Tunia: One Overlooked Reason Why Men Are In A Crisis

Tunia: One Overlooked Reason Why Men Are In A Crisis

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My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking. I love you so very much.

Earth men are in a crisis. A whole lot of them have either retreated into addictive substances or video games or porn, or have started acting destructively.

Many men live with their parents. Many of them are unable to find partners. Fewer men than women graduate from university nowadays, and while of course it is a great thing that women have more freedom nowadays than they used to, part of this is because men have become directionless.

In a recent message, R’Kok shared that he believed that it was largely the responsibility of men to make sure that everyone is cared for and safe and has everything he or she needs to live a good life (and women’s responsibility is to love unconditionally). While there are other perspectives too, I think this is a reasonable perspective to have. And of course, today’s Earth men are very far off from that.

There are many theories on your world about why men are in a crisis. Some believe that men were privileged and they’re now having to adapt to a new reality and men aren’t doing that very well. Some believe that men are inherently brutish and aren’t fitting too well into this more complex society, and that we only need a small group of men anyway. Some people believe that current culture is toxic to men and that young men lack positive role models and masculine fathers. In a previous message I have said that education as it currently exists on Earth is very destructive for especially men.

In this message I will share one overlooked reason why men are in a crisis. I am not saying this is the only or even the primary reason. But I am saying that this reason isn’t getting the attention that I believe it deserves.

That reason is this: lots of men are absolutely willing to work their hands to the bone and to keep working until they basically drop dead, so long as they are given a cause that they believe is worth it. I’m not saying that I want men to work themselves to death — just that many are willing to do so, if they are just given a worthy cause.

That’s it. Men generally don’t even really need recognition. But they do need to know that if they work themselves to death, that their death will have actually accomplished something meaningful. They don’t want to be the sucker who worked very hard all their life and it basically changed nothing, other than making some huge corporations even richer.

Of course it also doesn’t help that men are overworked and underappreciated and that living standards are decreasing. However in the past, men also worked unreasonably hard at times while having low living standards. The difference is that back then, men thought that their hard work would accomplish something meaningful. Lots of men don’t think that anymore.

In past centuries, this worthy cause was often making sure that their wife and children would have a good life and be safe, or that their community’s or tribe’s or nation’s wives and children would be safe. Or it was to make sure that their soul would live happily forever in heaven. Or it was that their soul would have a favorable re-incarnation in the next life. If a man genuinely believes in one of these causes, then generally he is willing to work hard and selflessly.

But nowadays many men are single or don’t want children, which means they’re not motivated to work hard for their family. Or they live in a Western European democracy where the women work too and where it’s relatively easy to attain financial stability, and men don’t really need to be the provider of the family or work that hard. Or they live in certain parts of the US and they don’t think they can give a good life to their wife and kids even if they work super hard. And sliding living standards and government corruption and economic unfairness and economic crashes and the covid lockdows are all undermining the idea that if you work hard, you and your family will have financial stability.

Religious reasons for working hard and diligently have been undermined. The nationalistic or communal reasons for working hard have also been undermined. Few people feel motivated to work hard all their life to build a communist society. So has the drive to explore new places, because the perception is that Earth is explored.

So basically, men don’t have a cause that motivates them to work hard. And so they often don’t. However a man who doesn’t have a cause and who doesn’t really do a lot, probably is not a happy man — or a man who is very attractive to the average woman, for that matter. Of course I am generalizing here, but I believe this is mostly true.

It’s easy at this point to say “alright, fine. Men, go find a worthy cause and go work hard to make that cause a reality. For example, start a company that does something good in the world, or go work at a homeless shelter or something. There’s plenty of problems in the world that need fixing. Go fix one of them.”

But well, first of all this isn’t very loving to men, because average men are hearing their entire lives that whenever they have a problem, they and they alone need to fix it — while if just about any other group than men has a problem, it’s suddenly everyone’s responsibility to help that group. If men have a problem, men need to fix that. If women have a problem, then everyone needs to work towards fixing that.

And second, it’s also not that simple. From the point of view of a lot of men, society itself is so rotten that society itself is not worth contributing to. And, well, that’s a very understandable perspective. One average individual man isn’t really in a position where he can single-handedly change all of society. That’s not a reasonable request. Yes, if men were a hive-mind, they could fix society — but men aren’t a hive-mind.

You can also see this in the shifting of men’s aspirations and icons. To generalize a bit, in earlier times men believed in America, and so Superman was popular, because men appreciated the American society and wanted to make a significant contribution to America in an open and straightforward and conventional way, as Superman does. Then some time later Batman became popular, because men thought that society was deteriorating, as indeed it is in Batman’s universe. However men still thought that while society couldn’t be saved in Superman’s conventional way, perhaps society could be saved by a dark knight who worked hard and did what needed to be done in order to deal with the criminals and restore justice and peace. And nowadays not even Batman is as popular anymore as he used to be, because men have concluded that society cannot be salvaged anymore, even by a dark knight who works outside the rules. And if society is irredeemably lost and corrupt, then why work hard for society? And so most men don’t aspire to more than personal wealth and personal happiness and personal pleasure, for themselves and perhaps for a handful of their loved ones.

So personally I think there are questions that are even deeper than: “why are men in a crisis.” Namely, some of those questions are: “how do we make sure that society is humane and beautiful and love-based enough that people feel it is worth contributing to? What kind of society do we want? How does the economic part of our new society work? How do we get to that society? Who would oppose such a society, and keeping that in mind, how should we proceed?”

The problem of struggling men isn’t solely men’s problem. It’s everyone’s problem. And in an ideal world, the solution would be for people to work on themselves, raise their level of consciousness, love unconditionally, come together, architect a better society and then work towards realizing that better society, together.

Perhaps this sounds Utopian, but to an extent this is already happening, for example with Michael Tellinger’s “One Small Town” initiative. And it’s probably going to happen more and more in the future.

If you have any ideas about what kind of society or community you would like to end up living in, I would love to read them. Feel free to share them in the comment section. If you want to reach a better tomorrow, it can be a good idea to think about where specifically you want to go — and once a group of people agree on a destination and on a new kind of society, perhaps some of the currently inactive men get activated and become passionate about building this new society.

Finally, thank you, men, for all your hard work and dedication. Perhaps society may not be appreciating average men very much and may not care about you, but us galactics care about you very much. You are no less of a divine fractal of Source than everyone else is. We know that most of you have worked very hard and have received very little. We love you.


For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


**These channelings are exclusively submitted to Eraoflight.com by the channeler. If you wish to share them elsewhere, please include a link back to the original post.


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