A retired RMN agent sends: “Neil Keenan and his ‘Trillion Dollar Lawsuit’ (2011)” – Mar 17 2023

A retired RMN agent sends: “Neil Keenan and his ‘Trillion Dollar Lawsuit’ (2011)”

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Date: Friday, 17-Mar-2023 13:55:26

Thursday, 16 March 2023
Neil Keenan and his “Trillion Dollar Lawsuit”

(2011)Neil F. Keenan gained much of his fame on the Internet back in 2011 thanks to his so called “Trillion Dollar Lawsuit” which was promoted by many sites and blogs of the alternative media world at the time.

This lawsuit was a real one, still one whose nature was not so genuine.What really happened that led to this lawsuit?

Neil F. Keenan was caught red-handed in 2009 in Zurich (Switzerland) unlawfully holding historical bonds and notes which cannot and should not be used in the financial world without the authorization of the M1/International Treasury Controller [ITC].

In fact those historical bonds and notes – like many others – were stolen from depositories in past decades in places the likes of the Philippines and China.

They belong to the Collateral Accounts.Those bonds and notes held by Keenan were recovered through a ‘sting operation‘.Keenan never accepted that and in revenge – to save his own face towards his masters (Neil F. Keenan is a convicted felon in the US, see image below) – he exposed on the Internet what happened, still fabricating a lot of lies and distorting the truth in order to create a fake clean image of himself.All this led to his 2011 lawsuit which was deposited in New York.

The lawsuit was against a number of ‘defendants’ most of whom were arbitrarily added to the list by Keenan without any reason at all.

Keenan added to the list of defendants some big names in order to attract more attention to his legal action. In fact the only real big name in this saga was the one Keenan himself involved to try and cover his own misdeeds, i.e. the then director of the N.S.A. General Keith B. Alexander whom Keenan boasted to be a friend of.Although full of lies and half-truths, the lawsuit managed to make some noise even at the top of the world and reached the table of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – Head of the Committee supervising the direction of the ITC – and the then President of the U.S.A., Barack Hussein Obama.Once the legal action by Keenan became known to the authorities in 2011, the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder received a diplomatic pouch (classified top secret) informing him of the actual nature of the historical bonds and notes object of the Keenan’s lawsuit.The case was officially dismissed in 2012 (see pdf file below). No subject matter jurisdiction. Also, most of the defendants held diplomatic immunity including those related to the ITC.https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_YIOOId99NuJPr6jL4PXbOTKrRGnYA2M/preview?Since then Keenan has kept making noise on the Internet in order to save his face.He never accepted the hard truth of unlawfully holding financial instruments and being caught red-handed.You can read more about Keenan’s saga in the book The Chiasso Conundrum published on this blog.


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