AMAZING STORY – Man Visits Huge Space Ark Inside Mount Fuji Japan – Michael Salla (Video)

AMAZING STORY – Man Visits Huge Space Ark Inside Mount Fuji Japan – Michael Salla (Video)

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Date: Friday, 3-Mar-2023 01:31:21

AMAZING STORY – Man Visits Huge Space Ark Inside Mount Fuji Japan – Michael Salla (Video)Encountering Space Arks and their guardians on Mt Fuji & Mauna Kea VolcanoesMichael Salla
Mar 2, 2023Jean Charles Moyen (a French-Canadian film maker) has just revealed several spontaneous teleportation experiences he had in December 2022 where he witnessed space arks inside of Mount Fuji, Japan and Mauna Kea, Hawaii.In both cases he encountered beings guarding the space arks, which are closely associated with the fire energies of the two volcanoes.What makes Jean Charles claims stand out is that he has both documentary and witness testimony supporting his incredible teleportation experiences.Moyen’s first experiences began one night in December when he was spontaneously teleported to Tokyo, where he met with Elena Danaan who had been teleported there at the same time by the Galactic Federation of Worlds.They were both in their pajamas and immediately recognized each other and walked together in the Tokyo streets to the surprise of passer-bys.Danaan was then teleported back to her home (while Moyen was teleported to Mount Fuji) where he met a guardian being named Utsu, who he recognized as the same person he had witnessed decades earlier when he was 7 years old and had teleported to Mt. Fuji from his home in Paris, France.Moyen wrote about his childhood encounter with Utsu in his personal diary and drew a picture of her and the disk-shaped spaceship inside at the time.Japanese researchers investigating Moyen’s remarkable claim discovered (to their great surprise) historical records about Mt. Fuji containing a spaceship that is protected by a guardian named Utsu.Both the diary entry along with historical records on Mt. Fuji provide compelling documentary evidence supporting Moyen’s remarkable teleportation experiences.Moyen next describes how Utsu introduced him to the Fire goddess responsible for Mt. Fuji ‘Kono’ who then teleported with him to Mauna Kea the world’s tallest mountain when measured from its underwater base to its 13,800,000 ft (4200 meters) summit.Inside Mauna Kea was another spaceship that he went inside with Kono, which Moyen believes is another space ark.In this ‘Exopolitics Today’ interview, Moyen discusses his teleportation experiences and responds to questions about his supporting evidence from Dr. Michael Salla.The compelling witness account, documentary and historical evidence presented by Jean Charles Moyen (corroborating his teleportation experiences into Mt. Fuji) adds credence to his claim of also having teleported into Mauna Kea to witness another space ark. (as well as earlier teleportation experiences where he witnessed space arks in Tibet and Antarctica)Jean Charles Moyen’s latest documentary is available at:…Click here for Video: >>>

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