RHC: NWO Defeated — Russia Rising in Central Asia— (excerpt text with images)

RHC: NWO Defeated — Russia Rising in Central Asia— (excerpt text with images)

Posted By: RobertS
Date: Monday, 20-Feb-2023 14:54:58

From https://www.realhistorychan.com/anyt-02192023.html

*** NWO Defeated — Russia Rising in Central Asia ***

FEBRUARY 19, 2023

NY Times: Moscow Takes Charge in Central Asia

Along with Pakistan and China, Russia has gained broad influence in security matters at the expense of the United States


The Anti-New York Times

For most of the 19th century and spilling into the 20th, the Rothschild-British Empire menaced the hated Romanov Russian Empire over Afghanistan and neighboring territories in Central Asia. This geo-political maneuvering — intended to contain and ultimately weaken Russia — came to be known as “The Great Game .” Using the phony pretext of a non-existent Russian plot to invade India, Britain, between 1839 and 1919, waged three “Anglo-Afghan Wars .” The second one, engineered by Jewish Prime Minister and Rothschild agent, Benjamin Disraeli, was the most disastrous (for Britain) of the three — so much so that it finally led to Disraeli’s downfall.

Fast forward to the late 1970s — when what came to be known as “The New Great Game” actually began. This time around, the Rothschild-Rockefeller Crime Syndicate’s new “hitman” was the USA; and the target had a new name and regime — the Soviet Union. Instead of a direct US military occupation, Zbigniew Brzezinski and puppet President, Jimmy Carter, used the CIA to recruit, finance and train a proxy army for the purpose of overthrowing the neutral government of Afghanistan and replacing it with one antagonistic toward the Soviets. The Russian Bear, reluctantly, was forced into taking Z-Big’s bait and ending up bogged down in Afghanistan for a decade in a no-win war against well-equipped US-UK-Saudi proxy terrorists and mercenaries (the ISIS of the day).

1. Devious Disraeli played “The Great Game” against Russia. // 2. Central Asia has always been a strategic hot-spot. // 3. Z-Big and his puppet Jimmy Carter set a trap for the Russian Bear.

To read much more, with images, go to https://www.realhistorychan.com/anyt-02192023.html



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