New Petition, Coronation Oath. VERY CRITICAL FOR THE UK

New Petition, Coronation Oath. VERY CRITICAL FOR THE UK

Posted By: Namaste
Date: Wednesday, 8-Mar-2023 12:52:36

IF JUG EARS REFUSES, HE CANNOT BE KING AND HIS POSITION WOULD BE TREASONOUS”KING CHARLES” YUCK’Amend His Majesty the King’s Coronation Oath’.It was proposed by a Neville Martin, and it is his preamble to the petition which is very well stated. To save you time for a search this is what he has said. I think it is excellent, and particularly the last para.The Coronation Oath Act 1688 binds His Majesty the King to rule according to the law agreed in parliament. Considering the inclination of recent parliaments to adopt increasingly reactionary totalitarian political policies – and to do so without effective parliamentary opposition – such an oath will not meet the approval of His Majesty’s subjects.> To meet the expectations of the people, the Coronation Oath must reassert, restore and uphold the God-given constitutional liberties and rights of the people under Common Law, which the people have held since time immemorial, but which have been denied by recent governments. This will reinforce the authority of the people over successive parliaments which are moving progressively in an increasing autocratically oppressive direction.> The abject and unconscionable failure of successive parliaments to weigh the economic and social impacts of harmful and unjust environmental policies – hatched in foreign lands by utopian despots – has led to vast numbers of the poorest and most vulnerable in society (especially those on fixed incomes) to suffer unbearable financial hardships to meet the spiralling costs of household energy. Despite the government feigning empathy with these unfortunate people, no commensurate government action has been forthcoming, whilst global utility companies profit egregiously whilst imposing intolerable and unjust measures to secure the greatest amount of revenue from the poorest in society.> His Majesty’s Coronation Oath may be the last opportunity for a generation to reassert the constitutional rights if the people under Common Law; failure to do so will result in increasing numbers of His Majesty’s subjects to question the authenticity of a monarchy which is inextricably tied to the political whims of Westminster politicians.

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