(Reader: Kerstin) Trust the Plan?

ONE MUST CHILLAX and “KNOW that GOD has got THIS !”


(Reader: Kerstin) Trust the Plan?



 -Monday, 20 February 2023, 21:55 PM

Reader Post | By Kerstin

I know that the GF (Galactic Federation) have already done a lot. What about earthquakes, explosive poison cocktails. Vaccinations I know the military and Trump have done something so that not everyone dies. The earthquakes and the poison cocktails why isn’t that stopped, yes I know because of the collateral damage. How far does the GF want the military to go to see humanity perish. Then we won’t need Trump anymore when we’re all dead. I won’t write anymore because I probably died too. Oh how is that always said. trust the plan This sentence is superfluous and out of place.

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