March 6, 2023: March Madness to Usher in Spring [videos]

March 6, 2023: March Madness to Usher in Spring [videos]

March 6, 2023: March Madness to Usher in Spring [videos]

March 6, 2023

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Everyone’s talking about it. Trump has been fairly specific in his vision for the new America. It’s going to be exciting. The first time I tried to lift a Twitter post to share, Twitter was broken, but it’s fine now. Of course, uniformed people and leftists are making fun of the “dream” and think it’s pie-in-the-sky stuff. Won’t they be surprised?

Flying cars? They already exist, as does most of the other tech we’ll be getting that the controllers have kept from us for decades. The Keshe Foundation gave us a glimpse years ago.

Will the locations of any of those Freedom Cities involve key leyline junctions?

Agent A1 shared the following, and I hope folks are expecting it. Trump told us we’re closing in on “the precipice” and he and Dan Scavino Jr.’s comms are specifically saying “we’re going to finish what we started”. Big stuff is waiting in the wings. When will the climax occur when the big clash enters, stage right?

Are we ready world? Everything will hit at once. The buildup.

March Madness is clearly underway as we heard of another train derailment in Ohio; this one in Springfield, but we’re told no hazardous materials. Every day now, it seems. And there was a train wreck in Springfield in January 2022 as well. What is the problem with Norfolk-Southern?

The People of Chicago must be elated by this news. I wonder how many are awake to what has been going on. Did they vote for Obama? Do they know his role in what we see today—the near annihilation of their historic city? The crew brought us this update so I’ll just cut and paste:

Huge win for Chicago – Clif High points out there’s no one to cover their crimes anymore.

The head of the Chicago Police Department and the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois announced their resignations Wednesday, hours after Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot lost her bid for reelection.

Something to think about, as we’ve been bringing readers up to speed on Tartaria and the world we lost for some time now.

Is this drone footage? Wow. It reminds me of the excavation we saw at the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, Canada where reports stated they were building tunnels so the politicians wouldn’t have to go out in the cold to move from building to building. Is that really what it was about?

Dom Lucre | Breaker of Narratives




I will probably commit suicide after this tweet.





Read the full conversation on Twitter

Tartarian library building on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada

Theo Fleury


Canada is the most corrupt country on the planet 🌎 The whole government is involved in the corruption. We’ve only scratched the surface of the fuckery happening in Canada. You aren’t going to vote your way out of this.

Tartarian library building on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada

You’ve got to be kidding me. Canada needs help. Is anyone awake?

We tried to tell people “mandates” are not laws and they can’t enforce them unless you fold and comply.

Alberta school boards will not be able to mandate masking: education minister

It’s time to step up, folks.

All is not lost for Canadians.

The crew wants to share this tribute to the jab victims. Please share as you can.

Meanwhile, the pushback and continual degradation of our society via our children is in our faces.

Were the slaughterhouse closures and fires about tainted meat products [Human meat] or was it about children? Probably not graveyard shift workers as the article suggests, although they may have been trafficked and “working” at night. Link to Telegram.

We wanted to drop this for you after the research we did on JB Swift!

Were these slaughter houses that were being burnt down actually trafficking these kids the whole time while hiding behind the “meat” name?

We went there a year ago and did a big dig on Nebraska and Grand Island!

Remember, Grand Island, NY is near Niagara Falls!😳😳
PSSI employs 17 k meat workers!🤔

Why the extreme temperature changes?

Greg Reese put a summary together about the East Palestine, Ohio toxic situation and False Flag takeover bid in that area involving the digital ID agenda and the children. 5 min.

Before Ohio Chemicals Were Set Aflame – Digital ID Bracelets & CDC Website Update Regarding Kids – Greg Reese [VIDEO]

The biggest news on the Covid crimes front came from the UK. Stunning email testimony it was planned. Now the ninnies will realize they were conned and fell for the hoax— hook, line and sinker, while vilifying those of us who told them it was all lies.

And that’s not all:

The tyrants are so evil they can’t vilify eggs enough. After lying and telling us they cause high cholesterol for years, now they are blaming the blood clots from the “clot shots” on eggs. The truth, we learned, is that the yolk ingredients protect us from the jab’s spike protein component.

Jim, the Unknown Lightwarrior had a fascinating show on Friday with additional information about the White Hats/Alliance, their Quantum Computer, the strategy and what roll the computer is playing, assessing the risks and loss of life, and much more. He also tied into the intel section at the front of the show the most recent updates from several sources, including Benjamin Fulford, before he went on to discuss the Third Eye System the 144K have at their disposal to speed this process along and play a roll in the shifting consciousness. Listen at Ground Crew Command on Blogtalk Radio at the link below. 1 hr. 46 min.×250&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=LTSiFK8Gg6&p=https%3A//

Full Breakdown Of All Intel, AUGMENTED 3rd Eye System 2.0 ! Where To From Here

Couldn’t resist…

Barring a Vulcan mind meld there are some we will never get through to, but we will continue to put the information out there to sculpt the greater Human consciousness in hopes it breaks their indelible shell of normalcy bias. It sounds like “the Event” at the precipice will be the final thrust on that front.

This young woman has things to say about the coming events that will shock the world—either into oblivion or into consciousness. We can’t have unconscious people walking around blocking and undoing what we’re trying to create as we rebuild our civilization. She learned how to do her own Q decodes and brings us her interpretations.

THOUGHTS ON UPCOMING EVENTS by Key Habbenings / Colleen

And that concludes today’s Big Picture update, although it represents a tiny fraction of what we could share as relevant. Many thanks to the crew for their contributions and support.  ~ BP

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