February 20, 2023: We’re Gonna Throw the Book at These Bastards [videos]

February 20, 2023: We’re Gonna Throw the Book at These Bastards [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 February 20, 2023

No preamble. It’s a big day in America.


Let’s hope Mr. Carlson really is on our side. Who else will be reviewing this footage?

Nothing could have adequately prepared us for what we are watching every day now, but the Earth Alliance prepared quietly for these times. They removed the people at the tippy-top who were running the show; the bloodline families.

They prepared Executive Orders that would empower Trump when he was elected to take down the pedophiles and their network, and also to seize their assets to return to the People they were stolen from and the profit they made from gaming the system, stealing our taxes, avoiding paying taxes with offshore accounts, treating our deposit accounts like a casino, etc.

The White Hats updated the Law of War manual to enable the military to carry out the necessary operations to protect Humanity and block the dark ones and their armies.

They secured the support of many nations to end the reign of terror by uniting in a powerful force to stop the carnage and turn everything including the financial system around. No more slaves.

They replaced corrupt judges and gave the judicial system a fighting chance to protect the innocent and end the money-making side of the corporation’s corruption in the courts that profited from throwing thousands of people in jail for victimless misdemeanors.

In America, it’s President’s Day. That will have various meanings for different people, of course. Those in the know fully innerstand that the character Joseph Biden isn’t the President of the United States. He is a puppet only within the corporation the Khazarian mafia set up in the jurisdiction or city state of Washington DC. We also know the joker we see in the news isn’t truly Joe Biden because Biden was executed some time ago for treason, among other things.

Despite appearances, Donald Trump is the duly elected President of the United States for America and no rigged election can change that until the People once again unite in force and elect someone else. So—happy President’s Day Mr. Trump—the commander-in-chief who is also directing the US Military.

One of the Khazarian mafia’s crimes in America was to institute Maritime Law, or the Law of the Sea. Last time I checked America is part of the North American continent and apart from some big lakes and rivers, is solid land, so we will be returning to the Law of the Land at some point.

In the interim, we, the People are beating these thugs at their own game in the courts using the legal system they established.

Putting the false flag drama like the Ohio train derailment and shooting down balloons aside for a time, we can learn of the moves to see justice done with respect to the Covid Crimes—and there are many.

If you’ve watched any legal shows on television for awhile you will know that crimes are punished by the prosecuting attorney showing “intent”. The Q Team has underscored the term “knowingly” in 41 posts so far. If the activity was determined to be un-intentional then the sentencing is much lighter.

The criminals who engaged in genocide may claim they didn’t know the “vaccines” were dangerous but quite simply can be proven to have planned and executed their agenda to kill millions of people with their toxic injections. They did it “knowingly”. Period. There is no question, and we can prove it.

Listen to this short but intense address from Dr. David Martin about the law suit in Canada. You are doubtless are aware of the astoundingly brutal “health measures” forced on Canadians over the “plandemic”. It was probably the worst in the world, save Australia and I’m so glad I have been residing in America for many years. 12 min.

Dr. David Martin MURDER CHARGES Against Fauci, Peter Daszak, Ralph Baric and many others

In the video below you will hear Kip Warner discuss with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich in  layman’s terms, the class action lawsuit filed in British Columbia, Canada where a lot of nurses quit their jobs to avoid having to be injected. That speaks volumes, right there.

It’s a terrific, basic overview of the class action lawsuit, who is involved, what it entails, the process, and the basis for the suit—and the evidence is substantial.

They have coined this short version of their website for ease of sharing “SueBonnie.ca”. Bonnie Henry is the Canadian Health official in the province of British Columbia who pushed the Khazarian mafia’s genocide agenda. If you type that into your browser it will redirect to this website: https://www.covidconstitutionalchallengebc.ca/ Video 38 min.


We can see that this lawsuit will set a precedent, and while it may seem to roll out in slow motion, Dr. Fuellmich is correct in saying similar actions will most certainly spread to the rest of Canada, the Unites States, and other nations. At this point they are certifying their suit, and following that will be discovery.

It will probably take years—but it goes to intent: the Patriots are going to make sure these psychopaths pay and in the interim, they will be shaking in their boots, lying, covering up, trying to escape, and some even committing suicide and saving taxpayers’ money.

If you live in Canada, you need to watch that video. And due to the contagious nature of these class actions, even if you aren’t a Canadian resident you will want to be aware. Dr. Fuellmich is a German/American attorney who won a massive lawsuit against Volkswagen years ago and he is a formidable opponent in the court room and out. Kip Warner is a softeware engineer and CEO of Kshatra Corp.

We have legal action in America, as well.


Soon It Will Be A Crime To Give COVID Vaccine In Idaho

As further background on the legal validation of the activities of the globalist psychopaths… If you prefer to read or share text via email, have a boo at this substack article the writer dropped in our comments recently. I’m sharing it for the second time.












