February 18, 2023: News from the Invisible War [videos]

February 18, 2023: News from the Invisible War [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 February 18, 2023

These past couple of weeks have been extraordinary, haven’t they? The Great Awakening is picking up momentum and prying open the eyes of the world. Now they can see there is a global problem we must address.

Twitter has been down and up and down and up today so it’s getting interesting.

Real news is still hard to get because of the disinformation and propaganda spewing out of the cabal’s legacy media, and unfortunately also from some Patriots who aren’t always honouring our code of ethics and reporting facts only.

Embellished accounts of the perceived threats from balloons and train derailments make it difficult for the unseasoned truth warrior to make heads or tails of the evolving situation in this war for supremacy on Earth/Terra so we regularly remind folks that not all is what it seems and we needn’t panic.

Have you seen the close-up of the balloon tech?


Yeah, just a weather balloon. It takes pictures of raindrops—BUT, as we stated before, there is NOTHING that would ever have the chance to be in our airspace for long, if we ever saw it at all, that the Space Force and our friends upstairs don’t know is there. Any threat would be neutralized before it was ever a danger to us so let’s stay out of victim mode.

These “balloons” and “UFOs” are not something we need to be concerned about, but the perceived security threat IS a way to discredit and shame the Biden government in the eyes of the snoozers in the world and perhaps implicate China. I can see the Earth Alliance using this for at the very least—partial disclosure. We need to bring Humanity out of the dark ages. Space craft have been around forever, as indicated by antiquities with craft in them.


The cabal has almost been defanged entirely and has little resources to inflict pain on the civilian population so enjoy the show. Just be watchful, pay attention to your surroundings and maintain situational awareness. Prepare with extra food, water, meds, fuel, cash, pet supplies, keep your gas tank over half, a bug out bag with important papers/insurance docs handy, and we can weather the storm.

As we can see, there is no telling when a storm, earthquake, flooding, wildfire, train derailment, or anything else might take place so just be ready for anything—that means either sheltering in place or evacuating.

We’re going to continue to see odd things that show us that the world we live in is fake, fake, fake!


Lewis Herms had an intelligent conversation with Nicholas Veniamin about the above we would all benefit from hearing as he dispels some of the paranoia with logical thinking and facts.

Of course, we don’t want to go too far the other way and deny any threats exist because they do but there’s a lot of real estate between panic and denial. We want to stay in the middle with facts, logic, and common sense in our quiver. 38 min.

P.S. I am getting a “video restricted” message so good luck. Hopefully you can watch at the link below.

Lewis Herms Discusses White Hats Control Satanic Superbowl with Nicholas Veniamin

It is difficult to get honest news from anywhere, but we are fortunate to have a long-time crew member in Germany with amazing English skills and we sometimes get boots-on-the-ground updates from our war correspondent. Here’s yesterday’s sit-rep from this inspiring woman who has known for a long time what might be coming but stayed in her Teutonic homeland to fight for it and help others win the information war.

Report from my observer point of view things are mild compared to your end of the stick. Since I’m convinced that our ww alliance on, above and below Terra are winning and putting on the show here as in America for the deeply indoctrinated people I am watching with patience.

I have a small group of likeminded women whom I inform twice a week on what I gather from abroad letting them know not to fear. I am pretty sure that important things are already set to go as soon as the dust has settled.

I am preparing to be of assistance if asked for information that I have when the time comes. We are being presented with the same clown show as you are except we have no catastrophe, yet. Thanks to Pres. Trump who did send over your Military under the guise of “Defender 21” keep an eye on things in case needed, which have not left since I fell save [feel safe], since they are not China Joe’s Military.

We all have heat and enough food. My circle and I are not responding to the fear mongering that is also going on over here. Between Trump and Putin in the East we are sure they know what they are doing.

My sympathy goes out to you and the poor people in Turkey and East Ukraine which are much worth of [worse off] through these evil DS attacks than us.
Love Jeanette

The following is the news we get from Germany. Link to Telegram.

Meanwhile back in Munich….German Defense Minister Pistorius says, “Ukraine must win the war”
…..even though the west is totally bankrupt and has no weapons or defence – Roger that!

