(Reader: Milton Williams) The Sinister Plot by Dominion Energy Aclara Technologies

(Reader: Milton Williams) The Sinister Plot by Dominion Energy Aclara Technologies



 -Thursday, 23 February 2023, 20:50 PM

Reader Post | By Milton Williams

The Sinister Plot By Dominion Energy Aclara Technologies To Proferate Life Threatening Radiation Meters Into Unsuspecting Citizen Homes, Business And Schools Without Their Knowledge Or Consent In The State Of Virginia 

Dear Senator Tim Kaine

I appreciate your time. I’m requesting that you Senator Kaine and the other Senate members utilize your platform to bring public awareness to the serious health effects and other concerning issues of smart meters and to inform the general public that these meters are being installed without homeowner(s) knowledge and consent, despite SB 797 Electric utilities; advanced meters which read as follows: 

”Electric utilities; advanced meters. Prohibits any electric utility from installing an advanced meter on a customer’s premises or requiring a customer to use any advanced meter unless the customer has requested it. An advanced meter is a meter that is capable of measuring, recording, storing, and reporting usage according to predetermined time criteria and that allows two-way communications suited for demand-response programs. Electric utilities are also required to uninstall an advanced meter at a customer’s request; prohibited from giving any meter use data from an advanced meter to any person other than the electric utility; prohibited from shutting off service to a customer based on the amount of electricity the customer uses or the customer not having or using an advanced meter; prohibited from imposing any disincentive on a customer for not agreeing to the installation or use of an advanced meter; prohibited from obtaining data from an advanced meter more than once per month unless requested by a customer, and required to notify customers in writing that the installation and use of an advanced meter are not mandated by state law and is not permitted without the customer’s request. The measure also repeals an existing provision that prohibits an investor-owned electric utility participating in an energy efficiency program from connecting advanced metering technology and equipment on the customer’s side of the interconnection without the customer’s express consent.”  


I request asking that they halt any scheduled or proposed installation of wireless smart meters in all States 

I further request, as a public service, that both companies post on their business home pages phone numbers that Virginia residents can call and steps they can take, [remove comma] if they don’t want smart meters installed without being obligated to sign Dominion’s policy opt-out form as there is no legal obligation for homeowners, condos, apartment buildings, businesses, and schools to have smart meters. I oppose smart meters on residential homes, schools, and businesses and the wireless smart meter related antennas due to some or all of the following concerns and reason(s):

Health and Involuntary Radiation Exposure: Smart meters produce artificial microwave radiation exposure, and have the potential to cause ill harm to humans, animals, as well as the environment.  

 On May 31, 2011, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified non-ionizing wireless radiation as a Class 2B carcinogen, on par with DDT, due to studies showing an increased risk of brain cancer in long-term cell phone users. Peer-reviewed studies show this radiation also causes DNA damage and decreases male fertility. Smart meters emit this same type of radiation 24/7 and can exceed the FCC’s public exposure safety standard.  

While I can choose to not have wireless phones in my home or turn them off, Aclara smart meters are mandatory, they are being installed without prior consent, and cannot be powered off. Dr. David O. Carpenter, a Harvard M.D. and a Director at the Univ. of Albany’s School of Public Health, warns that there are no human health studies on smart meters showing they are safe. Reported health effects from smart meters include ear ringing, heart palpitations, headaches, body aches, skin rashes, insomnia, and tremors. Further issues include the following:

Privacy and Security: “Big Brother” smart meters are real-time 2-way communication devices that collect too much personal info. The meters also have the capability of allowing utilities to shut off my appliances and power remotely. In addition, I don’t like the utilities or third parties knowing how much energy and what appliances are being used in a private household; this info can also be hacked or potentially sold to or shared with others.

 Fire Danger: Smart meters have exploded and caught on fire, and also shorted out and damaged home appliances; see attached photo of a burnt and clearly damaged smart meter 

 Security and Interference: Smart meters interfere with home security systems, motion-sensor devices, baby monitors and other appliances.

Higher Bills: and Rate Hikes: Smart meters are associated with time-of-use or dynamic rate schedules, and I can’t always shift my energy use to certain times of the day. There have been several reports throughout the country and across the nation of higher bills due to inaccurate smart meters.

 Civil Liberties & Democracy: The Federal government, including the Department of Energy, doesn’t mandate smart meters on our homes, and I didn’t vote for, approve, or consent to a mandatory smart meter program

Consumer Choice: Consumers do not have a choice in utilities, and there is no consumer “choice” in mandatory installation. Traditional Advanced Metering projects were voluntary or optional, requiring Opt-Ins, because consumers were not required to bear the costs and risks. Thus, should not be penalized by being forced to pay any extra fees to financially support: (1) this costly smart meter program; (2) the right to keep their home’s original analog meter.

 Real Estate Value: Because other cities are banning smart meters, smart meters may diminish home values. 

Bad Business: It’s “alleged” that Dominion’s and other utilities smart meter program price tag is about $60 million. This is a bad use of the publics hard-earned money that would be better spent on preserving and protecting more worthy community services and programs, especially during COVID-19 and these tough economic times. In fact, Helix Water District in San Diego, California nixed their smart meter program due to costs, and because only 9% of its smart meter customers used the smart meter website to check their energy usage. 

Meanwhile, consumer advocates have deemed The Gas Company’s $1 billion dollar smart meter program as unnecessary because its costs are higher than its benefits, consumers will end up with higher bills while The Gas Company profits and 1,000-meter readers and smart reader meter installers will lose their jobs.

Moreover, national consumer groups like Public Citizen oppose mandatory smart meters and call them “dumb” because there are more efficient and less costly ways to reduce energy usage and costs. Public Citizen and AARP warn that caretakers, seniors, disabled, the unemployed, those on fixed or limited incomes, and those who spend most of their day working or living at home, are unable to shift their energy use (for instance, turn off their computers, TV sets, air conditioners or heaters) to accommodate the smart meter “time of use” rate schedule, and won’t be able to afford the higher bills. The general public should not have to choose between paying their utility bill or putting food on the table. More than 45 local governments in CA representing a population of 2.6 million have already taken action to oppose or ban smart meters in their communities, and/or support a community or statewide no-cost opt-out. It’s time for the state of Virginia to do the same.Do justice only exists between those who are rich and protected by law like osha who perpetuates a lie for the rich corporations which brings up the question if the law was made for all could that be a lie  

I look forward to receiving your response. 


Mr Milton D Williams Lifeoversmartenergy@gmail.com

Mrs V Johnson 

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