March 9, 2023: How Many Rotten Tomatoes for This Movie? – Mar 09 2023

March 9, 2023: How Many Rotten Tomatoes for This Movie?

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 March 9, 2023

Like any movie, the ratings vary. Some would give this world-wide epic adventure 20 rotten tomatoes if they could, while others might rate it a negative five rotten tomatoes. We’re all different; have differing backgrounds and levels of understanding of what is unfolding and why.

Some view it on a small scale, perhaps mostly political or geopolitical. Those who see the Big Picture, however—the macro view of the stakes for Humanity in an unprecedented spiritual battle of good versus evil see more cause for celebration and their expectations are far more realistic.

To truly enjoy the journey one must have a warrior spirit. That means letting go of control and our preferred lenses of perception and being open to the astonishing realities presenting. We couldn’t have imagined much of what is written into this script. It’s out of this world.

The villains are darker, more gruesome and ruthless than the evil characters in horror movies but they mostly hide in the shadows. There is still much to reveal in the epilogue of this creative masterpiece so strap yourselves in. It will be quite a ride… but it is taking a long time to tell the story. I think it’s safe to say that far more is happening than we are privy to at this time. Patience and faith may be tested.

In the interim, we have to deal with petulant monsters like this:


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WTF wouldn’t someone tackle & restrain this psycho? Tens of thousands of dollars of property destruction like this deserves a bullet, or at the very least a UFC style takedown.

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Clown World ™ 🤡




The truth is definitely coming, though.

We heard the Biden double was removed on the job in Ukraine. Perhaps it’s true.

You no doubt saw the video of the hundreds of Dutch farmers in their tractors blocking the roads in the Netherlands. They are true warriors. I see this next bit as a sign that the military may be moving in as part of the liberation process in that nation to perform mass arrests of the cabal and peace-keeping missions to keep civilians safe.

Hague Mayor Threatens To Use Military Gear To Keep Rival Climate, Farmer Protests In Check

Mayor Jan van Zanen of The Hague said he could indeed authorize the use of military equipment to remove blockades or tractors in his city on March 11. On that date, the upcoming Saturday, both climate activists and farmers are set to demonstrate in the Zuid-Holland city.

“I am not going to rule out the possibility that Defense equipment will be deployed. That is available if necessary,” he said in an interview with De Telegraaf. He has also asked police forces elsewhere in the country to provide officers to assist.


There was talk when Q came out that John Podesta might be the “first arrest”. Now he has been injected into the news. Link to Telegram.

John Podesta Allegedly In DISTRUBING Body Paint Photo!

Reuters Fact Checks Tweet & Accidentally CONFIRMS ADRENOCHROME Is REAL!

The satanic elite continue their rituals and want to enslave humanity.
Edward Szall is back with Stew to talk about John Podesta’s creepy body paint photo and Reuters confirming adrenochrome is real.
Stew Peters tweeted a photo purported to be John Podesta covered in body paint.

Most of us knew that the drama around the controversial Elon Musk, the attacks, etc. were all for good reason and that reason would become apparent before long. Link to Telegram.

Twitter Truths Suspended 800,000 Accounts Involved In Child Exploitation

Elon says Twitter suspended last month
800,000 – accounts distributing material on SEXUAL CHILD
EXPLOITATION, and the company has reduced successful searches for this material by 99% since December.

In the video of this train derailment in Calhoun County, Alabama, we can see the CEMEX on one of the cars. Nice. CEMEX is tied to the Clinton Crime Cartel and Human trafficking. “Everything is connected”, as Q stated.

I believe the reports that these trains are being used for Human trafficking, and potentially arms and drugs are probably true. Why would they down a plane with 5 chemical investigators on it unless they didn’t want the cargo seen? They didn’t want anyone on site in East Palestine, particularly journalists. Why start a fire in East Palestine, Ohio right after the wreck? Nothing is what it seems. Someone has Norfolk Southern trains in their sights and derailments are growing.

Is fake news being censored? Or was it just a glitch?

Has anyone experienced this phenomenon recently while trying to access the Canadian news articles?

Anyone notice Fake CTV News Articles are not opening ?
Error 404…

It all seems to be working for me, but there is this article that stood out. Bob Loblaw strikes again.

Loblaw president defends price of chicken; images shared are of ‘specialty product’

Also in Canada, a second dog in Saskatchewan has been killed/skinned alive. It’s not only Human torture we’re trying to stop. It makes me sick to my stomach. Link to Telegram.

This may be equally as disgusting. We heard about what appeared to be a raid and the closing of the Black Forest a year or more ago for an investigation so anything is possible.




I definitely missed something.

Fake news is everywhere, though, as Capt. Seth Keshel points out. Link to Telegram.

There is a cute little lie going around in the mainstream media the past day or so – that 75% of Arizonans believe their election was clean and the results believable.

This is dyslexia. 75% certainly believe it to be a steaming dumpster fire, and just 25% need to visit their proctologist in order to locate their head.

Ivermectin for lung cancer? I hope so. Link to Telegram.

The Testing Evidence for Using Ivermectin for Treating Lung Cancer – Brightwork Research & Analysis

That does it for today, my friends. Thank you all for the kind birthday greetings, health tips, etc. Back soon.  ~ BP

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