Our thoughts are also with our Italian friends as this news breaks:


We believe we get some decent truth out of the articles at Real Raw News, but use discernment please, in everything you see and hear in this information war.

“These filth kidnappers, they use toys to calm children into a false sense of security before draining them,” Zakharov said. “Our men used thermal optics to see heat signatures inside. Never more than four. This made Putin think children were not yet taken to it. President Putin courageously made a decision to destroy it before it was operational.”


Putin Decimates Another Adrenochrome Warehouse in Ukraine

Here’s what the fake news is telling Americans about the activities of Russia and Putin.

The Human trafficking is in our faces every day. Every walk of life includes satanic pedophiles and enablers.

Operation Janus: 28 children rescued – 59 people charged with child sex crimes

DALLAS — More than 30 law enforcement agencies around North Texas arrested nearly 60 people in a month-long operation aimed at rescuing child victims of online sexual exploitation. Operation Janus resulted in 80 charges against 59 people, and rescued 28 children from online sexual abuse, police said.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VE_qTs7wtko (VIDEO)

They can’t hide any longer.

If you like the updates from We the People News, Mary has another one at this link at 53 minutes.

Here in the wild west, the villains are cabal minions trying desperately to maintain control of Arizona following another rigged election. The illegal immigrants, drugs, arms, and Human trafficking at a compromised border are hampered by good people doing their jobs but it’s a vicious fight for supremacy here.

The good news is, a whole lot of Arizonans woke up and they are behind the MAGA crowd. If something doesn’t happen soon to right the crimes committed in 2020 and 2022, we’re going to have an OK Corral 2.0. Kari Lake shoots from the hip. Can you see her as a gunslinger in a stetson?



The good news is this development here in the Grand Canyon State…

Arizona Senate Committee Approves Resolution Reclaiming Legislature’s Authority to Set Election Rules

Writing Code to Flip Votes Is ‘Very Easy to Do’ but ‘Hard to Stop,’ Says Democratic Computer Programmer

Elections are a big deal, and the interference, rigging, and fraud has been rampant for many years. We’re waiting for the general public to grasp that. Californians are getting there. Watch or read more at the link below.

Lodi city council member Shakir Khan arrested, now faces voter fraud charges

We haven’t forgotten.

The truth has been out there for over three years but too many people didn’t get the memo—particularly Canadians. For that reason, they were used and abused and forcibly walked down the garden path by the hosers getting paid by the New World Order.


Corrupt, satanic families run the nation of Canada just as they do the rest of the world.

What happened to Michel Trudeau???


Regardless of what happens, what we believe is happening, or what seems to be unfolding, we are heading toward that event that will shock the world. Q the Storm Rider elaborates:

This story is getting bigger..
And make conservative outlets are sharing the info….
If the projected push and noise is loud enough this time SCOTUS will make moves,,<
In the military command circles
their have been MAJOR fear this could happen. Since 2021 summer INSIDE LEAKS among Commanders and HIGHEST Ranking Generals were well aware of this _EVENT that could take place……. That was a huge part of the reason several Generals and commanders PUBLICLY stared stated we could go into Civil WAR. MASSIVE civil unrest in 2024 <

They knew <

[ THEY] knew

And SCOTUS has been WATCHING the U.S. EVENTS happening and were waiting for large parts of the U.S. citizens to be red pilled the past two years since the STOLEN ELECTIONS. rigged elections ( … But I have been telling for a long time.. Military operations placed TRUMP. And military OPERATIONS intentionally gave the FAKE elections to BIDEN [ DS] regimen> OBAMA< ….
This EVENT had to happen.. And the U.S. Had to see the failure of the Democratic party, the corruption, the War it led too….

The FULL corruption of a captured government by foreign powers >CCP. VATICAN. ROTHSCHILDs. ECT DEEP STATE CABAL empire regimen needed to be EXPOSED through>> GAME THEORY<<
PLAN. and have U.S. citizens experience the DARKNESS…
The near death EVENTS..

….only till then OPERATIONS would EXPOSE pedophile rings connected to EPSTEIN (NOW UNFOLDING)…. ELECTIONS FRAUD ( TWITTER FILES)….
Deep State government CIA DARPA FBI dhs ECT controlling big TECH… From censorship to cover-ups of hunter Biden to presidential Treason<

All EVENTS unfolding now are connected to COMING military intervention.

