KaRa of the Pleiades: You Are Creating Your Own Timelines

KaRa of the Pleiades: You Are Creating Your Own Timelines

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I am KaRa. I come to be with you at this time; but more than this time, this vibration.

This vibration of consciousness increase, which is occurring now throughout the planet. Many of you cannot see this, or are not fully aware of this, for you are still ensconced within the third-dimensional illusion at times. But at other times you have lifted yourselves out of that illusion and have moved into more fully the fourth dimension, and at times, such as you’ve just had now (during our guided meditation), into the fifth dimension! Yes! All of you, in one way or another, experienced this even for just a moment the second you felt or experienced the bliss of the fifth dimension, and what awaits you at the door to that fifth dimension.

Yes, I use ‘the door’ in a figurative manner here. For you do not simply walk through a door. But you walk through time-lines. That is where you are heading now, creating your own time-lines ahead of you, creating the life, creating the experience that you want. That is what you came here to do, first for yourself, to let go of all the old programming, the old patterns that have continued to hold you through this illusion, this separation within the third dimension. But you are all moving past that now, all letting go of that at various points, various moments within your life now. Because you are aware, you are aware of the multi-dimensional reality of yourself.

And because you are aware of that multi-dimensionality, you can escape the third dimension anytime you want. Escape the illusion. Go beyond the illusion. Leave the matrix. You will leave it more and more. You will find yourself being able to remain out of it more and more. Just as those in your movie, ‘The Matrix,’ were able to do that as well, find themselves within the matrix, but still themselves within it. That is what you are doing in another dimension. For Neo and those were literally in another dimension, for those that were held within the illusion could not see them as they really were.

Just as those in your lives are held within the program of the third-dimensional illusion cannot fully see who you are. Yes, they see the facsimile with it there in front of them. But they cannot see the real you unless you show it to them. That is what your mission is becoming more and more. It’s you show them. You show them the way. You are the Way-Showers. You have heard this many times: the Way-Showers, the System-Busters. That is what you came here to do, to show the way.

But first, you have to learn the way yourselves. You had to let go of all of the programming. And you still are doing that today in these moments. You are still letting go of the old programming, letting go of the patterns. They (deep state/cabal) have brought this programming to you. But in awareness you are able more and more now to realize that they are simply programs. And that being just programmed, you know that you can reprogram yourselves. You are all doing that, just being on this call every week, every week after week, month after month, year after year. You have been reprogramming yourselves. And those that have been administering to you, working with you, are helping you to do so.

For you are not alone. Never have been, never will be–unless you choose to be alone. That is your choice, just as it is your choice to find the connection to the all, as you are working on doing in these moments. The All.

When you have fully realized that you are the one, or part of the one, the one is part of you, and therefore you are the one. Know that. When you have fully come to realize that, there is nothing that you are not going to be able to do to create your life in front of you. To create the perfect life that you want.

Do not consider, even at an older age now, do not consider that this is the end. For this is not the end. This is just merely the beginning, the beginning of the New Age, the New Golden Age of Gaia, and of yourselves within Gaia. For you are within Gaia. You are not simply on her. You are within her. And she is within you.

So the next time you go out in nature, feel that connection to her. Simply taking your shoes off. Feel the Earth on your feet. Feel the connection to her. That she is there for you, has always been there for you, and will continue to be there for you. Even when she is ready to fully let go of the third-dimensional expression. That is what this transition you are moving through is all about. To ready yourselves, and all of those around you, to move along with her, with Gaia, as she flips more fully away from the third-dimension, into the fourth, then finally fully into the fifth-dimension. And all of those that still hold onto the illusion of the third will no longer be a part of her expression.

It is not a doomsday prophecy, this is reality. This is the reality of the consciousness changing that is occurring here within the planet, and on the planet, but within the planet. Think about that. Contemplate that as you continue to find yourself in the connection to the all within you.

I am KaRa, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness, and the connectedness to all around you. All of life is within you and you within life.

**Channel: James McConnell

**Source 1 2


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