February 25, 2023: The Worm Turned [videos]

February 25, 2023: The Worm Turned [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 February 25, 2023

Anyone still dozing at this point in the ‘movie’ had better sit up and take notice. You can sleep when you die. Now, you need to pay attention. In answer to my question as to whether the wake-ups would take the weekend off, the answer is no.

President Trump posted the following on Truth Social early this morning: You can see where he is leading the narrative and the direction of future events.

Donald J. Trump


This is the most dangerous time in the history of our Country. World War III is looming, like never before, in the very dark and murky background. “Leadership” is solely responsible for this unprecedented danger to the USA, and likewise, the World. HOPELESS JOE BIDEN IS LEADING US INTO OBLIVION!!!
Feb 25, 2023, 6:18 AM

Patriots are on the offensive.


Our in-house war correspondent in Germany has told us Trump’s military has been in Germany to keep things on an even keel there. Today’s headlines might reflect that intervention. Link to Telegram.

War Theater: Hundreds of A-10’s arrive in Germany. The Powers that be really want WWWIII.

Earth is a wild and crazy place just now.


Did you listen to the stunning and incendiary testimony from Arizona this week involving the corruption and manipulation in our elections and local government? If you didn’t yet take that in, don’t miss it. I included the 42-minute excerpt from Thursday again below. It is the most astounding investigative evidence I have ever heard. They reported over 120,000 documents had been reviewed and mentioned multiple states. Can we see why it’s taking so long?


What has NOT been said is that similar has probably been the norm in other states with respect to their elections and this sets the precedent for more investigations and opens the eyes of the public to the possibilities.

It’s not only an Arizona cartel that has been running the show, it is US-wide, and world-wide. Mob rule. The Ukraine-based Khazarian mafia family flourished across the planet under the noses of sleepy residents of nearly every country.

I knew there was corruption in Arizona; I knew they lied and rigged the election; I knew the Board of Supervisors was compromised; I knew they messed with evidence of the election tampering and fraud such as the fire at the Hickman egg farm—but I didn’t know about phantom people getting degrees from the university so they could serve on the Board, or their private police force, the mortgage and trust deed fraud, corrupt judges—it went on and on.

How many times have we heard that drug and Human trafficking cartels rule? I needed a backhoe to get my jaw off the floor but I was elated to hear it.

Sean at the SGT Report put this out:

THIS IS BREAKING NEWS: Explosive testimony at the Senate elections and house oversight hearings in Arizona alleges that judges, cops and government officials have been bribed by the Sinaloa cartel and elections in Maricopa county have been rigged since at least 2004. Governor Katie Hobbs and Runbeck election services have been specifically named as recipients of cartel bribes via deeds of trust and phony mortgages, the means of receiving untraceable bribes.  

Sean summarizes in this video. 3 min.


Watch the full 42 minutes on YouTube—while it lasts.

Yet after all that—days of testimony—the lying, treasonous mafia media still publishes headlines like the following to tell the brainwashed what to think. People without two brain cells to rub together with Trump Derangement Syndrome will gobble this up without even listening to the testimony because they can’t bear to hear the truth.


Arizona GOP legislators continue to give oxygen to disproven election conspiracies

We knew from what insiders like Gregg Phillips and Mike Lindell confidently revealed months ago that some powerful evidence was going to be coming out of Arizona regarding the election fraud at some point but the magnitude of it was far beyond what I ever could have expected.

The funny part was, they allowed Jackie Breger to go through the findings for over 40 minutes and after the dirt was revealed they decided it wasn’t the time or the place for this “alleged” activity and shut her down. Too late. It’s already out there—streaming to the world. Kudos Jackie Breger. I do hope she and her family are protected.

It’s obvious from the above courageous testimony WHY the election integrity issue has taken so long. The entire, corrupt system, elected officials and even judges are bribed and involved in the money laundering, extortion, and election rigging. Now that it’s out there, perhaps we can get justice somehow. To whom do we refer to get justice in Arizona when judges are allegedly bribed before they even sit on the bench?

To quote Q—“it had to be this way”.

Praying medic summed it up nicely on Telegram.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Trump is a boss.
And Katie Hobbs is going to prison.

Goodbye Katie Hobbs and hello Kari Lake. Winner takes all.

We’re getting there. A Judicial Watch email update brings news of election cleanup in our next door state, California.

Los Angeles County removed 1,207,613 ineligible voters from its rolls since last year under the terms of a settlement agreement in a federal lawsuit we filed in 2017 (Judicial Watch, Inc., et al. v. Dean C. Logan, et al. (No. 2:17-cv-08948)).

We sued on behalf of four lawfully registered voters in Los Angeles County and the Election Integrity Project California, Inc., a public interest group involved in monitoring California’s voter rolls.

Humanity is suing the pants off the cabal for their crimes. Here’s another example.

East Palestine residents file class-action against Norfolk Southern

We heard rumours that Texas will be home to toxic soil removed from East Palestine. What kind of solution is that? Why would they want toxic soil in Texas? What else might they excavate when digging up that soil? It’s already apparent that the derailment was intentional. Is it only about a land grab? What’s under the surface? The globalists always conduct operations that yield multiple objectives if successful, so what do they have up their collective sleeve? is a hanging question at the moment in my mind. Let’s hope the Patriots win the suit. Below is an excerpt from above article from The Hill.