IF SCOTUS Rules to hear the case it leads to military intervention and proves their was Foreign interference in the US elections and foreign occupation in the United States that has captured the government at the highest levels.

IF SCOTUS does not rule or take the case… It still leads to military intervention and proves their was Foreign interference in the US elections and foreign occupation in the United States that has captured the government at the highest levels.

Either way… It’s going MILITARY
DOD . SCOTUS. U.S. GOV. are planning and creating new LAWS that would invoke U.S. military in helping in case of huge massive unrest, these laws being discussed pertain to soft Marshal law state of rules and affairs .
( The TRUTH they are doing this to get the U.S. Ready for CIVIL UNREST EVENTS …… And these CURRENT talks WILL hit the PUBLIC realm by summer into fall….. They are preparing U.S. for a future with Military OCCUPATION/////……..
but if you have been following Q the last year’s . You already know these Military EVENTS were COMING……..)



If you like, you may consult the current “Law of War” manual and in particular, section 11.3. It’s all about foreign occupation and hostile takeover. No military worth its salt is going to let that go. Every effort was made to avoid civil war in America so we’ll see how this goes.

There were laws about not having standing armies in your own country, and many of the Alliance nations have supported each other with military might to avoid that as Jeanette alluded above in her sit-rep above from Germany.

It sounds as though the US Military may be covering all the bases once more, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s so everything remains lawful and respects current guidelines set out in the emergency measures applicable when the nation and her People are under siege.

Winding down for today we have a bit of intel passed to Scott McKay/Patriot Streetfighter you may wish to ponder. There are always hidden agendas and the controllers never do anything for just one reason. Their false flags have multiple objectives. Link to Telegram.

This is sad and alarming! Watch the legislation that’ll follow from this toxic and lethal show. Intel!!!! 🖕🏾🖕🏾

Why did the CDC update their profile for vinyl chloride 11 DAYS before the train crash in Ohio? 🤬

From the boss/Intel source (cryptic but here it is): “Water false flag a la Sandy Hook. Unmarked “federal” railcars…“protected” rail cars. Why? (Trafficking? Weapons like uranium/fentanyl?) Everything burnt per “protocol”. Game theory in action! We need to get the manifests!”

Ohio: Fake the water poisoning and voila…”We’ll take it!” -Intel. Intel needs over a billion gallons of water per day for their planned chip facility in Ohio. The underground copper pipes are already in place!

Look into the Intel plant in OH and the millions of gallons of toxic water needed to be “recycled”. Area already piped with “copper”! All the shit we’re seeing in OH is an op within an op, including the Amish!

And then there’s this… but no one mentions the derailment near Tucson, AZ this week. Was it a legit accident?

‘Are we under attack?’: Donald Trump Jr. claims US train network is being sabotaged over attack on Nord Stream 2 after spate of derailments in Ohio and Michigan

My message hasn’t changed over the nearly 12 years we’ve been here on the bridge doing this work, and many others are on board now and underscore that message. Link to Telegram.

The fact that we are witnessing a cascade of false flags, psyops, and violent events tells me not that we are losing, but rather that the war continues to rage on.
This tells me that white hats press onward and victory is not out of reach.
If they were not over the target, there would be no need to expend this kind of ammunition.
Take heart anons and keep your peace and wits about you.
There’s no going back.
The only way is forward.

The crew recommends the following video for upliftment and a dollop of common sense. I would add one caveat: As I have been saying after watching and learning for fifteen years or more, the psychopaths will never give up. They will never surrender. We have to take them out. They live in denial and are so hopelessly programmed they cannot stray from the playbook. They can’t grasp that what worked when everyone was asleep will no longer work now that millions are awake to their agenda and trickery. The result is probably the longest war in history because they will not just “go away”. They will, however, become extinct.



How did it get to be February 18 already? The Canadian contingent arrives in less than two weeks and I have much to do.

So long for now. Have a good weekend and we’ll be back soon.

Thank you to the brilliant crew and their tireless updates and insights via the comments every day.  ~ BP

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