(Reader: Charles) Who Blew up Nord Stream 2?

(Reader: Charles) Who Blew up Nord Stream 2?



 -Sunday, 26 February 2023, 20:36 PM

Reader Post | By Charles

Nord Stream 2, completed by the Swiss company Nord Stream AG in September of 2021, actually consists of 4 separate pipelines.  The pipelines supplied cheap natural gas to Germany (and, through Germany) other parts of Europe.

On September 22, 2022, underwater explosives, probably planted by undersea drones, were remotely detonated, severely damaging and shutting down three of the four Nord Stream 2 pipelines.

Who planned and executed that terrorist attack on a critical piece of Germany’s energy infrastructure?

No one knows who blew up those three pipelines, and that is exactly why there is a need for an investigation. Russia, as a member of the UN Security Council, has called for such an investigation and has suggested it be led by UN Secretary-General António Guterres. All we know, for certain, is that the US President promised to do it last February:

It’s the Germans who should demand an independent investigation (one not including any of the involved countries) into the destruction of that pipeline. They were the ones attacked.

You’ve read Seymour Hersh’s Substack piece, correct?  

That report was the topic of Tuesday’s UN Security Council meeting.


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