(Reader: Milton Williams) They are Forcing these Dangerous Devices on Citizens Homes

(Reader: Milton Williams) They are Forcing these Dangerous Devices on Citizens Homes

Reader Post | By Milton Williams

Cold Cell

A chilling breeze that gives me goosebumps cuts through my thoughts for one hundredth time in this silent home. I’m in foreign waters detained by those who’re trying to get whatever they want from me. My will is breaking though as they got me locked in this cold, cold world. How can they be so cruel just for information? I am deemed an enemy in their eyes which is justified for me to freeze to death until I spill. Where did the empathy go? It’s so cold. I’m boxed in and there’s no help for me as they wait for my next move. I just want to escape this. 

I bet if I told you this was a terrorist being forced into a tortuous situation to extract information, the fan fare would be mixed as some would say its cruel and unjust while others would deem it justifiable as that person is nefarious and plotting against every last one of the people living in that country. Now what if I flipped that and told you that’s not the case but this is instead the current life of citizens living in their own home. Why is this the case you may wonder? The power that gives us light and heat was cut off despite bills being paid on time and the winter season being ever so unforgiving as the holidays are coming around. Yes, these are two different scenarios, simply a citizen is not a terrorist and yet we are being treated like one despite doing good and hard-working. This is the current situation that has befallen my family and many others. Dominion Energy has decided to be the judge and thus when they drop the gavel, the ruling was to send those who refused to get a smart meter due to having health concerns, to a cold and dark abyss in the place we usually associate warmth and comfort, the place where we lay our heads, feed our loved ones, and pay each and every month to make sure that is possible to stay in, our homes. What is the grounds to be forced in such a torture? Some would already find it quite cruel even if that person was a terrorist, now what would you call it if it’s those that walk among us as American citizens? How can such power be handed to one group, yes they control our electricity but does that give them the right to turn it off in retaliation for just accepting whatever they offer? These smart meters are a health concern, is it not of the people to want to have such concerns and want to know about alternatives because they are many alternatives and yet Dominion Energy time and time again has shown that it’s either what they first offer or suffer the consequences and now the consequences have revealed themselves putting families in plight at worst possible times. Mother nature can be quite unforgiving and it does not help when a company is aiding in that taking away the heat that we seek towards after a hard day of work and wanting to sleep comfortably. Taking away the lights that give our eyes aid as we guide our ways to rooms that we look into with a smile seeing our loved ones happily living. Forcing our homes to become a cold cell of sorts is nothing sort of wicked and I ask Dominion Energy and all these other electrical companies that do this, where is the empathy at? Do you even care that there’s a ten year old child who has a weak immune system, who has already been through a lot at such a young age to want to cling to his mother sleeping the cold, finding more warmth in school and cars than the home he plays with his toys and smiles brightly in. That smile has been taken away because he now wonders why the power is out. He wonders why this company did that all because his family doesn’t want a smart meter that will gradually affect him and that weak immune system he has. What is the issue of simply having alternatives? You do this to make your jobs easier and less costly, not caring for those who suffer because of it in the end. Dominion Energy has emphasized why they are called Dominion, they want to rule with an iron fist, having such power to cut off electricity whenever they feel like, comparable to a kids game. Well this game is playing with people’s lives and the power that was given to you all should not be turned off because of a simple want rather than a necessity but what was necessary about this? This is retaliation and this should not stand with anyone that lives in any shelter that has power. We are not terrorist, we are not be interrogated, we are not people that “needs” to be tortured. We are citizens like you all, we are hard-working people who pay bills every month, who make sure that the electricity stays on and yet that is proving to be worthless as it’s cut off anyway due to a health concern? Where is the sense in all that I bring to question. People of America, imagine being in your home but it’s desolate and cold and there’s the risk of being evicted. Would you be okay with it? American citizens, thanksgiving is next week, a time where family comes together in warmth and full of lights to enjoy being one together and now I wonder if that time can even happen now with such a plight that has put a cork in those plans, would you all be okay with having to spend it in a hotel or having it in that cold, dark home? Dominion Energy workers, would you be able to simply flip the switch to turn your own house off? The house your children laugh in and enjoy themselves whether it’s eating or sleeping. Would you tell them that you had to turn the power off because it was necessary? All people, this is a crucial problem that I can not understate anymore. It’s freezing, it’s desolate, there’s many risks that come with being in a house with no power. The bills are not stopping still, the days are still flying, money is still being spent so I ask why are we treated as nothing more than a prisoner to such power? Why are our lives being made harder despite all the work we put in to make sure everything is stable? Homes of people are becoming cold cells, when are we going to be free? How long is this sentencing? What of our futures? Our families? Our kids? We are not prisoners and yet we have become shackled by the higher powers. Let us be free. 


