Q’sDay February 17, 2023: Cabal Coming Out of Their Hidey Holes [videos]

Q’sDay February 17, 2023: Cabal Coming Out of Their Hidey Holes [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 February 17, 2023

Like Punxsutawney Phil and other groundhogs, the cabal vermin did not see their shadow this month and are venturing out to do as much damage as possible to Humanity in a frenzy of false flag attacks they can never come back from. They have completely taken leave of their senses and exposed themselves for all the world to see.

As well, the arrests have not slowed down for Crimes Against Humanity and Human rights abuses, including genocide.

Military Arrests Vaccine Scientist on Charges of Accessory to MASS Murder

The above was made possible by Trump’s Executive Order 13848. Not only are the criminals arrested and tried swiftly in military courts, their assets are seized and held for return to Humanity, probably mostly in the form of Humanitarian Projects to return us to good health, full mental capacity, to provide clean and abundant food and water for everyone, shelter, jobs, transportation, etc.

Guillotines never went out of style, you know and the shadow government ordered plenty so we would have them on hand when needed. So thoughtful.

Someone has their eyes on. Revealing signage for East Palestine, Ohio… Link to Telegram.

Has anyone ever seen this in a town?

I have seen them on a sign with a bunch of the symbols of the town!

Hidden in plain sight; the main attractions in town. As we’ve been saying… satanic cabal running the world. Pentagrams, black magicians, spells and wizardry, evil, satanic blood sacrifices.

SG Anon did an update last night, File 40, I think you will find very satisfying.

US States To Redefine Statehood/Borders | DS Attacks in Force | Trump Comms | WW War Scenario Coming

They are amping up the WWIII threat.


As I said, if Biden is going to have the US military shooting down anything that moves, we could have a drop-dead lethal diplomatic problem on our hands in the blink of an eye, and almost instant declarations of war. Of course it wouldn’t be as they present it, but it would pass for instigation of a fake WWIII we’ve been told is imminent.

Here’s more on the war on the home front. We saw this coming a mile away.


BREAKING: Arizona Appeals Court Denies Kari Lake Lawsuit – Lake Moves to Take Election Fraud Case to Arizona Supreme Court

We try to look on the light side once in awhile. I hear Big Mike isn’t that big. 9 seconds.

SGAnon also did an update call with Nino Rodriguez which is important for understanding the staggering pace of events this past week. What the heck is going on in America? The two shed a lot of light on that and enable everyone to stay the course and remain calm. 32 min.

New SGAnon & Nino’s Corner: Terrorist Cells Activated? Are We Under Attack? What Is Next?

I must go and get my skeletal corrections so I can have a productive weekend. Carry on and stay positive, everyone. The chaos will all work out.  ~ BP

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