It doesn’t end there. You have probably heard or experienced yourself the massive ramifications of literally shutting down society, separating people, and the massive attack on every aspect of a Human life.

New ‘Died Suddenly’ Theory Spreading Like Wildfire – What If It’s Worse Than the Vax?

You know it’s the end times when you see the collapse of society. It looks like this. What are these people on?

They really do tell us what to expect in their “entertainment”. This is intentional.


Getting back to the very real threat surrounding the train derailments, and in particular in East Palestine, Ohio, we have the testimony from a fire chief there.

Before we look at that, have a boo at this short clip of the snow melt in Ontario, Canada—a fair distance away. I won’t say I’ve never seen gasoline do that in a puddle or in a river from an outboard motor so I don’t know if it is a result of the cloud from Ohio, but I suppose it could be. The ominous musical score might make it suspect but there is a lot of this rainbow hue.


This is late-breaking news from Ohio today. Link to Telegram.

BREAKING: Massive explosion at a metal factory in Bedford, Ohio.

Several burn-related injuries have been reported so far with a possibility of more severe injuries.


This ☝️☝️ is being reported as a Mass Casualty event….

Our thoughts are with the employees and their families at this time… As well as the People of Ohio who can’t seem to buy a break…

Mike Adams at Natural News brings us this remedy we might want to be aware of:

This weekend I published a critical podcast that reveals what we know so far about how to detox from dioxin exposure, which will be hugely important for decades to come, thanks to the Ohio train derailment ignition that unleashed a massive toxic plume of dioxins across the Northeast.

The dioxins take 500 – 1,000 years to disappear from the soils. They contaminate rivers and crops, and they are extremely dangerous at ridiculously small doses. (Less than a drop.) (edited)

The good news is that you can literally grow your own natural molecules at home in a sprouting jar. This will create a molecule called Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C) which can counter dioxin exposure.

In today’s podcast, I reveal how to do this yourself, at home, for mere pennies per dose.

Hear the full podcast at: https://www.brighteon.com/0908a619-6675-48ca-ad34-065c89cf6c4f

It looks like there may be another opportunity for military target practice after another large “object” was seen floating near Hawai’i. I still think these balloons could serve two purposes.

One, could be to get the attention of people and then use it as a ploy to start the war we hear is coming. They have Biden instructing the military to shoot ’em all down so that could easily backfire. Firing willy-nilly on anything that isn’t confirmed as friendly could lead to an event that kicks it all off.

The second could be used for at least an introductory Disclosure. We awakened ones don’t believe in UFOs/UAPs in the extraterrestrial sense. Everything up there is fully known, however these stories could launch Humanity into to the early phases of a long overdue update on technology and who and what are in our skies. Later, they can get to what is underground.

American Pilots Alerted as New Massive Foreign Object Appears in Skies

What do you think? Are we headed for Disclosure of some kind?

Corbell releases photo of UFO over conflict zone: public has ‘right and need’ to know

Here’s a twist we may not have expected. Are you familiar with Jessie Czebotar? She was a victim in the Human trafficking network for a long time and has been sharing her extensive Illuminati cult background with truthers for a couple of years or more and felt this worth sharing.


You might recall we shared extensive coverage of the Tucson area Cemex plant Human trafficking discovery made by Lewis Arthur and the group of homeless war veterans he worked with in Southern Arizona. In fact, people from as far away as Australia made this destination their vacation spot and helped comb the hot desert for more Human trafficking camps and evidence of coyote activity running guns and drugs. If I recall correctly, they even found a small Human skull.

The key discovery, which included clear evidence of children’s toys, hair dye, clothing, and an irrefutable “rape tree” was ridiculed and squashed by many. Lewis was attacked by the media and the police did little to respond to their calls for assistance. Lewis dedicated his life to helping homeless vets because the American shadow government didn’t.

I cried foul when they brought in Craig “the Sawman” Sawyer, former Navy SEAL, to assess the situation who was supposedly heading up an organization to stop child trafficking but as far as we know has nothing to show for it and we suspect he was a decoy.

They love to create these foundations to make it look like they are on our side when they are probably doing the opposite and when you say they were a SEAL, everyone assumes they’re honest. Sawyer dismissed the findings as inconclusive; a nothing burger. Infiltration.

Now we have the outspoken Lin Wood back under the microscope. Fascinating. Lin talks a good game but he’s too zealous for my comfort. It looks like Timothy Holmseth, who has also been a very controversial figure in the child trafficking community for several years, is suggesting Wood is a fake Christian.

To close, I tracked down the original TikTok video of a tortoise looking like he is experiencing sheer bliss with the stroking of a Human hand. It’s just a few seconds long, and I concur that it doesn’t take a lot to make us happy sometimes. Have you ever turned a frog over and stroked his throat? They might go to sleep. Watch to the end. 15 sec.


I’ll leave you there. Keep on keepin’ on, as they say. Tomorrow is another day in the Great Awakening.  ~ BP

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