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Date: Wednesday, 22-Feb-2023 11:13:41

“WE’RE FIGHTING AN INVISIBLE ENEMY” – Commander in Chief Trump—————————————————————–DEREK’S CONTRACT TO TAKE HIS “BLUEPRINT” TO MSMWithout further ado, it’s very exciting to announce to 1776 Nation, I’ve signed a PR contract to take my Blueprint to Mainstream Media.NOBODY gets to sit in Commander-in-Chief Trump’s chair at the Country Club, but somebody made that happen for us in this very special moment 🙏🇺🇸Now to find a gal 4 days after Valentine’s Day who looks at me the way the CIC does 💯🤣As I explain to the table, with his personal Attorney to my left, 4X Major Champion, Brooks Koepka, his brother and friends, after they asked a specific question, how “this guyyyyy (pointing to Bossman) is still CIC by the Law of War Manual, Military Justice Act, Executive Orders 13848, 13919, & 13963, etc.”The voice on Bossman’s phone that he has purposefully lifted to hear me talking, with his second phone on table, “that guy knows what he’s talking about.” 😎☠️🇺🇸_______________________________________________________________JUST CASUALLY TAKING PHOTOS WHILE TRUMP TAKES CARE OF BUSINESSAs I share my personal pictures with all of you, I’d like to address something without it being a message to negativity, but a moment to allow you to learn something cool.It’s unfortunate that 95% or greater are still receiving their “news” from the BlackBox and MSM who are ALL under a Military Operation and more specifically Continuity of Government and even more specifically, 47 U.S. Code 606 which just happens to be Titled: “War Powers of the President.”Americans need to learn the basics of HOW Government works first, removing Politics and Propaganda, before learning about body-doubles and why they exist and are needed.Not only would this Country take a massive giant turn and focus on things that matter, but also, little things such as this opportunity for my family and myself.The Federal Continuity Directives 1 and 2 are publicly posted on the Federal Register dot GOV and clearly outline the operational dates of 2018-2022 and 2020-2024.———————————————————–Can’t sit much closer than this…..++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++”WE HIT OUR ENEMIES EARLY”CIC Trump spoke last night at Club 45 in West Palm Beach and specifically said, “we hit our enemies early.” All of the big and key visuals happened in 2017 to 2019 such as: Declaring Jerusalem Capital of Israel, the Space Force, the Abraham Accords, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (ended NAFTA), Peace with North Korea, CIC Trump crowned King of Saudi Arabia, War on Drug, Human, Sex, and Child Trafficking in Executives Orders, 9 National Emergencies declared in 7 Executive Orders (two verbally) – the last one being 8 months before the 2020 Election, Executive Order 13848 which specifically says ‘no foreign power has altered the outcome or voter tabulation in ANY U.S. Election’ = Voter Tabulation = nothing to do with people, votes, or January 6, amongst many other things I’ve posted or covered in videos.I started out with zero Facebook platform, zero Twitter, zero Rumble, 20 followers on Truth Social, and TWO followers on Telegram… I remember days when I had my first and then second hit reach the 40’s on Country Music’s Top Chart, the Billboard, aside names everyone knew because they were SIGNED LABEL Artists and there I was setting two Billboard and Country Music RECORDS as an Independent and would receive MAYBE two shares on a credible post…The last time, which was my first meeting with the Commander-in-Chief, the comment box was pummeled with a lot of body-double comments and 99% still cannot name the 3 Branches of Government 😆Naturally, there’s always going to be trolls and haters, and we will deal with those, but for those of you who can activate your wisdom and minds… I’m going to leave you with this.I had someone this week who’s profile was pro-TRUMP everything, yet, they’re on my threads responding to every person who commented that “this isn’t the real Trump, if you look, you’ll see.”Majority of people have never been near CIC Trump, Trump buildings, any Trump, Trump anything, Trump double, much less knows anyone associated with him privately or government.The person even said, “Trump would be isolated.” LOL 🤣Okay, so, if Trump is isolated and she’s never been around ANY Trump… only going by the Trump that’s shown via the BLACKBOX aka TV… (47 U.S. Code 606)…Then why would the Military put the REAL Trump in public at rallies where security and threats are majorly increased?And why would the real Trump, at 76 years old, be on flight after flight, interview after interview, super busy schedule, plus the other things in his life: wife, kids, grandkids, plus making all of these appearances with the wear and tear, but also the increase in some crazy person making an attempt?VERSUS at his private Country Club with Secret Service swarming, only one gate entrance, with a wall that looks like the Great Wall of China around it, isolated with club members ONLY who are all paying millions a year to be a member?Not to mention, but to mention, one of his ACTUAL and PERSONAL attorney’s who is a new friend of mine, but best friends with those who’ve put me in this opportunistic position; and even MORE of a bonus, 4-time Major Champion of the U.S. Open (2) and PGA Championship (2), Brooks Koepka, who was there with his family playing golf with the CIC; as well as Trump Force One sitting at the Airport next to the Golf Course, yes, I have pictures of that too 😂If he was “isolated” and America was under that kind of threat, they wouldn’t have a body-double playing golf with 4-time Champion golfer and his family… 🤦🏽I can ASSURE I drove there, versus flying, and we are ALL not doubles and the Golf Course isn’t a figment of OUR imaginations 😝And for those that are reading this for your first time, who’ve never known or heard about body-doubles, Lord help ya, 😂, but you’ll find out soon there’s a Biblical, Monumental, and Historical Operation taking place that’s gonna comatose many sleepy Americans with what’s been going on.The enemy we’re fighting isn’t the kind you think it is… he doesn’t have to be “isolated” as such, if you actually knew what was going on which is all outlined in the COGs and the Military is in perfect and complete control of this Nation.He specifically said in March 2020 “we’re fighting an invisible enemy” and in November 2022 “we’re cleaning out the festering ROT of D.C.” and “we’re de-weaponizing the DOJ, CIA, FBI, etc.”It’s NOT the kind that requires people and patriots in the streets hence why they opted for a controlled operation with a CONTINUATION OF GOVERNMENT.It’s time to start critically thinking with your God given brains again. There’s a FINITE and VIVID Blueprint (as I’m noted for) that paints a CLEAR picture of what’s going on, that was not and never has been secret or hidden… all in LAWS, ORDERS, MILITARY REGULATIONS, STATUTES, ACTS, and CODES…Remember: Trying to put out someone’s light doesn’t make yours shine any brighter.And from the advice commenters this week:“Some people will sink the whole ship and everyone on board just because they cannot be the Captain.”“Higher level, bigger devils.”Thankfully, God is the Captain of my ship.Thank you Patriots 🙏💯🇺🇸DEREK JOHNSON___________________________________________________________STILL ROLLIN’ TO GITMO


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