I believe Truth Elevates Ones Frequency

YOU got that right sweet heart ! NOT just knowing the TRUTH but knowing that GOD is ALL-WAYS attached to – THE TRUTH ! And so are his devoted ones too !!


I believe Truth Elevates Ones Frequency

Posted By: CrystalRiver
Date: Friday, 17-Feb-2023 02:47:11

Dear RM Agents and Readers,It would hardly do God justice if we sat by and watched as children were harmed and we did nothing because it lowers our frequency. I hardly think that is the way it works.This to me, is the darkest of subjects and many times I cannot look and have to pray and get the strength of God to deal with that topic. It is the most difficult one, that and what pedophiles are capable of with the innocence of our society.If we do not protect those that are innocent, everything and everyone will be taken by darkness.That is my opinion.Many Blessings,


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