push the button but interesting reports keep coming. Link to Telegram.

Azazel News, [2/12/2023 1:05 PM]
JUST IN – Canada closes airspace near Tobermory in Ontario, NOTAM states “active air defense operation.”

Azazel News, [2/12/2023 1:05 PM]
🚨#BREAKING: Canadian officials confirm an unknown object has been spotted in the area near Lake Ontario

We’re definitely having some fun with this. Where will it go? Link to Telegram.

BREAKING: Canada has closed part of their airspace due to an “active air defense operation.”

This is just getting pathetic at this point.
🇺🇸Join👉 @SGTnewsNetwork

The bad news follows the Ohio train derailment and the subsequent explosion set off by officials. Now there is said to be a toxic cloud of polyvinyl chloride over Ohio and journalists are being attacked and dragged by LEO, according to reports. We are also hearing that animals and wildlife are dying in the vicinity but I also saw Telegram posts ridiculing that when fish were showing up dead two miles away. We’ll see what happens.

Something Is Happening Near Toxic US Derailment: Animals Getting Sick and Dying as Officials Claim Everything Is Fine

Now we know why [besides the children], they have targeted Haiti. Wow. Follow the money, as they say. 1 min.

As an indicator of just how desperate and depraved the bullies in the global “elite” cult are, we have an email dated December 29, 2022 from Andrew Torba, CEO of the Gab platform about a government request they received which is beyond nonsensical. Of course they did not and will not comply and state their reasons, but it’s certainly a marker and shows us it isn’t only Facebook and Twitter and Google searches where the control freaks tried to censor the truth—it’s anywhere people “talk”.

Gab is going to begin publishing the purely censorship-based inbound requests that we receive from governments. These are the cases where for the most part European bodies like the Met and Europol send us transparently political takedown requests with no law enforcement purpose. Essentially they’re trying to silence a person that they’ve already thrown in prison or are about to. If they don’t want us to talk about these frivolous requests, they can stop sending them to us.

Welcome to the Gab Files.

Today we received one such request from the UK government.

They cited Public Order Act 1986 which says the following:

(1)A person who publishes or distributes written material which is threatening, abusive or insulting is guilty of an offence if—(a) he intends thereby to stir up racial hatred(b) having regard to all the circumstances racial hatred is likely to be stirred up thereby

They didn’t tell us who the person is who allegedly broke this dystopian nonsense law, they didn’t tell us whether the content which they convicted him of was found on our site, and they didn’t specify which posts, if any, actually violated UK law.

They simply told us that they imprisoned someone for expressing wrongthink online, that person had a Gab account and the UK government expected us to unperson this person from the Internet at their behest when no violation of our TOS was found.

Gab is an American company which operates its business in accordance with U.S. law. Gab has no business or operations in the United Kingdom of any kind, nor does it inquire as to, or log, the residence or criminal records of its users or readers.

Gab’s policy is to not remove material unless it violates Gab’s terms of service which was drafted in accordance with US law, in particular the First Amendment.

“Hate speech” or “offensive speech” as such is not illegal here and in fact benefits from unambiguous constitutional protection backed by a half-century of precedent.

Our response to the UK is the same as it is to Germany, France, China, and every other country who tries to remove lawful content from the American Internet: get bent.

You can view the email the UK government sent us and share this email as a blog post here.

Parler was deplatformed for a time, and when they returned, “vindicated”, they stated the following:

Many have refused to acknowledge the existence or significance of the mounting evidence of collusion between government agencies and web platforms. But we fear this is the same sort of gaslighting which has brought us these past few years in bizarro-world, where we are expected to outsource our critical thinking—and our very ability to focus on the relevant and valuable—to the ill-understood algorithms and “trusted partners” of tech companies.

