Earth Alliance and Patriot News for February 16, 2023

Earth Alliance and Patriot News for February 16, 2023



 -Thursday, 16 February 2023, 22:17 PM



Source: Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on February 16, 2023

Earth Alliance & Patriot News for February 16th, 2023

 Sources: Ted Mahr videos, Q interviews, Gene Decodes live and videos,, C-Vine News Network, Operation Disclosure, Jared Rand, Skye Prince, Before Its News, Michelle Fielding, Zorra of Hollow Earth, Michael Jaco, James Gilliland, Alex Collier, Dinar Chronicles, Q drops, Benjamin Fulford Website, DoD, Era of Light, and Other Live Conference Calls.

2/16/2023 News: Extremely Hot News or Excerpts: Saint Germain: Nearing the End of the Movie, Ashtar: Intervening Light, Unusual Air Objects, Sananda: Be in The Present Moment, Saint Germain: Questions and Answers, Kejraj 2/14/2023 Statement, Ted Mahr Conference call 1/28/2023 notes, One Who Serves and Shoshanna: The Journey, Jared Rand Conference Call 2/15/2023,

Articles: Saint Germain: Nearing the End of the Movie, Sananda: Be in The Present Moment, Ashtar: Intervening Light, Unusual Air Objects, Kryon: The Addictive Old Energy, Radiate Positive Vibes, Adama of Telos: The Choice is Always Yours, Archangel Michael: Our Position on the Walk, Saint Germain: Accessing Your Inner Silence, The Masters of Light: Creating Your Own Peace on Earth, The Federation of Light: Phase Two, The Arcturian Group: You’re Helping Lift the World, Planet Earth Moves in 5D New Era, Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Earth Responds, Awaken: We Are Not Alone, Friends from The Stars Are Here, and  One Who Serves and Shoshanna: The Journey.

Saint Germain: Nearing the End of the Movie Excerpt:

Know that the cabal, the dark forces, are coming to the end of their rein.

They cannot stop what is coming, even though they are going to continue to try. They are going to continue to bring up another part of their plan. But the next part of their plan will be the last one that they come to, maybe their final gasp. It is as if their ship has sailed, and as it is sailing, it will be destroyed because it cannot sustain itself within the higher vibrational frequencies.

“But it will come to an end, and then a new beginning. A new beginning. In a sense, you create the new TV series. The series that you want to have. The series that has love, and life, and laughter, and joy.

And no more fear, no more anger, no more despair. That is the old ways. That is what you had when you were comfortable within that comfort zone of yours. But you are no longer comfortable in that. You have pulled away from that comfort zone and are creating a new comfort zone for yourselves.”

Ashtar: Intervening Light, Unusual Air Objects Excerpts:

“Those in power were informed of the changes on Earth in a timely manner. They were allowed to receive higher knowledge and therefore they now bear the responsibility in keeping humanity safe and the task of informing everyone about the cosmic contact with the light dimensions, where the transition to a higher frequency is going to take place. Many cosmic sacred councils have met and decided after a long time that there is no change in the misguided approach on Earth. On the contrary the imbalance continues and man is still being exploited. The light dimensions have decided to change course and they are going to intervene.

The signal is green!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once again, many agreements have not been kept and have even been boycotted. We have announced early that a great change is going to come from the great universal sun. The way the earthly governments treat the earth can no longer be tolerated. “Humanity is fully supported in this progression of evolution.


This coming summer there will be an immense wave of cosmic light coming into the earth, so once again a very great purification is going to take place.”

Sananda: Be in The Present Moment Excerpt:

“That is the key to move through this transition, and to move through the ascension process, to more and more find yourself in that moment, that moment of love–love for yourself, and love for everyone else around you. That is the key. The key that opens the door to the heart. And when you open the door to your heart, you open the door for others to find themselves, find their own key to their hearts as well.

You are the expression of love for those around you. You are the light. The shining light within the darkness.”

“But to fully realize that you are the expression of God within you, each and every one of you.”

Saint Germain: Questions and Answers Excerpts:

“You are alive when you are enjoying every moment, not when you are afraid of the next. I repeat, this sentence is important, you are alive when you are enjoying each moment, not when you are afraid of the next.”

“Are the earthquakes experienced in Turkey human-made or of terrestrial origin? 

They are of natural origin, dear souls. There is no human intervention here. The energy transforms in the air and the Earth shook in the place that was intended.”

Daily 777 Message For 2/14/2023

Greetings! There is a higher light arriving to Earth from the Galactic Center, and it is spreading like wild fire. All that does not match this light’s vibrational frequency will dissolve. The dark elite know this, so they rush with false flags in hopes of creating fear and lowering the frequency of the planet. It will not work. Nothing will stop The Shift to the fifth dimensional reality. ~Kejraj

Jared Rand Conference Call 2/15/2023 “Celebration is NEAR”.

Jared’s Statements: The White Hats will NOT release a date on the R/V GCR, not even a possibility, not good military strategy. There will be people involved in the R/V GCR that will not believe it, when it is really released. Must have trust. Too many intel people have stated next week, then next week: drive everyone crazy. This must be a white hat strategy, against the Deep State rats, but it drives the humanitarian’s crazy over time!! Just a little longer, please!

Everyone is “Waiting on the Money Release”; the financial shift of the planet. The Gold Standard and the R/V GCR

The Palestine, Ohio rail disaster was a Deep State happening, see, they do not have that much power now to cause a Major “False Flag”.

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