“All of our lawsuit’s proposed benefits (monetary damages for all injured businesses & residents/individuals within 30 miles of the derailment, establishment of testing & cleaning protocols, a medical monitoring fund, injunctive relief oversight to Norfolk Southern’s safety & compliance programs) would be above and beyond what the EPA would have for residents,” Berman said. “Additionally, we will want a say in what an effective cleanup is.”

Dots are connected further as political ties are revealed.

Norfolk Southern gave donation to Ohio governor one month before East Palestine disaster

And… after the lawsuit was revealed, lo and behold there was another Norfolk Southern train incident today.

Norfolk Southern train derails in North Carolina, no danger to the public reported

The zombie reference from Kari Lake’s Tweet above may not be as exaggerated as you think. There have been some crazy videos on social media that seem to reveal zombies wandering the streets and engaging in bizarre behaviour right out of a television series like The Walking Dead.

New Skin Rotting Drug Is Literally Turning Drug Users Into Zombies


All hell breaking loose in Arizona? There are at least a dozen traffic accidents, injury, and deaths reported on this CBS affiliate.

1 dead, 12 cyclists injured after being hit by pickup truck on MC-85 near Goodyear

I noticed that AZ Family news was happy to bring the gory details about these incidents to its readers but seems to have missed the testimony from the Senate and House Elections Oversight this week. I guess we know whose family they belong to.

This is the closest to corruption reports they offer, but zero on the events that took place in the Senate/House investigation on election integrity that Arizonans would really want to know. We already suspected Brnovich was compromised when he didn’t take the evidence he was given about election fraud any further.

Former Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich faces possible action by state bar

More bad Arizona news:

Navy SEAL dies in free-fall parachute training accident in Arizona

There was another tragic plane crash in Nevada yesterday, as well.

Medical Care Plane Down, Five Dead Including Pilot, Flight Nurse and Patient

The People of America have a lot of catching up to do.

Gregg Phillips



Are you furious with your government? You should be, this goes back further than most can imagine.

They literally want you dead by any means necessary, only until now are people waking up to this realization

Feb 25, 2023, 2:58 PM

Will chicken become a rare treat? We’re at the point it’s looking like it might become the champagne of white meat; as rare as hen’s teeth. Are we to gather that the New World Order’s “gain of function” research was successful?

Virus Decimating Global Chicken Flocks Jumps to First Human and Leaves Her Dead – Now Someone Else Is Showing Symptoms

I smell a scamdemic in the wind. Quick! Spray us all with Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. They’ve been spraying the skies here in the valley a lot this past week.

How many have wondered how they get these doubles, clones, actors, etc. to sound exactly like the original person?

Hiding technology from Humanity should be a crime. What is possible may seem IMpossible if we are unaware of how far science and tech have come over the decades. Below is an example of what is possible with “machine learning”.

Journalist Uses AI Voice to Break into Own Bank Account

We know they already have files on us and know more about each of us than we know about ourselves, and I’m not going to help them. When I get phone calls and no one responds to my “hello” I stop right there and hang up. I don’t want to provide a “voice print”. Not paranoid at all; I like to be uncooperative, just in case. I won’t provide a thumb or finger print or my phone number for any “security” unless I’m forced.

I despise the Canadian airport customs and security area where you have to use a machine to give a hand print as well as your passport AND have your photo taken. It’s invasive and unnecessary.

“Show me your papers!”—but to a friggin’ machine where “None shall pass!” unless you comply. If you don’t measure up, you are cast into the Gorge of Eternal Peril. It’s true. Monty Python told us. If you don’t answer me these questions three, you may not use the bridge into Canada. Unless you’re an illegal alien, of course.

The Canadian government offers free passage for illegals tramping up through the brush at Roxham Road where the police will welcome you with open arms, assist with your luggage and provide safe passage, after which you may be set up in a high rise apartment building in Toronto to live on floors reserved for such travellers “seeking asylum”.

There is wonderful news for weary travellers. You have found the asylum. You’re there.

Monty Python – Bridge of Death

What is the point in getting a passport if it isn’t sufficient identity? It isn’t just an ID, it is full of brainwashing propaganda quotes like, “Canada is free and freedom is its nationality”, and bullcrap like “Parliament is more than procedure; it is the custodian of the nation’s freedom.”

If Canada is free then I pity even more the countries like Venezuela, Bolivia, and Peru. Our driver had to exit our taxi and have a little pow-wow with the army at the Bolivia/Peru border—we assume to grease their palms—before we could drive through en route to Cusco. As far as third-world communism goes, Canada is getting there—fast.

typical turquoise-blue glow tells when HAARP is in use

The secret war is a secret no more. I shared video of the evidence of HAARP in Turkey the moment the earthquake struck and suggested it was purposeful. This writer is certain. Read his commentary at the link below.

Civilian and news cameras captured the clear night sky igniting with electrical discharges as HAARP reached its peak power. Within seconds, the ground began violently shaking while thousands of buildings came crashing down on the people. The crack that opened up is 650 feet wide and more than 100 feet deep and stretches all the way to Syria.

The news actors are trying to make us believe that triggering an earthquake is impossible to prove. You are wrong, Joe Biden. We have the proof. You will burn in hell for what you have done.

HAARP – The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

The aforementioned full length 1997 documentary, 51 minutes, is available at the link below.

HAARP Holes In Heaven (Full Length Documentary)

Good gracious. Where did the day go? The afternoon is almost over so I will sign off with this interesting meme.

I spied this in my file and thought it might be timely. All the cultures agreed except—one. The West. NASA. Never A Straight Answer, guaranteed.

See you next time and enjoy your weekend. ~ BP

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