It was against this backdrop that, we believe, a gaggle of state actors and their willing cronies in the tech world agreed to take down a promising competitor which offered a principled alternative. It wasn’t Parler using algorithms to stimulate engagement by enragement—and then stoked the flames further by banning anyone who too eagerly played along. Parler delivered you the chronological feed you asked for, gave you the tools to curate it, and allowed you to think for yourself. Parler recognized then, as it does now, that it is our quest for truth that makes us human, that endless debates are what characterize life in a free society, and that the freedom to disagree, even with “settled science,” is a vital component of human flourishing.

The rest of that post above is here. I believe it’s important for us to comprehend the scope of the relentless efforts the controllers used to shape public opinion by severely restricting the flow of information. Elon Musk’s “Twitter files” revealed the truth and it’s now mandatory to act on it.

Too many people have no idea that Google searches are rigged like the elections and the truth is literally buried pages deep. They still think is the last word on truth and that Wikipedia entries are purely placed by well-meaning people and represent facts. The Truth is a lot easier to access than it once was, but first, people need to be aware of the role of Big Tech in the engineering of our world view and our impressions of “reality”.

I have been planning to post the following for days. Today is the day.

We have been watching bizarre incidents unfold where people seem to go insane and commit random acts of violence, often killing and always injuring innocents. The media make up stories about the perpetrator, who usually doesn’t live to tell about it, and the world is left to muddle on, wondering when the next attacker will strike.

As I’ve said, these are usually weaponized Humans; mind-controlled individuals who comprise the category of “sleeper cells”. They lead perfectly normal lives for years, and then suddenly snap and wreak havoc.

I’ve also pointed out that almost nothing that happens on this planet “just happens”. It’s nearly always planned, prepared, and with a trigger word, a phrase, a phone call… a hammer that was cocked long ago is released.

The first victim is always the perpetrator. At some point they fell prey to the lies and manipulations of the dark and they don’t know what they’re doing. They rarely have any recollection of the school shooting, or the carnage they left in a mall or a church, the stabbing of shoppers, ramming a crowd of people… it’s endless. Their mind was fractured and trained to perform a task like a circus animal, on cue.

This too, is indicative of the sick minds of the monsters who have been controlling our planet. They can weaponize anything. They specialize in turning things that are good into the reverse and and in so doing reveal the evil in their own minds; the minds of true psychopaths.

The law enforcement often are paid to go along with these charades. It’s a sick, sick world we live in, folks, and it’s up to us to fix it.

SGAnon addressed this ploy by the enemy to hurt us and serve the Khazarian mafia agenda. Link to Telegram.

CIA Operation Orion

Establish trigger/Fire-at-Will flashpoints inside the fractured personalities of mentally vulnerable Americans.

Co-opted (proximally) with Big Pharma, the developer of many of the drug cocktails used in the program.

How do you create a self_perpetuating FF network within a society?
Is mind-control REAL?

Trust the Plan.

-SG Anon

Sometimes the media will use these “false flag” events to push their agendas, be it racial wedges, pitting civilians against law enforcement, or gun control. There have been instances in America where gun-toting bystanders have dropped the shooter in their tracks, or disarmed them in a group, or injured them so law enforcement could take them away.

If the New World Order thinks they will ever disarm the American public they are not very bright—but they keep trying, regardless.

We tell you these things not so you will always be looking over your shoulder or so you sequester yourself in your home, afraid to come out. We tell the world so all will understand the threats, the depth of the depravity of our “governments” and those who claim to have your best interests in mind, and so everyone will seriously consider our urging to “maintain situational awareness”.

If you have a weapon and open carry or concealed carry are the law where you are, you might want to use those to your advantage. It might save your life. It might save the lives of others—your loved ones or strangers—if you are moved to respond in an emergency when one of these killing machines is unleashed where you are.

The crew brought this sad event from Canada to our attention this week. It happened in a suburb of Montreal. Note that the perpetrator lived a normal life for at least ten years in that role and suddenly “lost it”. He went “insane”.

Normal people don’t do these things, my friends. They don’t just despair because they lost their job or a lover jilted them and decide to go rogue and cause as much death and destruction as they can.

