Entire Police Dept. Goes Rogue, Kidnaps K-9, Steals Evidence, Sabotages Every Cruiser, Then Quits

Entire Police Dept. Goes Rogue, Kidnaps K-9, Steals Evidence, Sabotages Every Cruiser, Then Quits

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Homerville, GA — This month, without warning, the taxpayers of Homerville found out that the police department they have been paying for “protection” no longer wished to serve them. The entire department, including staff and every single officer on the force, turned in their resignation letters and abandoned their positions.

The move caught the entire town by surprise and comes after its former police chief, Dearin “Mack” Drury was fired after being charged. Drury, 40, turned himself in last week and now faces charges of violation of oath of office, with theft by taking, possession of marijuana, and false statements and writings.

GBI gave few details on the violation of oath of office other than there was “improper evidence handling,” according to WALB. Nevertheless, the officers in the department did not agree with the charges.

Not only did they all quit in a synchronized temper tantrum, but they did their best to leave the department in ruins on their way out — including committing crimes.

On Saturday, James Herndon was appointed interim Homerville police chief and he inherited a veritable sh*t show. The crimes committed by the officers on their way out left the department in shambles and may lead to its permanent closure, according to Herndon.

“They locked the keys in the car. They turned the keys halfway on, the radios on and made the batteries go dead in all the cars. They broke into my office and stole the evidence room keys I have yet to locate. They took the drug dog, unfortunately, from where I sit. That’s theft by conversion and that’s a felony. I would make a recommendation if it’s worth salvaging money-wise and what’s best for the community and hire new officers, or we just shut it down, but either way that’s a decision for the council,” Herndon said.

Conversely, Clinch County Sheriff Stephen Tinsley said he supports the police officers who quit.

While the town struggles to fill positions of their police force or decides whether or not they will shut down, it is important to point out that people aren’t going around breaking the law without cops to stop them — thus highlighting the revenue collection mission of police.

“I feel safe, the only thing, nothing gone happen because we don’t really have no police because they weren’t really doing nothing no way.” an anonymous resident said.

“Why wear a badge when you know you’re not going to do the right thing for your city or country whatsoever? Everything is going slow and steady, but once we get the right person in the seat, I feel like everything will be better, way better.” resident Frankie Swinson said.

Seems like many of these residents get the fact that the idea that police protect you is a misconception, as they will seldom prevent violence. They normally show up after the violence or crime has been committed and then try and find a culprit, or not.

The average response time to a 9-1-1 call is 10 minutes nationwide; for poor areas, that time quadruples. In some cases, the dispatchers do not take the caller seriously, and the victim ends up dead when a crime could have actually been prevented.

The reality is that police act as revenue collectors for the state and solely exist to enforce the law only.

In a perfect world, police would show up prior to a crime and stop it, or at least during a crime, but this is simply not a reality.

Police in America also do not “protect and serve.” If you doubt this claim simply refer to Warren v. District of Columbia, in which the Supreme Court ruled that the police do not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm. We saw an example of this tragically unfold in Uvalde, Texas as cops cowardly waited in the hallway as a mass murderer slaughtered children in a classroom.

Imagine a police force that acted more like firefighters or EMTs. Firefighters don’t have to go door to door looking for fires, in order to be effective. EMTs, just like firefighters wait for a call before reacting and their services are oft proven invaluable contrary to that of police work. Perhaps this recent mass resignation can be used to channel this notion to the forefront and completely revamp the idea of policing in the land of the free. Perhaps.

**By Matt Agorist



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