(Reader: Modena) Response to TL Williams about “Earth is Wobbling” – Feb 22 2023

Reader Post | By Modena


I’ve known a long time that the sun has been “dancing” around and many of us know about the pole shift, even those not awake.  Is the answer to our prayers galactic ships waiting to beam us up when the planet completely falls apart due to the poles shifting?   One very popular and well-known truth source (of whom I won’t name)  said if we get on those ships we’ll be a meat source.  So does that mean if I’m beamed up I’ll be greated by a Draconian?  Grey?  Reptilian?? instead of a Pleiadian??  My, how consoling.  It truly is difficult to know which truth source to trust anymore and when I read the first link provided by TL Williams I was amazed…..fifteen minutes to decide whether we wanted to be saved or eaten alive most likely.  Also, who gets beamed?  Vaxxed?  Do they get beamed?  I read a few years ago that if humans are chipped then they can’t be taken off the planet.  The vaccines were supposed to have chips (allegedly).  So do I leave my husband to be swallowed by the ground, drowned by a tsunami, burned to death by lava, exposed to nuclear material or starve to death?  I can’t imagine I would ever do that even to save my own life.  I would hope I would be braver than that.  But most importantly, I hope that the information in this link is somewhat exaggerated.   Those reading my post realize that over the past several years we’ve had alternative news reporters that have had conflicting information.  What I’ve tried to do is believe in the plan and I’m a big supporter of President Trump and the Earth Alliance which would include the Galactic Federation, and pray that there will be a more hopeful outcome for all of us, including the vaxxed.  But mandated vaccinations could become a reality for all of us if Biden gets his way on the 27th of this month.  I’ll leave you with an Edgar Cayce quote:

“That which has prevented and does prevent the whole civilization becoming a turmoil is the attempt of those who have the ideals of the Prince of Peace at Heart!  And as of old,  the prayers of ten may save a city; the prayers of twenty-five may save a nation-as the prayers and activities of ONE may!  But in union there is strength.  Then if that purpose would be kept, then it must ever be kept in mind that we ARE our brother’s keeper.”

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