All Souls Come from the Light: Our Spiritual Nature is the Only True Make up

All Souls Come from the Light: Our Spiritual Nature is the Only True Make up

Source: Final Wakeup Call | By Peter B. Meyer

All souls come from the Light

  • Our spiritual nature is the only true make-up
  • All Souls come from the Light
  • Every honest Soul has the Protection from Angels
  • You are not going to believe what came through the 4th Dimension

Our spiritual nature is the only true make-up

Who we really are is hidden from us. Our spiritual nature is our only true make-up. That is why Deep State powers spend a lot of time and money to make us forget everything. They use subtle techniques to keep our minds captive. That is where the real magic lies. If you cannot see this in time, you are defeated. It is all illusion. Soon people will discover their true origins, who and what they really are, and what is actually going on.

The oldest secret in the world concerns our origins, which have been hidden from us for hundreds of centuries. Neither theories on this, the ‘theory of evolution’ nor the ‘theory of creation’ explain the true origin of the human individual. Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest, does not explain how humans overcame the thousands of flaws within the human DNA structure, while creation theory ignores the impressive number of ancient fossils and artefacts, found all over the world. There is clearly a need for a new reliable model about our origins.

The correct answer may also offer the solution to the issue of the ‘missing link’ between primitive and modern man, namely that this link does not exist.

Many of the mysteries of our planet are related to artefacts that are thousands of years old. Such as, among others, the clay tablets found and translated, on which, among other things, the apparent positions of the planets Venus and Saturn with their seven satellites are described. Which apparently were observed in ancient Babylon without a telescope?

At the end of the 19th century, Sumerian was recognised as an original language and work began on its translation. Despite pre-existing knowledge, the general public still knows very little about this first great human civilisation that emerged abruptly in Mesopotamia. It is intriguing to learn more about this. A six-thousand-year-old civilisation, originally known to Egyptians, Greeks and Romans of later times.

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