Your Sunday Digest for March 12, 2023: Rules of Engagement for This Moment of Peril [videos]

Your Sunday Digest for March 12, 2023: Rules of Engagement for This Moment of Peril [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 March 12, 2023

Oye! Oye! It is time to engage, folks. Hear the call.

To begin today, we have a must-listen communiqué from Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn recorded yesterday, March 11. It’s 1 hr. 51 minutes at Before It’s News, who state it is well worth the time to listen and it is interesting stuff concerning various kinds of warfare.

He begins by discussing the bank collapse and whether we should be withdrawing our funds which would create bank runs and what the strategy of the banksters might be.

I’m just beginning to listen but Gen. Flynn is fired up and I agree we would do well to listen to this as the enemy’s intention is similar to Covid where they want to get people afraid so they will act irrationally and respond exactly the way the globalists want us to so he delivers the Rules of Engagement we must recognize to win this war. He also says DO NOT GET THE JAB BECAUSE IT IS WEAPONIZED.

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

It’s true: what is unfolding on our plane[t] is not just “politics”. It is so much larger than that. Evil is being ushered out of our realm as quickly as possible while most people don’t even understand what is happening or what is at stake. Video at the link below or watch on

Here are additional updates from Telegram: TRUTH Channel, [3/12/2023 10:46 AM]
JUST IN – Silicon Valley Bank on Friday paid out annual bonuses to some eligible U.S. employees, just hours before the bank was seized by the U.S. government – Axios TRUTH Channel, [3/12/2023 10:46 AM]
JUST IN – Etsy warned sellers that the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has caused delays in processing payments

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General Michael Flynn Issues Emergency Message to Humanity

As the coming events unfold, some folks will need a laxative, others Immodium, depending on their constitution and preparedness or wokeness.

Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Has Repercussions In Israel

The SVB Israel website at this time made no mention of the collapse, but David Cohen, General Manager of SVB Israel, stated on social media, “Over 12 years ago, I started my chapter at SVB with the aspiration to build a solid and trusted brand for SVB in Israel.”

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said he is closely monitoring the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, which has led to a major crisis in the high-tech world. Link to Telegram.

And when will it affect eBay, Amazon, and everything else? When will supply chain be affected? Do folks see now why we need to have cash on hand? If the banks go down, no ATMs, can’t order anything online or buy gas with a credit card. Some say we have no idea how the barter system will be demanded. What? No gas? On yer bike! Get that scooter out.

There is good news, however. Queen Romana of Canada stated on Telegram:

Q & A

Question: HRM Queen Romana, what happens to our Cities/Towns [Corporations] that may go bankrupt or already bankrupted. The same question about Banks going bankrupt.

Answer: Every City / Town and The We The People of the Kingdom of Canada is and will be cared for. Keep Calm

I believe that applies in every country, and that none of us need to be concerned for those who did not prepare, are elderly, have limited mobility, etc. I think that’s where the Walmarts, etc. the military commandeered may be used to provide essentials for civilians if and when the need arises throughout this process. Just speculation. The normies have to learn and accept that the world is not okay and that there are big problems to get sorted before we can enjoy an easy, abundant, “normal” life again.

Here is a longer take on the situation from Telegram:

You are in the hardest part of the PLAN!!!… Where everything is intensifying, growing quickly on both sides of the War… /// It’s like a head on collision you are witnessing….. The extreme mental pain that is being felt will intensify>>> VACCINES will change from experimental >>MANDATORY<< …….
You must practice your free WILL .. Stand strong in the hardest part of the fight…////
>You may not see that alot of people who have already taken the first jab are now becoming angry, because they are being told to take more and more vaccines (contrary to what the word toll before ..”take the vaccines to regain freedom”.. They now know that was a lie and vaccines companies are coming after their kids and they are being told to take boosters shots..) The lies CDC NIH NIAIH WHO ect. All promoted keeping changing.. Those narrative is changing monthly and the sleeping Sheep are beginning to see the lies more and more slowly<<< you don’t see the data but the Rage growing is true!!!!

