FREE Jab Detox Protocol from Deep State Mapping Project (Download Link)

FREE Jab Detox Protocol from Deep State Mapping Project (Download Link)

Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Sunday, 26-Feb-2023 00:29:43

Jabadabadoo Detox Protocol Free Download Released!We’ll have to choose our words very wisely here, because I believe that our previous newsletter service via Mailchimp was terminated after offering some simple holistic advice at the peak of the C0V1D hysteria. For this reason i’ll speak in metaphor (sheesh! Free speech is in a sorry state in 2023, isn’t it?). For those who have partaken in the “poison apple” (see upper left of graphic above) D.S.M.P. has consulted wizard apprentices working in the field with lepers, to undo the effects of said “poison apple”. We have compiled the best of all the advice that is available, and some of our own, into a single page illustration, to guide those seeking to heal from the jabadabadoo. Please just get the Free Download to understand wtf we are actually talking about! Also, please share this with anyone who has received poison apple seeds, who is receptive to taking proactive steps towards remedying the damage that has been incurred!A printed flyer of this illustration will be included in our C0V1D-5G Survival Kit going forward, to replace our now outdated “Poison Apple” Selection Bulletin. We are always looking for new and better ways to enlighten minds and save lives! I hope you will find this new illustration useful! Once again, Please share! For this one, we are claiming no intellectual property ownership, and would love to see it distributed as widely as possible.Click Here to for Free Download!


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