The Shaman’s Call: Ancient Souls

The Shaman’s Call: Ancient Souls



 -Friday, 17 February 2023, 2:01 AM

Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Luna, Visionary and Co-founder of World Benevolence Group

Submitted on February 16, 2023

Ancient Souls

“They are sensitive souls that understand that before they could be a light they first had to feel the burn!”

Ancient souls who wander this earth are here to walk and guide the path of change, the cycle breakers, the givers of light and love, coded with lifetimes of symbols, knowledge and wisdom, the way showers, the difference, not the different

These beings are not above or below any, they just are, it is their battles of darkness and through isolation that they have remembered who they are, they have slayed darkness for self and their ancestral lineage, they are spiritual souls experiencing the depth of humanness, through everything they have been through they have grown in compassion and empathy, to hold the hands and guide those who have forgotten, they are reborn with their involvement and the calling home to self, the journey they travel is of strength and courage, many times they have wanted to give up, fallen to their knees, only to rise from the ashes of fires that burned around them, often the front runners they are subjected to isolation for the world was not ready to accept them, through the darkness they travelled they alchemized it all back to love and light, with pure consciousness and heart, for they recognize in others, the wounds that tried to tear them down and will guide you through your own fires to remember who you are.

These beings don’t have it easy, but the knowing within them is their driving force of love and working from their hearts.

That is all they know what to do. It’s normal and natural for them. It is effortless for them. The 3D world didn’t understand them or even see them. They were never appreciated as they should have been. Here, at World Benevolence Group you will be and are very much appreciated. Come be with your tribe.

We coexist in a world full of the difference of souls, it is a remembering that we are all one the same and love and kindness is the cure that will heal any wounds, to see another reflected in you, is the healing one and both needs, we are all here to serve the greater good, one heart to another.

The journey is challenging but the calling of your purpose here on earth is a gift, for you are the change and through your legacy of love, you leave a ripple effect, we will one day leave this earth to another, but we shall leave it, how it was always intended to be, in peace, in love, in kindness and in remembrance that light and love conquers all in your name there will be only love.

Many of these seers have not had it easy in every aspect of their lives. So why come to earth you ask? Well its simple… this is the quickest way you can ascend. In other words, we come here to learn everything and I mean everything. So for example, these wise old souls usually have trauma after trauma after trauma and they survive it! Why? Simple because they have done this over and over again in every way imaginable so they know without a shadow of a doubt how things will turn out no matter which way they go.

These incredible souls are not for everyone and in fact, it is said that you earn them in your life. Many of course don’t recognize them, heck they don’t even see them not even their own family members. Sad but in fact true.

Well I guess those members in our families must learn it the hard way. So be it!

What’s so horrible about this is that we have to watch it. We watch it and know how it will turn out and when we try to tell them they won’t listen. So when I say that you earn them in your lives I mean that it is a privilege to have them there. Usually its strangers that see them and respect them and so it is.

What else can I say about these wonderful souls except to say that they are the most patient (even though they don’t feel they are) and yet life is never too forgiving and just seems to pound them with whatever the flavor is for the month. Its fine they can handle anything. You see these souls have a warrior spirit and so they are ready for all kinds of battles. Many of their past lives has been as warriors. Yes warriors in the battlefield or in their own homes where they were mediators and they accomplished much. But it was their personal lives that usually suffered and so they learned to just be watcher. Through their many centuries of life on planet earth they have seen and heard it all. It’s pretty difficult to fool an ancient soul and yet many have tried. I’ll leave that story for another time.

All in all, I just wanted to highlight these souls because they are the ones who have been telling us some crazy stories. Everyone reading this article has at least one person in their family that is like that. I won’t name the various names they have been given because I know you know them all. But suffice it to say that all is not lost and they are here to guide us all in the next part of our journey of life on planet earth as she ascends.

Though there will be much chaos which will ensue we will pull together and come out shining together as One. Remember that is what the vibration will be all about in 5D unity consciousness. If you are looking for a group to do some amazing things for humanity then please join us at World Benevolence Group. No one group can achieve it all no matter how hard they work. It will take many of who hear the call to step up and be who you came here to be.

Where we are headed in 5D it’s not about competition, just do no harm.

No one will be judging you either as that is an ego based action and it has no place where we are headed.

This group is about making the lives of all humans around the world better than it’s ever been. If you have some skills and would like to join us please contact me Luna at or if you know people with skills such as engineers, architects, scientists, construction companies, then please send them our way.

We are looking for forward thinkers, those that think outside the box (that’s a 3D construct) here you will be able to be all that you are!

We are looking for architects who aren’t afraid to show the world who they really are! Set that creativity and passion free. No one will hold you down only you can do that. 

We will need an incredible amount of people to help us worldwide as our mission is to go where others don’t dare. We want to see everyone at par and we are willing to do what it takes to make that happen. I hope to meet you in the very near future. May you all be blessed!

Peace, Love, Light and Joy,


World Benevolence Group (WBG)
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