The Explosion of Important Information & Certainly Much of it Is, Yet – Mar 08 2023

The Explosion of Important Information & Certainly Much of it Is, Yet

Posted By: CrystalRiver
Date: Wednesday, 8-Mar-2023 14:44:55

Dear RM Agents and Readers,January 6th and Deep State Attempting to Stop it, Illegal Crossings over many borders in many countries, Nuclear War Threatened upon The world, Treason by the so-called President of America, Molestation of Children, Gain of Function Research,Pulled the above highlights from infowars:

The big story is still the hijacking of human beings body that was created by God. They didn’t create life, they tampered with the life that God Made!

That is a big difference! Without his prototype of mankind they could have never done it.Biology is Nanotechnology, do you not understand this?They have used this bioweapon to maime, kill and destroy God’s creation in a move to have power over the very same with those that are left. What will the rest of the topics matter if we do not have power over ourselves?

They will have us push the button for nuclear annihilation ourselves!————————– Graphene Oxide Found In SHOTS Pfizer SUED For $3 TRILLION Over “Safe & Effective” LIES!Play VideoCONFIRMED: Graphene Oxide Found In SHOTS Pfizer SUED For $3 TRILLION Over “Safe & Effective” LIES!
channel image
The Prisoner
Published 19 hours ago |
“Safe and effective” was always a lie and it always will be!Karen Kingston is back with Stew to discuss the 3 trillion dollar lawsuit against Pfizer brought by Robert Barnes.
Will this lawsuit finally be the end of Pfizer?
The pegylated lipid nanoparticle can interact with electromagnetic devices.Graphene oxide has now been confirmed to exist in the bioweapon which is manufactured in China.
No one signed up for this but the world was deceived by Pfizer and Big Pharma’s lies.The mRNA shots contain nanotechnology, create non-human structures inside the human body, and attack the central nervous system by crossing the blood-brain barrier.
Bring on Nuremberg 2.0!Dr. Ryan Cole told us what the most important thing was by climbing up on the stage and speaking over Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger. Remember this is when they brought in the so-called experts to divert the topic from the Graphene.Dr Astrid Stuckelberger, Todd Callender, Ann Vandersteel (Vid 2 hrs of experts, Love Expands, Fear Squashes You, Recall Dr.Astrid Was The One Dr. Ryan Cole, Shouted Down–CR)—————————————
Do you think they felt they would be protected because we would all be dead and the rest under full control. Yet, do not put your guard down as they have backups with everything. So you must take out the system as well as the possible backups.Many Blessings,

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