Milton Williams 

40 Days and 40 Nights 

This family would love to give thanks to everyone that has shown the support by speaking out and giving their opinion on the acts of unethical torture that we was put through by Dominion Energy. For 40 cold, long days and 40 cold, long nights this family was faced with a cold cell in the place they once called home. Now we are appreciative of having the power restored but those were one of the harshest times to be dealt with, mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially, everyone of us was pushed to brink of bowing out because no family should spend the holidays stressed and overwhelmed, going from hotel to hotel, using countless amounts of money, and even spending time in the cold and dark abyss itself. Hasn’t this family been through enough, if so then why does Dominion still have the intentions to play us like this was our own fault for wanting to care for our healths, the little one especially. 

Why is it that they so insist on trying to make themselves as the victim when they did not spend all those days and nights stressed over whether or not the generator will last, how much money is being spent on hotels, if we should pay them all this money that was supposedly owed. How can you all be so cruel to the plight you put us in. Now we are supposed to thank you for the pain and suffering, the mental gymnastics and situations that you have caused this family. There’s members whose blood pressure rose because of this, those who became too stressed and were ready to mentally snap because of those days, those who had panic attacks after panic attacks, and those who couldn’t help but cry wondering if we were doing the right thing by wanting better for our health. That’s emotional damage, time wasted, mental stress overwhelming, and financial money wasted. That should not have ever become the reality yet you all made it one big nightmare for this family during one of the most familiar times for families in thanksgiving and christmas. The season to be jolly became utterly bitter when faced with the options that were forced upon us for having concerns over the smart meters. There is no justification for turning the power off simply for that when every bill was paid, we were sent a bill every month despite the issues, a meter tech checked the meter every month and yet there was no issue.

 So why now? Why did you all wait till the holidays of 2022 to finally “take just action” over our health. There were no talks, no options, you turned our power off and went about your days to your own families and warm homes while leaving another who just as much worked, put food on the table, and provided for their loved ones a cold shell of a home. How could you do that without feeling remorse? Was there any thought of what you all were doing when the call was made to do this? Everytime we got a bill it was paid off and yet that all didn’t matter it seemed like because the meter “couldn’t be read” despite a meter reading being on every last bill. We wanted answers and you gave us questions and frustrations. How do you think we are supposed to feel when the company that’s supposed to be held to high standards is resorting to underhanded and unethical tactics to get what they want as need be? Put yourself in our shoes and tell me if you would understand everything without any questions? Better yet I want you to imagine how stressful knowing the place you call home is not a home, that instead of the heat you want to turn on and blast to avoid the cold and hellish winter, instead your own domain is its own winter beast. Sticking to one room just so no one freezes to death, needing to use cars to warm up and charge phones. Where is the empathy? I come to you not as a customer but a human to tell you this is not right! The life we had to endure for 40 days and 40 nights is something that I don’t wish on anyone and yet it became a reality for us. Can’t you feel our pain, our stress, and our emotions? Actions must be made because the little scars you all have left are lasting on the mind.


Milton Williams & Family 


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