The New Churches of the Mind

The New Churches of the Mind



 -Thursday, 2 March 2023, 17:52 PM

Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By RT, Contributing Writer

Submitted on March 2, 2023

If you know someone to be a Christian these days you have a fair idea that (faith apart) that person is taking seriously and at least attempting to align their lives with the ethical principles of honesty, kindness and hopefully, tolerance etc.

If you know the denomination to which they belong you may further refine your own thoughts about them if you are aware to the extent that their ‘House’ and its belief system

allows or encourages them to reach out to other Christian faiths or ‘Houses’ or whether it discourages such openness and actually demonises them as taking people away from the one true faith.

Keeping in mind in actual practice it is usually an abstract issue anyway, as most christian fellowships are happy in their own community and are kind and welcoming to visiting christians of other faiths.

But I want to keep that overall model in mind and look at how it applies to the (admittedly not wide) collection of narratives on offer at the moment – and you can already see where I am going with this, how there is an automatic reflex in the mind that needs to ensure its security is locked in once it has established itself in a particular narrative it is comfortable with so that there is often the pull to then see all other narratives and their purveyors as working for or being fooled by dark agents.

I am not going to keep you for much longer saying obvious stuff but I do remember and wish to share with you the idea of a model I came across in a Ken Wilber book once where he graded belief systems, mindsets etc according to levels of soul-growth or enlightenment – according to his own perspective, natch.

So I want to propose the idea that the different narratives freely running at the moment represent different arenas of growth for different levels of enlightenment and as such perform a service. 

Pattie Brassard, who has not been heard of in a while so may only be here in his other avatar body – not PB – said this was pretty much the case.

Now if you are open to this line of thinking you are – because it is like, really obvious – going to think that whatever current narrative you embrace is at the top of the tree and all others below you, and I am going to say for all I know you are right (because like you I have my narrative I feel most comfortable wearing, from the vantage point of which I will sometimes explore and maintain a connection with others, if they are generally positive that is … )

Will events develop in such a way that we will be spared the bruise to the ego of discovering that our particular narrative was further down the tree than we thought (If such should happen to be the case). I think they might and those in that situation will be so spared … Don’t know why tho …

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