Many vaxed people are growing Angry and concerned they are part of Agenda….. And they are beginning slowly to seek outside information from the mainstream media…>>> CNN Newsweek ect [MSM]… Has the lowest ratings of the 21st century//))
I know many PATRIOTS and ANONS are losing hope and waiting and waiting and waiting and want proof something is happening…(I could tell you hundreds of thousands into the Millions,, lawyer’s, doctors, nurses, WHITE HATS, high ranking officials. Military personal, Truth Speakers, Podcasters, leakers are all doing their part in EXPOSING the truth of the scamdemic….. But to most people just want to see results instantly/confirmation/ …… The sad truth is…..I have WARNED LONG AGO.. .>>GAME THEORY/NASH EQUILIBRIUM/NEAR DEATH CIVILIZATION EVENT<<< must take place….. This part of the War/Chess move is essential…
And many will suffer PAIN …
THIS_EVENT will be extremely painful to witnesses and feel like all hope is lost….. But in the last final moments/ THINGS WILL CHANGE as planned)

So the people of the world will never again let medical tyranny be again controlled by the World BANKING Masters> and ELITES who controlled and created all Wars and poverty the past Thousand years… These same CABAL control the bioweapons that was released, control the DEEP STATE GOVERNMENTS that control pedophilia rings, drug smuggling, distribution and sales.. Human trafficking networks…… THIS GREAT WAR YOU ARE IN AND WITNESSING WILL INTENSIFY TO HUGE MOMENTS OF EVENTS THAT WILL TEST YOUR SPIRIT MIND AND BODY TO BREAKING POINTS AND LOST HOPE MOMENTS<<<<



It had to be this way

In the end>>


//))) The military can not step in.. Till most people turn against the System>>DS….}} That is currently happening by all the lies CDC WHO NIH NIAIH SEPI GAVI PFIZER GPMB WEF /FACEBOOKS SOCIAL MEDIA IS PORTRAYING> and the sheep are waking up to LIES

Anger is building world wide<<
The forced vaccination is a TRIGGER<<<many TRIGGERS

STAY VIGILANT PATRIOTS WORLD WIDE…. Your inside the hardest part of the 21st century
WINTER ON 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥



Impatience and fear will not serve us. We’re playing the long game in what General Flynn called our “crisis period”.

Have you ever seen the rain? It never rains in California, but it pours, and when the levee breaks the fire department in Pajaro drove through town with a loud speaker and told everyone the water is coming and to prepare/evacuate. Why does it seem like California is always under attack: fires/DEWs, drought, flooding, earthquakes, chemtrails, abnormal snow, high winds, power outages… Video on Telegram.

In the UK there are massive power outages. Could be important operations unfolding there.×250&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=zmZUWSwec2&p=https%3A//

UK power cut hits 31,000 as homes plunged into darkness across 10 regions

The Q team did tell us that not everyone would be able to accept reality. Here’s a delta for yesterday March 11—and there were 16 of them.

It’s wakey-wakey time for some of the normies. Here’s a 3-minute rant from a man who’s just now getting it after learning of Matt Hancock’s email that spoke of launching their next various to “frighten the pants off everyone”. Link to video. Poor chap.

Tironianae  posted the following by Susan W. yesterday on Telegram:

Patriots and Frog Family

There are 16 Deltas for today. Please go to Qalerts. app. ——> deltas——>today!
You will find several of them very enlightening.

I know I sound like a broken record but reading the Q drops will definitely help us to match up not only what is happening but helps us to gauge what stage in this war (movie) we truly are at.

We have been prepared for quite awhile. Many of us for years…we had the luxury of learning and awakening over time. Those that are still asleep…that refused to accept the truth….will not have our same “luxury” of time. Being force fed the truth all at once will not be an easy road ahead for them so be prepared to help walk them thru it. Initially only answer the questions that they ask. Help them by telling them where to look for more info. Save your favorite videos and posts now. Being prepared always meant more than just having our food, water and living essentials ready.

We were always the ones chosen to awaken the masses. That particular job does not end at this finish line. The sleepers will need us more on the other side of the finish line than they ever did before. You, my frog family have become the educators, healers and rebuilders of the future. You were chosen for this time in history. You were chosen for a reason. There are no coincidences. Oh comon admit it…even with everything we have had to go thru…to withstand…this is the greatest time to be alive. We are not only watching history being made we are a very essential part of it. We are the warriors and army that God chose to rise up and defeat evil….not only in our homes or country but worldwide. We are the ones that helped take on Satan and WON! We did what was once thought as impossible. Yes, we are battle-weary but we keep moving forward. We will make it thru the storm. We have this! We always did because unlike the rest, we let go and let GOD…we became FULLY RELIANT ON GOD. We are His F.R.O.G.s. No one can stop what is coming…what is here now. Trump and the White Hats are on the offense now. Everything always had to be played out legally. We had to do it the right way.