These folks were interfered with, and drugs were involved. They were weaponized and activated on demand by the monsters in our communities. We can’t afford to have näive people walking around believing, “they would never do that”. They have done it, and continue to do it. It’s in front of our faces so how can we deny it?

2 children dead, driver charged with murder after bus crashes into Laval daycare

This is from this week, and it’s the second incident at an airport in the past 7 – 10 days.

Airport Shuttle Bus Collides With American Airlines Plane at LAX

What is it with transportation operators all of a sudden? Is it about vaxxed pilots? Not when it’s a bus.

The same people who control these weaponized Humans also carried out 9/11, endless wars, sabotaged airliners like the Lockerbie bombingFlight 800Malaysian Flight 370, the Ruby Ridge massacre, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Waco Texas massacre, and so many other senseless tragedies.

They love to blame horrific events on people from the Middle East, telling us “they hate us, because we’re free”.  It’s time to stop believing their blather and hold them accountable. These are crimes against Humanity, not conspiracy theories—and they will pay.

I believe, if it’s not already possible, that these damaged “sleeper cells” will be rehabilitated to their former selves one day, but that is speculation. They would have to choose it, and rotting in jail if they are actually apprehended is not a place one might contemplate recovery of their mind.

It’s a very sad state of the Human condition to be involved in these heinous crimes that make no sense except to those who are pulling the trigger—meaning the handler; the one who lights the fuse in these innocents. The victims are quite literally ticking time bombs.

To round out one’s education on the crimes of the Globalists, one really should read the short book written by a hero who was executed in front of his own home in Arizona in 2008 after speaking and writing for years about the very real conspiracies the New World Order conjured up to harm us and control the world. He told of the mind-controlled assets of the CIA.

The link to Milton William Cooper’s “Behold, a Pale Horse” is below. It’s a biblical reference. You can download it by several means, read it online right there at the website, and even listen to the audio version if you prefer. It is the full, original version and highly recommended. This Navy veteran gave his life to wake the world.

We see this news today, but I haven’t confirmed it. Link to Telegram.

Alert 🔔 ‼️

Swiss Armed Forces executed Ueli Maurer ( Swiss Federal Councillor 🇨🇭)

Mission Complete! ✅

5:33 PM, Bern

🇺🇸 @hsretoucher17 ✅

The dark ones may have planned food shortages and starvation for us, but I see no shortages, so how’s that working for them?

The truth is, there is an abundance of food and water on this planet. There is plenty for everyone. The problem is, the psychopaths control many food producers, transportation, processing, and they dictate the living conditions in most places. We can afford to shut down their tainted food outlets and still not suffer—but let’s ensure that everyone on the planet has adequate, safe nutrition.

We don’t want to eat their diseased food, or become cannibals.

Here is the List of US-Based Food Manufacturing Plants Destroyed Under Biden Administration

The interview below with Dr. Len Horowitz is one of the best I’ve heard in awhile. I was riveted the entire time as he and Sean dipped into many topics and shared things I didn’t know or hadn’t heard discussed for awhile. Best vid this week, to be sure, and it’s so encouraging to hear about the brave new world we are forging under the auspices of the Earth Alliance and the Star Nations. Miracles are going to bloom every day as we are introduced to a new reality.


For those who want to dive into the Q drops, there are tons of deltas today. See this link. A few references to “play a game”, which Dan Scavino Jr. also mentioned this week.

There are those who believe we will see a demonstration of Project: Blue Beam very soon. Our star brothers and sisters cannot afford to allow we brain-dead Humans in denial about extraterrestrial life to be set back one iota. We are so far behind reality as it is, we should be living in a galactic world ourselves. We are hundreds of years behind. Any exposure or proof of our star nation relatives must be positive. I’m ready. How about you? Ready for that “giant leap for Mankind”?

I’m out of time so do peruse the comments from yesterday’s post for more news from the crew. Fascinating.

This next week should prove even more interesting than last.

To close, a pertinent giggle.  ~ BP

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