God is in control. Evil is being wiped out. You chose wisely when you chose to answer God’s whisper. Let’s see it thru to the end. Let’s make the light brighter. We are sheep no more!!! We are slaves no more!!! We are God’s Chosen Army and we are the Light! We always were. Dark to Light. We win… we won!!! Satan and his minions are now fearing us. WE have nothing to fear. We broke their control over us when we united to save our children. We did this for all humanity…so our children and grandchildren could experience something that was stolen from us…freedom! The best is yet to come! Embrace every moment. God has chosen his army wisely! Godspeed Patriots! Love and Light to all.
Mar ❤️❤️❤️ 3/8/23

So we have a cholera pandemic to look forward to, as well? You’ll love this. The WHO sees it as connected to climate change—like everything else. It would be a “catastrophic contagion” and would affect children!

This is a cabal wet dream. Good thing we are reasonably certain Bill Gates was executed in India years ago for killing or maiming 70,000 children with his “polio vaccine”. 20 min.

Bill Gates alerts next pandemic as W.H.O. warns Cholera could be next | Redacted with Clayton Morris

And that’s not all. There is this threat looming as well, they tell us. Link to Telegram.

They are warning you of a cyber ‘pandemic’, where recovery will require Digital ID to connect to the new internet.

The crew brings us the next installment from retired Lt. Colonel Riccardo Bosi of the AustraliaOne Party in Oz and his brilliant assessment of this war and how it will affect us. What a prize he is and when these three get together it’s fascinating and fun.

There is a chime going off during this video, probably Telegram. I had the same issue with closing all the Telegram windows and still getting chimes going off until I shut down and rebooted because I could never figure out where it was coming from

Bosi says he can’t decide if Oz or Canada are the craziest places for tyranny.

1 hr. 49 minutes. Nice and long but I could have gone for more.


It’s open season on Humanity now, but also on the parasites.

Shelter in Place Order for Hazardous Material Incident in Lancaster City, PA

From Real Raw News… as you may have heard people asking if John Fetterman is alive or not… and we heard Dianne Feinstein was hospitalized as well. Some claim this isn’t a valid news source but we know some of it has been so, you decide.

Fetterman, Feinstein Died at Hospitals

Because some of the most horrific and challenging truths will involve Human trafficking and satanic ritual abuse at the hands of the cult that has been running the world, we will continue to share important testimony because much of it may need to be told multiple times before the average person can accept it.

It is only natural to reject what is so foreign and repulsive to us that we don’t want it to be true. While it is true that these acts are not something Humans would do—what the masses don’t understand is that it isn’t the average Human doing it, and it’s a long, long story.

The former Reverend Kevin Annett of British Columbia, Canada has been exposing the appalling and repeated Crimes of Church and State for many years. He interviewed a very brave Dutch psychologist named Toos when she stated her childhood experiences at satanic rituals and “elite” Human hunting parties involving European royals, members of the church, etc.

Her testimony is difficult to hear and difficult to believe for the Human psyche, but we are assured it is true as others have also come forward with the same or very similar stories which represents the reality of the lifestyle and proclivities of the monsters who have controlled us for a very long time. It is time to expose it, stop it, and deliver appropriate justice. 1 hr. 27 min.

full testimony here

Testimony of Toos Nijenhuis – Ritual Child Sacrifice in the Vatican

More from Kevin Annett on the First Nations genocide in Canada and mass murders in other places like Ireland can be found at his website, Murder By 

So, in the coming days what kind of clown acts can we expect? Will anything be real, serious, or biblical? Historic? Definitely historic!

Before I leave you today I want to share something we too often forget:

And then I found a new video from SG Anon, File 44 which I have not yet enjoyed but soon will.  53 min.

What Sort of Spiritual Power Lies Within the Human Being? The Answer Will Surprise and Delight You

Enjoy your weekend. It’s going to be wild and wooly for awhile, folks. Just stay calm and try to enjoy it if you can.  ~ BP

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